SARE Episode 1 – Olowojesiku Deborah Iyanu

SARE Episode 1 - Olowojesiku Deborah Iyanu

SARE by Olowojesiku Deborah Iyanu

Episode 1

Reporter: Hello, beautiful people of Lagos, I am Kenny, reporting live from 3D Event Center, the biggest event center in Lagos. So, tonight, Mrs. Nelson Bimpe is in town, the famous revivalist is live here at the 3D event center and you know what that means, young women in Lagos are about to be set on fire. Trust me, something huge is going to happen tonight.

(Inside the building)

Seun: With Jesus joy in my heart, I invite to the podium, the Deborah of our generation, a woman of the Word, the general God has raised for this time, she is no other person but Mrs. Nelson Adebimpeeeeee…….

At the mention of Bimpe’s name, she took her Bible and notepad and walked towards the young lady who introduced her. She embraced her before collecting the microphone.

Bimpe: Thank you, everyone, I appreciate the standing ovation, God bless you, all. First, I want to thank God for the opportunity to be here, I also want to thank the convener of this great program and everyone here tonight, God bless you all. I have penned down a lot of things that I want to share with you tonight but I can sense the Holy Spirit wanting me to share my story with you. The story of my marriage and the encounter I had six years ago which changed my life. Please, pay attention to everything I will be saying tonight, I trust God to cause a revival tonight.

After some minutes of worship, Bimpe said the opening prayer and began telling the story of her life as directed by the Holy Spirit.


I was born into the family of Mr. And Mrs. Ayoade, I was the first child and only daughter of my parent, and I was particularly my father’s favorite and the apple of his eye. I was my mother’s carbon copy but was doted on by my father. I had a younger brother who goes by the name Jide, he was my father’s carbon copy but was my mother’s handbag.

My family could be likened to a happy family, we were not very wealthy but my parent were able to provide my brother and me with good food, a shelter and we went to one of the best schools in my environment. Life was good, I had my life all planned out. I had always wanted to study Business Administration at the University and then, become a big businesswoman after working for two or three years. I had plans for marriage too, I had always prayed to marry a man like my father.

Oh, the love between my Mom and Dad is worthy of emulation, the duo loved each other so much. Sometimes, I tell myself to grow up on time so that I can get married to the one who will give me so much happiness. I have envisaged myself getting married to my prince charming and then, receiving total love and care. Countless times, I dreamed of being pampered by the man made for me.

I was in SS2 when Dad informed my brother and me that we would be traveling to see my Maternal grandfather who had been on the sick bed. Two weeks later, Dad drove us to Mom’s hometown, on getting there, we were taken to his room and I could tell he had few days to spend on earth the moment I set my eyes on him.

My mother greeted him with a voice filled with emotions and then brought my younger brother and me closer to him. My grandfather assisted by my father, placed his hands on me and made a pronouncement.

Grandpa: Abisola, your daughter will be great, her greatness will travel around the world but do everything possible to ensure she gets married to a man of God so that her light doesn’t go dim.

After that statement, Grandpa blessed my brother but those words of his got stuck in my heart. I didn’t discuss anything with my parent but I kept those words in a hidden part of my heart.

Some days later, we received the news that my maternal grandfather had passed on to glory. We traveled back for his burial but even after his demise, his words remained with me. Yes, I wanted to go far in life, I had always known that I would be great someday and I was ready to do everything possible to become great even if it required me to marry a man of God just as my grandfather predicted, I was ready to do so.

Will I say that prediction was what led to my going astray? Follow keenly to get your needed answers.


To be continued.

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