MY BABY HUSBAND Episode 19 – Ayo Omolayo

MY BABY HUSBAND Episode 1 - Ayo Omolayo

Episode 19
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“So Cris how’s it going?” My mentor asked.

“Yes it’s going fine!” I replied.

“Oh! You mean you’re actually observing your quiet time right now?” She asked.

I paused for a few minutes. Was I lying again? Why don’t I just tell her the truth and let her know I was sleeping when she called.

“Hello!” Are you there?” She asked.

“Yes! I was reading Mark chapter 17 verse 16”, I answered.


“Yes!” I replied.

“But Mark only has 16 chapters. Where did you get your chapter 17 from?” She asked.

“Sorry it’s Mark 15 verse 18. It says, go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”.

“But that’s Mark 16 verse 15!” She replied.

“What was I saying?” I chuckled as a cover up.

“Thanks for correcting me!” I replied.

“You’re welcome!”

“Thanks alot for checking on me!”

“It’s alright sweetie! I love you and I’ll always check up on you. Your spiritual life is very important to me. Keep the fire burning. More grace darling!” She said and hung up.

I sighed and threw the phone on the bed.

Why didn’t God just reveal I was a liar to her? Why didn’t he expose me and allow me be ridiculed?

I laid down on the bed not knowing what else to do. Gradually depression was setting in. I was losing my mind. Sometimes I had to call Chris and listen to all the jokes he had to tell, just to get me out of my mood. He was the only distraction I had for now.

I laid on my bed unable to sleep till it was sunrise. It was my maid that came to inform me that Maggie one of my friends, was asking to see me.

I told her that I would be joining her in the next 20 minutes.

I quickly got myself prepared. Took my bath, wore my clothes and joined her as soon as I was through.

“Babe! How far na! You abandoned us completely! Sheybi it’s because we are not born again?” She asked.

I smiled and hugged her.

“You better calm down jare. You know how busy I’ve been lately!”

“Busy ke! You have been going about shaking tables. The wedding is taking place in two weeks time. To me, you guys are taking things too fast ooo!”

“Keep your mouth shut! Chris and I had been dating for the past two years. What’s the need for waiting another year in the name of courtship. We are in love and good to go”, I replied grinning.

“Okay ooo! So what about your uncle?” She asked.

“What happened to him?”

“He said he’s not in support of you marrying Chris. He said he doesn’t like him!”

“Mtchewwww! Rubbish! Who gave him the right to tell me who to marry? That old fool should know his boundaries oh!”

“Of course!” Maggie chuckled.

“Right from the beginning, I knew my uncle has eyes on my father’s properties. If not that I stood up and fought for what was rightfully mine and my sister’s, he would have moved away with our inheritance. That guy is so jealous of my success. I’m a rich babe!”

“Yes ooo! Jealousi wan finish am!”

“Na jealousi go kill am jare! Nothing will stop me. I’m moving on!” I said all smiles.

“But as your only surviving relative, he has the upper hand oh. If you don’t look for a way to befriend him and make him reason with you, he can cause trouble ooo. My advice is that you don’t ignore his rants”.

“Maggie, you know me very well! My second name na stubbornness. I can be very good at being stubborn. Tell him that if he’s not ready to be at the wedding, he would be replaced by an hired uncle. I’ll hire someone to act as my uncle. Who needs that idiot!”

“Chai! Bad girl!” Maggie hailed.

The name ‘Bad girl’, didn’t sound pleasing to my ears. Of all the names she could call me, why call me a bad girl? I was a child of God. At least she should have used a more suitable name. I didn’t like it, but I had to flow with her, so I smiled.

“So are you off to work?” She asked.

“Yes I am”, I answered.

“Let’s be on our way. You can be assured your message will definitely reach your jealous uncle”.

“I trust you na!” I replied as I stood up and took my purse with me.

“I’ll be going with you to the company. I took a cab here. My car is parked at the company”.

“Don’t tell me you’re still managing that scrab. Tell me it didn’t break down!”

She smiled and turned around to leave.

“Maggie when are you going to change that rubbish you call a car. You’re embarrassing me ooo!” I said grinning.

“I’ve been saving towards it. So far, I’ve been able to save a million naira! Not enough for a good ride”.

“I’m slapping your account with 3 million. I don’t want to see that trash around my company building anymore”, I said and gave her a punch on the arm.

“Oh my goodness!” She squealed and hugged me.

“Don’t worry! I will soon give my life to Christ because of you!” She teased.

“You’re not serious. Weren’t you part of those who laughed at me for giving my life to Christ?”

“No ooo! I swear!” She said and held up a finger in the air.

“E don do! Let’s be going abeg!” I said and pulled her along.

My driver drove into the company a few minutes later. I told him to stop in order to greet Oga Silas.

“Oga Silas! How are you?” I asked.

“I’m fine ma! How was your night?” He asked.

“Lovely lovely!”

I quickly tapped my friend.

“Say hi to Oga Silas na!”

“Who is he to you?” She asked with disdain.

“My gateman and a brother in Christ! A fervent believer!” I answered.

“Cris nawa for you ooo! Na gateman you con dey greet as if na one beta person! This Christianity dey turn person to mumu oh! See the way dem dey greet gateman like one governor?”

“Are you mad?” I retorted.

She looked at me with surprise in her eyes. The Christiana I originally was would never say that. It’s Cristina that’s in charge now. My old self.

“The next time you ever insult me again, I’ll make life miserable for you! Do you hear me?”

She didn’t reply audibly, but her body language said it all.

“Idiot! Mtchewwww!” I hissed and told the driver to continue.

Maggie didn’t say anything till we came out of the car.

My P.A. came to meet us as we approached the entrance.

“Good morning ma!” He greeted.

“Transfer 3 million to this idiot and meet me in my office when you’re through”, I said with a frown.

“Okay ma!”

I turned to look at Maggie. She was standing like a sacrificial lamb, completely at my mercy.

“Yes! My days of being insulted because I’m a Christian are over. If you try to insult me, I’ll pay you back in your coins. I can do whatever I like now. There’s no Holy Ghost stopping me”, I said within me, satisfied by how I treated her.

I turned around and stepped into the elevator. I punched the numbers and waited as it took me to the floor where my office was.

“Cris, this is not freedom! This is bondage. This is slavery to sin and the Devil. From one sin to the other. Aren’t you tired?” Came the gentle whisper.

A pang of remorse sprang up within me, but I was not ready to allow it.

“I’ll repent. I just need to marry Chris first. All these lies and everything would end after I do so.

“Cris! Satan is a master seductress. He knows how to keep his slaves comfortable in slavery. That’s why after the Israelites left Egypt, they still preferred slavery to freedom, because of the rewards of unrighteousness. Cris, unrighteousness has rewards. Just like you dealt with your friend and earn respect. But how long will that respect last?

You lied to your mentor about your quiet time this morning. How long will your lies last? Satan gives a lady 5 minutes of pleasure on the bed of immorality and at the end sends her home with HIV. How is that a gain? The rewards of unrighteousness makes someone think they are smart by disobeying God, but actually, they are so stupid.

Balaam collected money from the king of Moab to destroy God’s people in Numbers chapter 22. He enjoyed the money and the promotion the unrighteous act he committed brought to him. But later in Numbers 31 verse 8, his name was mentioned among those who were killed when Israel attacked the Midianites. How long did he live to enjoy the rewards of his disobedience to God?

All these things you are chasing after that made you willingly sin against God, will lead to a big regret one day. This Chris you are so desperate to get married to, might be the end for you”.

“Stop that rubbish Christiana!” I rebuked myself.

“Why are you thinking negative thoughts?” I breathe in and walked out of the elevator.

My phone started ringing. I picked it up and checked the caller’s ID. It was Chris’ dad.

“Daddy! Ekaro sir!” I said and lowered my knees slightly.

“How are you my angel?” He asked.

“Your baby is fine ooo!”

“Hope you are looking after my son very well?”

“Yes ooo! He’s doing fine by the grace of God!”

“Eshe my dear! I’ve always known my son for selecting quality materials. His fabric business produces quality materials. Why wouldn’t he select a quality wife?”

I smiled, happy those negative thoughts about Balaam and the rewards of unrighteousness were gone for good.

“When are you coming to see me? I want to see your angelic face again. To behold your beauty and tell my son what a lucky man he is!”

Oh my gosh! I was blushing already. If not that he was Chris’ father, I would have married him already.

“Daddy! I would love to come but my work is so demanding”.

“Yes! I know that’s going to be your excuse and that is why I want to see you today, by 12 noon”.

I was shocked. I thought he didn’t hear me correctly.

“Sir! I said I have!”

“My baby! Please na! It’s very important! I need to discuss something really really really serious!” He said.

That almost made my heart skip. What was he going to tell me? Was he going to disagree with the wedding plans? I’ve worked so hard to get the wedding to this level. Was I going to lose my man after all my sacrifice?

“Sweet heart! Don’t worry! Just come and we’ll talk, okay?”

“Okay sir!” I replied and he hung up.

What’s happening? What was so important that he wanted to discuss with me?

To be continued…….

Hmmmmm 🤔

Please who has a microphone should borrow me. Ordinary mouth no dey work for this girl ear.

Brethren, sin has pleasure, no doubts about it

Hebrews 11:24 By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter;

25 Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season;

It’s only for a season oooo. As you are eating it, you’re wondering how the punishment on the way would look like.

Brethren, is that one enjoyment?

Proverbs 10:22 The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

Which is better?

Judas sold Jesus and was paid handsomely. But the rewards of his unrighteous act, didn’t last more than one day. He never spent a one naira out of the profit he made before he paid for his sins.

What are we struggling for? Husband? Wife? Money? Fame?

And we dip our hands into sin to get it done. It’s not going to last. Trust me!

Job 9:4 He is wise in heart, and mighty in strength: who hath hardened himself against him, and hath prospered?

Who? Is it Balaam? Maybe Judas? Is it Nebuchadnezzar he turned into an animal for seven years? Who is that person that will willfully disobey God and live a prosperous life?


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