Tales Of Love Episode 10 by Iseoluwa Debbie

Tales Of Love Episode 1 by Iseoluwa Debbie

Tales Of Love Episode 10

Written by Iseoluwa Debbie

Welcome, my jewel’ Mark kissed Sade on the cheek, after opening the door for her to come in. ‘Thank you.’ She blushed slightly. She internally slapped herself for blushing. Mark still had this effect on her. Mark took no notice or if he did, he pretended not to have. ‘I made dinner.’ he told her as she sat it remove her shoes. Thank God she married a chef! Moments like this made her appreciate it more. His cooking skill was one of the many things that attracted her to him. He was such a good chef, the founder of the very popular restaurant all over the country: Fried Fingers.

She went to their room to change into something more comfortable, then came down to eat. ‘What’s for dinner?’ she asked as she took her seat on one of the dinning chairs. ‘Wait till you see it.’ He said, wiggling his eyebrows. He served the food. Sade didn’t know whatever was served on her plate. ‘What’s the name of this dish now?’ she asked, bemused. ‘First, this dish was founded by me.

I made the recipe. Second, I gave it a Latin name. I don’t think you’d want to know the name, so let’s just call it Mark’s dish.’ She laughed. ‘Do you know how many dishes you’ve named that? Just give them English names already.’ ‘No, no, no. If I do that, the recipe would be easily stolen and I wouldn’t want that. She tasted the food. As usual, it was good. ‘Okay, I admit this is good.’ ‘As usual. I know, I’m awesome.

‘ Mark grinned ‘Someone is so full of himself.’ she said, laughing. ‘just admit it. I’m awesome.’ They both laughed. She continued eating. After a while, she noticed Mark eating but was looking at her. ‘What?’ She asked, trying not to squirm under his heavy gaze. ‘Nothing. I just love it when you laugh and I’m cherishing little moments we spend together like this.’ he said. Again, she blushed.

‘You know I regret all I ever did right?’ he asked ‘Please forgive me.’ ‘If you ever ask for my forgiveness or raise that topic again, I will not hesitate to throw you out. I’ve told you times without number that I’ve forgiven you and I’ve forgotten about it.’ ‘Noted. I don’t want to be kicked out.’ he said. ‘Good. Now eat.’ ‘Yes, mummy.’ She laughed. They ate in silence. Her mind drifted back to her conversation with Tope.

Mark noticed her changed mood. ‘What’s wrong? Talk to me. Is it work?’ She dropped her spoon. ‘I wish it was. That would have been fixed easily.’ Mark stopped eating. ‘What is it then? Let me help you.’ ‘It’s Wale and Tope.’ ‘What about them?’ ‘Something happened between them on that night we had our date.

And now they like each other, although they don’t know if it’s mutual. They both claim they are in love.’ ‘What exactly happened?’ Sade narrated the incident exactly as she had been told by Tope and Wale. ‘Okay, so what exactly is the problem?’ ‘Are you trying to say you don’t see a problem here? Come on! ‘Uhm, I’m not trying to say anything. I just want to know what the problem is.’ ‘Fine. I’ll spell it out for you. My best friend and my younger brother fell in love in less than twenty-four hours. That’s impossible!’ ‘All things are possible with God.’ Sade rolled her eyes. ‘Yes, preacher man. With God not with Tope and Wale. Besides Tope is older than wale with five years and she has a son.

Can’t you smell the problem?’ ‘Honestly, I can’t. It’s just all in your head, love. God controls the heart, so it’s very possible. Besides, they are matured adult. They know what they want. Leave them to it.’ ‘Are you being serious right now? Sade asked wondering why Mark can’t see what’s wrong. ‘I’m serious. I actually find it funny that it took less than twenty-four hours for them to like each other. I trust Wale. He made it clear to you that he can be himself around her. That’s the ultimate goal a man wants to achieve in his relationship. And he couldn’t achieve that with Nike. I know you’re being careful and protective. But just give them a chance.’ ‘Oh, so you’re in support cos it’s Wale.’ ‘Not exactly.

Don’t you trust your friend too?’ ‘I do, but…’ ‘Forget that you’re caught in the middle, being the sister of one and friend of another. Now, what would you advise?’ She kept quiet for awhile and ate, chewing slowly. ‘Well, I’d say they should hangout or something and understand what they feel for each other more.’ ‘Exactly.’ ‘But it doesn’t just work that way.’ ‘It does. You Know it does.’ She sighed. ‘I know.’ she said quietly. They continued eating. ‘I still need to think about this.

‘ she said. ‘No worries.’ ‘Thank you.’ she smiled at him. ‘For what? The food or the advice?’ he smirked. She shook her head while grinning. ‘Both’ ‘You’re welcome, your highness.’ He said, taking a mock bow. They took their plates to the kitchen to wash. ‘Oh! I just remembered. Femi went with Wale this morning to his apartment with the plan that he’ll come home this evening.

But Femi claimed to be having a good time and begged me to let him stay till tomorrow. I couldn’t say no.’ He said. ‘You spoil that boy way too much.’ she scolded ‘I do?’ he said sheepishly. She looked at him. ‘Yes. He’s your son. So, no problem.’ ‘I knew you wouldn’t be angry!’ ‘I didn’t say I’m not.’ ‘You didn’t say you are either.’ She smacked his head with the kitchen towel. ‘Ow! My head!’ he cried in mock pain. Sade sides ached from laughter

Tales Of Love Episode 10
Written by Iseoluwa Debbie

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