It was Saturday morning the whole school gathered around the table for breakfast everyone putting on muftis and sweaters, because it was Saturday and cold.
After eating all the girls head back to their rooms, every Saturday the school comes together for some recreational activities but due to the cold weather it was canceled for the Saturday.

“I can’t possibly imagine myself participating in any recreational activity, I’m lazy, good thing it’s canceled” Julliette stated tugging her sweater and shoving her hands in her pocket as she and Anna walked side by side down the hallway to their room.
“I’m very good at recreational activities and mostly sports though” Anna stated.
“You should be, or you’ll be wasting those ostrich leg of yours” Juliette blurted.
Anna rolled her eyes.
“You know Julliettte, we haven’t really gotten any time to finish reverence, it’s just three chapters for us to read and I do want to know what happened.
“Since the school canceled recreational activities, that should be our own recreational activity.” Julliette stated.
“Look at you speaking in lazy” Anna laughed.
“At least I have one unique trait you didn’t know about” Juliette grinned.
“Don’t make laziness sound cool” Anna shook her head making julliette laugh.

Snuggled up under one blanket and enjoying the warmth from the blanket and from their sweaters Julliettte grabbed the Reverence book and turned to Anna.
“Let’s try to finish it up today” Juliette said.
“Hope we don’t get distracted by your lover though” Juliette muttered sarcastically.
“Just read it” Anna sighed.
With a slight smug, julliette turned to the reverence book and to chapter three.

“Year 1999, Name, Patricia Roderick. So I found this book lying on the floor of the library and according to what I’ve read the first writer who happened to be Genevieve Smith wrote some creepy things about the school and then the second writer who happened to be Nora Albert wrote some scary things about the school too and how she got expelled, so it’s been fourteen years since Nora Albert got expelled according to the book and I’ve been in this school for ten months now and everything is absolutely normal, and what I’ve heard so far principal Jenkintown died about thirteen years ago, she died in her sleep, that is what some people said and some people said she was murdered in her sleeps and also a month after her son who was called ludociel died too, no one knew the cause of his death till date.
But the school has been pretty good lately and nothing’s actually going on.
Well that’s what I wrote and added to Genevieve Smith and Nora Albert story until that day..”

A knock on the door suddenly stopped julliette from reading.
“I hate distractions” Julliette huffed.
“So do I, I hope it’s not Victoria though, I would flake if she’s the one at the door” Anna said grumpily standing up.

“Don’t worry it’s just Jane.” Julliette said Anna paused.
“How do you know it’s Jane, don’t tell me you have four eyes and a pair is actually at the top of the door outside” Anna scoffed.
“I just felt it” Julliette shrugged.
“So you feel people now.” Anna blinked rapidly.
“Yes I feel people’s presence. Don’t you!?” Juliette asked.
“I don’t, sorry I’m pretty normal over here” Anna said teasing causing julliette to roll her eyes with a smile.
Anna opened the door and it was Jane, dressed in one of the thickest sweater Anna has seen.
“Can you let me in, I’m freezing out here” Jane said and Anna nodded before letting Jane in.
Anna shut the door and Jane pulled out her hands from her pocket with a phone in her right hand.
“Anna your mom called, I was going to call you to the student council office but the heater there’s broken, and I can’t stay there I’ll freeze, so I brought the phone here” Jane explained sitting on julliettte’s bed.

“Wow this bed is kind of cold” Jane announced.
“That’s because I don’t sleep there anymore or sit there anymore” Julliette explained.
“Why?” Jane asked, her eyes wide with questions.
“It’s gives me nightmares and it’s lonely to sleep alone” Julliette shrugged.
“So you and Anna have been sharing the same bed?” Jane asked.
“Pretty much, Anna doesn’t complain she likes it” Julliette shrugged and recieved a look from Anna causing her to laugh.

“Anyways, here” Jane said handing the phone to Anna and immediately it starts to ring.
“Perfect timing” Jane smiled.

Anna picked the phone and slowly sat on the bed placing the phone on her ear.

“Anna!” Anna heard her mom’s call out in excitement.
“Hey, mom…” Anna replied.
“How are you sweetie, happy birthday in advance, I’ll make sure to send loads of gifts to give to you” Elizabeth giggled.
“you don’t have to” Anna and Ava said in unison, Anna giggling when she heard Ava’s voice on the other side of the phone.
“Then I’ll send you guys a cake, I’m sure you have friends you’d want to share it with” Elizabeth asked.
“uhh” Anna glanced at Jane and julliette.
“Not really” she replied.
“What how ca-
“Mom can you pass the phone to Ava?” Anna asked.
“She suddenly left, she’ll be back hold on” Elizabeth said and Anna heard as she screamed Ava’s name and was sure julliette heard the scream.
“So fun story Anna” Elizabeth started. “I took Ava to the doctor the day I found out she was walking again and surprisingly after running an x-ray stuff and all the doctor said Ava’s leg was still broken, like it’s still completely smashed and he doesn’t understand why and how Ava can Walk and he just called it a Miracle… Isn’t it a wonderf– Oh and Ava’s here” Elizabeth blurted.

“A miracle huh?” Anna muttered to herself.

“Hello…” Anna heard her sister’s voice from the other side of the line. “You wanted to talk to me?” Ava’s voice was low.
“Yeah, but don’t think we’re on good terms yet” Anna spat.
“Oh please” Ava said rolling her eyes.
“So mom said you both went to the doctor and you’re miraculously walking now” Anna stated.
“seems like it” Ava replied.
“So you’ll be starting school soon” Anna sighed.
“Sounds like you don’t want me there” Ava scoffed.
“To be honest I don’t” Anna replied.
“The school’s a lot complicated than you think” Anna stated.
“Well your dear mother won’t let me stay home, so I have no other choice” Ava breathed out.
“Well then I’ll see you in school on Monday” Anna stated.
“And you have some explanation for me you know that” Anna stated. “Oh please, just tell your girlfriend T explain whatever for you” Ava scoffed.
“What are you talking about?” Anna scrunched her nose.
“You know the Julliette girl” Ava replied.
“She’s not my… Girlfriend, what the hell are you talking about, and how in the world did you know her.?” Anna asked.
“Uh duh, mom called the school once remember and you made me talk to her on the phone” Ava expound.
“Well yes, I did, and even though you clearly lied about it, you knew her before I even came here and told me to say hi to her, do you remember?” Anna’s voice was getting loud.
“I’m going to give the phone back to mom now” Ava stated.
“No… No hold on a bit Ava” Anna protested.
“Yes sweetie” Elizabeth’s voice took over the phone.
Anna grunt angrily, Ava was avoiding her questions, she said a few words to her mom before ending the call and giving Jane back the phone.
“Looks like you and your sister aren’t on good terms” Juliette stated.

“Well, she’s been acting weird and she said some weird things to me once and that’s just how it goes, it’s not like we’re like on bad terms” Anna explained.
“So your sister’s one of the scholarship students I didn’t know” Jane said standing up.
“Yeah she is, she couldn’t make it because she got her bone fractured, but she’s fine now, miraculously” Anna stated sarcastically.
“So soon enough, we’ll be seeing two Anna’s” Juliette giggled.
“Are they twins?” Jane asked.
“Believe me you won’t be able to tell a difference” Juliette scoffed.
“Huh.? You and Anna became friends here, and I believe you haven’t seen her sister before so how do you know her face?” Jane asked.
The fact that she can’t actually come out and tell Jane she has seen Ava in her visions, she just laughed and lied that she was just taking a guess.
Jane shrugged and was about to leave the girl’s room when she noticed the Reverence book lying on julliette thigh.

“Reverence” she repeated.
“Huh? Do you know the book?” Julliette asked.
“No but it does sound familiar” Jane stated.
“Well we use the word reverence all the time in this school, the nuns be like show Reverence this, and show reverence that so of course it should be familiar” Anna added.

Jane looked like she wanted to say something, but she just nodded and walked out of the girls room.
“Now some reverence, if anyone interrupts us again, I might shove my hands down their throat” Julliette stated dramatically.
“Eww stop sounding like a serial killer” Anna nudged her.
Julliette let’s out a cackle and starts to read Reverence again out loud.

“But the school has been pretty good lately and nothing’s actually going on.
Well that was what I wrote and added to Genevieve Smith and Nora Albert story until that day. It was raining on a Tuesday afternoon, the skies became dark grey due to the heavy rain cloud and the rain was heavier than normal. Classes were canceled that day because the rain was louder than the teacher’s voice, we had shut all the windows but it felt like the sky was angry, so we were all sent back to our dorms, as I made my way through the hallway, the light bulb starts to flicker and despite the heavy rain covering the smallest and biggest type of sound, I heard someone call out my name behind me, it was in a whisper but I heard it clearly and wonderfully I was the only one at the Hall at that moment.
My heart started to pound I immediately start to withcall Genevieve’s smith and Nora Albert’s story in my head. Was it my turn to face bad things now? I was scared to death, I pretended I heard nothing and starts to walk away. I got to my room and was Glad nothing else happened. But that night when the rain finally stopped I heard someone call my name multiple times, it sounded more like a female voice and it creeped me out, I asked my roommates if they all heard anything but they said they didn’t.
I tried to fall asleep but I couldn’t, the voice kept calling my name and suddenly it didn’t feel like it was coming from anywhere, it felt like it was coming from inside my head and it felt like it was on repeat, suddenly my body jerk down on its own and starts to walk out of my bed and out of the room. I didn’t know what was happening, I was Aware of the situation aware of what was happening but I didn’t have control over my body, and it just kept doing ad it pleased, I tried to scream but I couldn’t, yes I could feel my voice but I couldn’t bring myself to scream it was like something in my head was pausing me.
I felt no absolute control over my body as I walked away down the hallway, it was just 12am in the morning and I cried on the inside wondering where my legs were taking me.
The school had a garden that students weren’t allowed and I almost passed out when I kept walking towards there, I walked into the garden for the first time and I saw a big raven bird sitting at the centre of the grass, it had big bright eyes that looked scary and suddenly it flew away, my legs started walking again and the garden was longer and wider on the inside than it looks.
Suddenly I came up in front of a person whom I could only see a silhouette of and the person slowly told me to come closer.
Of course I didn’t want to go, but my body starts to move on its own, I tried to resist at all cause and surprisingly I stopped one leg from moving, but immediately that weird force took control of my body again and I walked closer to the silhouette.
T. B. C

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