“Vivian !!! “ Daniel screamed

Vivian was typing something on her laptop because she is a work from home person

Immediately she heard her husband screaming her name with so much anger coaxed in his voice,she quickly sprang up from the cushion

“Babe I’m coming…” Vivian said as she hurried to the room

“… What is it honey, I’ve never heard you scream like this before” Vivian said as she walked into the room and saw Daniel standing with his two hands on his waist “

“What is it honey?” Vivian asked again

Daniel couldn’t bring himself to touching the pads again so he decided to pull out the sector of the cupboard which has the ugly stuff that Vivian has been storing up, As Vivian saw him pulling it out,her mouth suddenly flew agape

Immediately he pulled it out,he became dumbstruck as he noticed that the next cupboard which was underneath had several blo.od stained pants inside it

“Vivian, like seriously… so you don’t only store your used pads, you also store your stained pants… like ill. You know what,you disgust me Vivian. I don’t want to see all this when I come back… like seriously i can’t believe that you can be this dirty” Daniel said as he yelled and walked out of the room

Vivian stood there speechless, she said to her self the washing machine is faulty and yet to be fixed you act like you don’t know.where do I even start from,she has never been the one washing ber stained pants all her life,she has always been surrounded by house helps who always hover around her.

‘ Where do I start from now?’ Vivian thought subconsciously

she quickly picked up her phone and tried to call a laundry person

“Hello … this is Vivian, please do you wash stained clothes?”

“Stained clothes like how?” The dry cleaner asked

“Like stained pants” Vivian said coldly not Knowing what to expect

“You are m@d and out of your senses,what happened to your hands… Olori buru ku tija tija, ritua.list people” the laundry person said as he hanged up the call

At this point, Vivian didn’t know what else to do,she sat down on the floor and was even scared of calling another laundry guy

She took the used pads and threw it away,she was contemplating on whether to burn the pants or not, because she can’t even stand washing it,let alone inhaling the bad stench, because she has kept it for the past three months,she just bundled the pants downstairs and set it ablaze


Daniel left the house that day and he went to a cool environment to cool his head. Daniel was not among the men that believe if your wife provoke you, that you need to go to the beer parlour and drink yourself to stupor,he was totally different and thinks very critically

He asked Himself several questions as to why a full grown woman will store up her pads and pants for over three months and he couldn’t get any reason as regarding to that

As Daniel was racking his head,His phone beeped again for the umpteenth time,it was his wife sending him messages apologising for everything she did and even promised never to do it again

Daniel stayed out for over four hours before he decided to go home,but unfortunately for him as he was heading home, and having his heart raced to and fro,he had an accident with a dispatch rider, the same dispatch rider was the person that was taking soup and stew to Vivian.

To be continued……..
✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️ By King Sley

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