BY King Sley

Vivian walked back and forth as there was worries boldly written on her face

She has tried calling the dispatch rider for the umpteenth time,but he was not picking up her calls

“Why is everything going wrong today?” Vivian kept asking herself

“My husband is not picking his calls,same is the dispatch rider,I just pray they won’t arrive at the same time, because that would be me being in another hot soup….Kia,i just pray this dispatch rider will just arrive on time so that i can set the table and use it to cheer my husband up when he comes home.

She was still walking round the house,when someone honked his car from outside

Vivian opened the curtains to check who it was,when she realised that it was not their gate,but someone else gate,she quickly hissed out of frustration as she rubbed her hands on her neck

She picked up her phone again and decided to call her husband ,and on a second ring,he picked up

“My Love,what happened?…I’ve been trying to reach you!” vivian asked

“Vi… I’m sorry I wasn’t picking up,I had an accident while coming home”

“Jesus!!..…” Vivian exclaimed

“…. Please which hospital,I will be coming down there right away” Vivian said as she tried putting her legs into her Fancy slippers

“No honey don’t worry, I’m actually fine,just that I ran into someone else,but I will be coming home soon”

“… If you say so,I will just wait at home for you,stay safe my love”. Vivian said as she hanged up

She was still in the state of dilemma to hear that her husband had an accident

“Father thank you for saving my husband,what would I have done if anything happened to him?…. I would never have forgiven myself, because I was the one who made him leave the house in great annoyance “ Vivian said as she knelt down and lifted her hands to praise God before standing up to sit at the cushion

“… Since I’ve gotten my husband,let me still try and call the dispatch rider,is only God that knows what happened to him as well” Vivian voiced coldly as she tried calling the dispatch rider again,it was after the third ring that the phone was picked

“Hello, please where are you?… I’ve been waiting for my food for over three hours now,I don’t want my husband to come home and I don’t have anything to serve him…. Or if there’s any inconveniences that lead to you not showing up on time, please let me know so that I can book from elsewhere “ Vivian poured out her heart on the call,she was waiting for a response when she heard

“Vivian… wait a second,so truly you use to order my food from Mama Nkoli’s Hot pot?” Daniel asked in a broken state

Immediately Vivian heard her husband’s voice,she frozed.

To be continued……

✍️✍️✍️ By King Sley

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