Suddenly I came up in front of a person whom I could only see a silhouette of and the person slowly told me to come closer.

Of course I didn’t want to go, but my body starts to move on its own, I tried to resist at all cost and surprisingly I stopped one leg from moving, but immediately that weird force took control of my body again and I walked closer to the silhouette.
As I got to the silhouette, I realised it was a lady standing there and soon her face came into view and she looked as pale and dehydrated as ever. She suddenly placed her bony hands on my shoulder and I tilt my head to the right letting her bite slowly on my neck.

I wanted to run away but my body wouldn’t and I didn’t know how I did everything unwillingly, as the lady bite onto my neck my body felt numb and that was the last thing I remembered.
The next day I was already in bed and was in control of my own body again, I was so shocked with what happened I decided to write it down. Suddenly I didn’t feel safe anymore i felt someone following me and watching me, during class, breakfast or dinner, taking a shower too, I felt insecure. And during nighttime the will to control my own body will be lost and I always find myself walking towards the garden and letting the lady there feed on my neck and I would feel numb and find myself on my bed the next morning, and it went on like that for a week. I couldn’t tell anyone cause anytime I would try to talk about it I won’t be able to form words about it, I didn’t know what was going on.
And since I could control my own body during daytime, I decided to go to the garden on a bright afternoon, skipping class.

The garden was really beautiful and naturally made and it was really nice and didn’t have so many trees like it does in the night. I noticed some markings on the trees, some looked like an axe, and most them looked like an eye.

The garden seemed bigger than ever and I got a little lost in a particular place, I noticed I was lost because the bushes in the area seemed taller, as I walked farther not knowing where I was going, I noticed a cemented place on the grass and when I walked close to it, it was two Graves. One of the grave it was written “Ludociel Marcel Hinderson died in the year 1850“. I gaped loudly Ludociel died in the year 1850? Which is actually one hundred and thirty five years ago, but ludociel died fourteen years ago, the principal’s son.

I looked at the second grave and it was written “Clementine Ravenswood, died in the year 1850”. They both died the same day which is about one hundred and thirty five years ago. Suddenly questions filled my head.
As I walked passed the grave I saw a small well that was levelled with the ground you could hardly see the well and just fall in.

It wasn’t a deep well and you could clearly see what was inside. And I gasped heavily when I saw skeletons and the school uniforms inside there.
I gasped started to move back slowly when I bumped into someone.
Scared, I turned to see a girl who looked rather like a student nor a teacher. She looked so familiar but I didn’t know who she was.

She smiled at me and asked what I was doing here? I told her nothing that I just lost my way. She smiled and said she would help me out of the garden. I asked who she was and she laughed saying she’s nobody, I asked why she said that and she just replied that it was the truth, she escorted me out of the garden and stood right at the entrance staring at me, she said she wished she could attend class like me and also leave the garden, before I could ask why, she said bye to me and ran away back into the garden.

I got back to class and I couldn’t get my head out of the garden, and then I suddenly realised from Genevieve Smith’s story that those skeleton and uniforms I found at that well, could it be the girls that went missing..?

I was afraid of the sun going down and the night taking over, because I’ll become a puppet again. And when night came again, at the same time every night I found myself walking towards the lady who seemed to be feeding or whatever she does on my neck.

That night the moon shone brightly than ever and I manage to get a glimpse of the lady’s face and found it was that girl I met this afternoon in the garden, I was so scared and confused, my body felt numb and I knew I was going to pass out and maybe wake up in my bed again. With all the strength I had left, I managed to push the lady off my neck and move back again.

I was so glad I could control my body again and I start to run out of the garden like my life depended on it. And as I finally made it out of the garden I heard a small whisper saying “I just want to live, let me feed on you”
Of course I ignored what I heard and ran back to the dorm with blood dripping down my neck.

The next day my neck was swollen, I went to school nurse and she treated the wound, but then two days after I fell sick, my body felt numb and I could only move my hands, the school decided to take me back home so I would get to go to a normal and bigger hospital, and the night before the day I leave, I decided to write down everything and…”
Julliette stopped reading
“and?” Anna asked peering into the book.
“And, that’s where Patricia’s story ended” Juliette stated.

“You don’t think something happened to her do you?” Anna gasped.
“Something did happen to her, like at moment she was writing I believe something happened to her, cause she wouldn’t just stop at and.” Julliette expound.

“I think hers was the worst experience ever” Anna stated.
“You don’t know that, you haven’t even read the remaining two chapters” julliettte stated.
“Well what I know is I’m not reading the next chapter now, still getting chills for Patricia” Anna shook her head…
“Scaredy cat” Juliette said.

“I don’t understand how it’s so cold today” Anna stated rubbing her arms.
“it rained a little bit last night” Julliette stated.
“It did?” Anna asked.
“You were too Deep in your sleeps to notice” Juliette sniffed. “At this point I’m going to catch a cold” Julliette added.
Suddenly they both heard the bell and looked at each other.
“What does a bell signify on a Saturday?” Julliette asked…
“I don’t know let’s go” Anna shrugged.

The girls joined the other girls in the line as they walked to the school auditorium which Anna and julliette know the school had, since they couldn’t pull off the everyday recreational activities the dramaclub decided to give the students a show in the auditorium and called every student there.

Anna sat down at the front row saving a seat for julliette who said she would be right back, the stage actors were still getting their props ready and everyone was just moving around and some were seated already waiting for whenever the show may start.

Anna turned to her right and amongst the moving and crowded student, Anna noticed Victoria standing at a corner and staring at her. She gulped heavily and was ready to say some harsh words to Victoria to if Victoria would start to walk towards her.
Suddenly like she predicted, Victoria starts to Walk towards her but suddenly paused and turned away when julliette walked up to her.

Anna turned to julliette as she sat down.
“Victoria has been staring at me the whole time and suddenly starts to walk up to me but immediately you came by, she turned to another route” Anna explained.
“Really?” Juliette asked
“Yeah, do you think she’s scared of you?” Anna asked.

“correction, do I think ‘he’s’ scared of me, no, I think he just hates us being together, jealousy drove him away, the way I see it, I think he’s still crying over our kiss from last time.” Juliette expound.
“You think so?” Anna raised a brow.
“I know so, so we should probably kiss more often” Julliette said batting her lashes.

“Why are you so weird?” Anna asked with a sigh.
“you mean why am I so unique?” Julliette grinned.
“Go to hell” Anna said pushing back julliette’s head as she leaned towards her pretending to want to kiss her.

Julliette fell back laughing when Anna pushed her really hard, causing Anna to laugh too.

Victoria stood behind the seats in the auditorium and watched the two girls laugh happily, and with her fist In a tight ball she walked away angrily slamming the door of the auditorium causing some people around to flinch.

The drama started and julliette fell alseep on Anna’s shoulder after complaining how boring the drama and their acting was.
The drama ended with Anna almost falling alseep too but didn’t and was thankful the drama ended. The curtains were up again and the lights were on brightening the place again. As everyone left the auditorium Anna tapped julliette lightly waking her up but julliette didn’t budge.

So Anna went on and wiggled her shoulder till julliette jumped out of the chair like she just saw a ghost with her eyes widen.

And at moment, it felt like a rare and magical moment for Anna as she saw julliette ‘s eyes turn from Hazel to brown, it was like it morphed and she couldn’t believe what she saw, she just stood still and stare at julliette.
“What?” Julliette asked.

“Your eyes… And are you okay?” Anna asked “The way you jumped”
“Well I just saw something and I’m not sure of what I saw, this is the first time I’ve seen a vision and can’t actually decipher what it is, but I know I did saw two things clashing and the power was enormous and I’m just confused” Julliette sighed.
“Hope it becomes clearer” Anna nodded.

“Yeah hope so too” Julliette replied.
Anna glanced at julliette’s eyes several times as they both walked down the hallway wondering if her eyes would weird out again, but they remained the brown eyes and she couldn’t explain how beautiful she thought her eyes morphed.

Saturday came and left and Sunday came being the busiest day ever with attending church from 8am to 1pm to attending school clubs which took the whole day and then dinner before everyone went to bed, the girls were to tired to even open Reverence.
It was Monday morning and another hectic morning with Anna and julliettte waking up late and rushing to class.
They both laughed when they tripped and Fell while running in the hallway.
“How classic I hate Mondays” Julliette said standing up and helping Anna up.
“No kidding about that one” Anna replied.
Jane suddenly walked up to the girls looking thankful she bumped into them.
“Finally.. I’ve bee looking all over for you Anna” Jane stated.
“Really.? Why?” Anna asked.
“Your mom’s at the principal’s office and she asked to see you” Jane replied.
Anna gasped. “That means Ava’s here”
“Well I saw her alone, I don’t know” Jane stated.
“looks like I’ll be skipping class, lucky me” Anna grinned.

“I’ll come with you” Juliette stated.
“But you’ll get in trouble if your excuse isn’t an understanding as mine” Anna expound.
“Do I look like I care? No! Let’s go” Julliette said pulling Anna.
Jane gave a sigh and slowly walked behind the girls.

Anna spot her mom standing in front of the principal’s office and Elizabeth let’s out a smile seeing Anna and then julliette behind her.
“Mom” Anna smiled.
“Look at your, your uniform’s a bit…
“Hideous, it’s ugly mom, that’s the sad truth” Anna stated.
“No kidding, I expected more from the school, but still you look good” Elizabeth smiled.
“And this must be julliette” Elizabeth smiled at julliette.
“Yes that is me” Juliette smiled.

“Where’s Ava?” Anna asked and just as Elizabeth was about to reply, the door to the principal office opened and Anna noticed a too familiar shoes. Of course it was her shoes.

Dressed in a black hoodie and black pants with Anna’s pink shoes, Ava stepped out of the office not looking so happy.
Juliette’s jaw dropped to how identical the girls were, she could hardly tell them apart if they wore different outfits.

Anna gave Ava a look glancing at the pink shoes and then back at her face.
Ava smiled. “My hands touched them by mistake, so I had to wear them.”

“And besides aren’t you happy to see your older sister here? You should give me a hug” Ava grinned.
Anna sighed “older by two minutes, and I stopped hugging you when you blew out my candle on our tenth birthday”
“you still remember that? I thought both of the cakes were for me” Ava scoffed.
“Anyways girls, speaking of cakes, I’m sending one to the school tomorrow cause its your birthday tomorrow” Elizabeth grinned.

“How come I’m not that psyched about it” Anna scoffed.

“Me too” Ava added moving her hair back and Anna quickly notice some grey strands of hair.

Ava turned to julliette and let’s out a gasp and a smile.
“Juliette” Ava smiled.
“Ava” Julliette smiled back.

“Do you guys know each other before?” Elizabeth asked.
“Nope, this is definitely our first time meeting each other.” Ava said bringing out her hand to shake julliette.

Julliette took Ava’s hand and they both flinched and let go of each other immediately.
“Don’t tell me I’m the only one who felt that?” Juliette gave a nervous laugh.
“You’re not” Ava added with a small laugh too.
Anna just stood still and watched them with a bit of jealousy in her expression.
T. B. C


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