Daniel arrived home to the aroma of Banga stew which filled the house.

He had so many questions on his mind to ask her, and firstly was, did she buy the food she brought to him from Mama Nkoli’s Hot pot.

Secondly… why was she so agitated when she saw him by the door last night, and she even had to ask him how long he was standing there, Daniel just wanted to ask and clear the air of thick clouds that was hovering over his heart

But as he walked into the house and the aroma of Banga stew that his wife was heating up in the kitchen struck his nose,he forgot about everything,even when he remembered to ask,he intentionally shove it aside

“Welcome my love… how was your day?” Vivian asked as she hugged him

“You made my day beautiful…. I can perceive a whole lot of beautiful things in the house… wait a second, you’re preparing Banga soup, wow…. I feel good” Daniel said as he was removing his jacket

“Yes baby, I’m preparing Banga stew with Chicken and White rice, and as I told you in the office, I’m waiting for you at the other room after eating “ Vivian said as she took her husband in her hands and they were leaving the sitting room as they keep chattering

“Eeh… So after Banga stew we will also Bang, Wow… i can’t wait “ Daniel said as they kept walking to their room


Daniel and Vivian continued to live in peace and harmony as newly married couples they were,but one day

Daniel was in the house,he seem distressed as he kept opening one cupboard and the other looking for something,he was searching for a file that he will use and document some files in his office tomorrow

In the quest to find this file, he opened up one cupboard that was beside where Vivian usually pack some of her girly stuff and immediately he opened it, the stench of an oozing bad smell hit him that he immediately covered his nose at once

‘What is smelling like this in this cupboard?… Could it be that a rat di.ed inside this cupboard ‘ Daniel thought to himself

But all he could see was nylon bag,but as he shifted things around the cupboard and didn’t see anything,he decided to open the nylon bag and to his greatest surprise it was Used pad that was sucked in blo.od;that vivian used for her monthly cycle that was there,just as he removed the nylon bag he saw his file that he was looking for,and behold,it has the same stench.

To be continued….
✍️✍️✍️✍️ By… King Sley

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