Sexuality And Shame by Sam Adeyemi Free Mp3 Download

Sexuality And Shame by Sam Adeyemi Free Mp3 Download

Sexuality And Shame by Sam Adeyemi

Sexuality is a subject that the average person struggles with but finds it very difficult to talk about because of shame. On the other hand, shame thrives in secrecy and sexual sins fester under the cover of secrecy

The devil engages us in this battle of sexuality using the weapon of shame; and even after we have confessed our sins and God has forgiven us, the devil still comes with the shame attack.

Conversely, for the one who has no relationship with God, the devil tries to obliterate their sense of shame; killing their consciences; this can be seen presently in our world as people who have adopted immorality as their standard seem to be louder about their position than others who have chosen to go the right way.

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