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Episode 20
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As I drove out of the company, I stopped to greet Oga Silas.

“Oga Silas how are you?” I asked.

“I’m fine!” He answered.

“But sis, what happened in the car this morning? You were with someone in the car and I heard you ask the person are you mad? I was shocked. It really got me worried. I was like, why would a born again sister use such language on a friend? Please, what happened?” He asked.

I respected Silas so much and I knew he had a role to play in my company. He was a devout child of God and a preacher.

I didn’t know what to tell him. He was worried about my spiritual life too, just like my mentor. But he’s still a gateman. He should know his place. He’s to open my gate and mind his business.

“Cris! Your heart is getting dark every minute. This is someone you respected so much and he’s reciprocating it. Why must everyone be victims of your compromised lifestyle? At least there should be a little bit of kindness in you”.

This melted my pride and destroyed my well of insults.

“Silas, I’m so sorry! I’m inexcusable. I let my flesh overpower me. I’m so sorry!” I apologized.

“It’s alright sis! I’ll be praying for you! I know God has great plans for you and he’ll surely bring them to pass. I’ll never stop praying for my sister in Christ!” She replied smiling.

“Thank you so much! Please pray harder ooo! Your sister needs alot of prayers now”, I said.

“It is well! God be with you in Jesus name!”

“Amen!” I replied and with that, I bid him farewell.

The drive to my father-in-law’s house was quite. I didn’t go with anyone and obviously I wanted to be the only one to hear what he had to say.

I was still driving when my ringing phone called my attention. I was almost at my destination so I connected my phone to my car player and answered the call. The car speakers helped me hear what the person calling was saying.

It was my uncle, Chief Akinyele Gabriel.

“Hello old man!” I greeted.

“Is that how you greet your father?” He asked.

“You are not my father!” I replied.

“But at least, I’m the one who would represent your stupid late father at your wedding. Don’t I deserve some respect?”

“You old goat! Die and go to hell!” I replied and he laughed.

Secrets are meant to remain hidden, but I knew very well that my uncle was responsible for my parents demise. As Christians, I and my sister Sharon were advised to forgive him. We did, but the man’s unrepentant attitude pisses me off.

I hated him and I’ll continue to do so. I just wanted him dead but I can’t do that myself. I wanted God to destroy him as fast as he could.

“If that is your desire, then maybe he would start with destroying you first”, came the inner voice.

I quickly waved the thought aside as my uncle’s voice came back.

“Cris! I was told you got born again. I thought born again people are good people. You’re just the spoilt brat you’ve always been!”

“Shut up! You and I who’s the evil person?” I replied with angry tears in my eyes.

“Calm down baby girl! I’m not here to make trouble”.

“Then get off my phone, you cheat!” I replied.

“Cris! You sent me a message. That’s why I called. I just wanted to tell you that as long as I remain your uncle, you’ll never get married. I’ll do everything in my power to stop you!” He said with a serious tone.

I knew this was not a joke. There was a battle going on and he’s not joking about it.

“Listen to me! Right now you’re about to meet your father -in- law. He’s going to help me get rid of the marriage. Ensure you listen to him very well and be a good girl”.

I got enraged immediately and almost ended the call. So this was all his handwork? Then there’s no need to see my father-in-law. Oops! I just arrived. His gateman was already opening the gate for me. I drove in and packed the car.

“I guess you have arrived at his compound? Be a good girl and follow the advice of the elderly. See ya!” He said and the call ended.

I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know if I was to turn around and leave or face him and tell him I was going back. I stepped out of my car and headed for the building

I knocked and was ushered in by the housekeeper. What I met in the house was a complete shock to me. Is this my father-in-law’s house or am I in the wrong place?

The reason I had to ask myself that question was because I met a chicken in the sitting room. Had someone turned my father-in-law into a chicken?

The housekeeper behaved as if the chicken was the owner of the house. She didn’t pay the chicken any attention, but allowed it to roam the house freely.
The house was almost a poultry as chicken feed, littered the sitting room. The chicken had something to eat wherever it went. And worst of all, it made a mess out of the sitting room. You know what I mean. It defecated wherever it wanted and nobody challenge it.

I was still watching the creature, when my father-in-law cane to join me.

“My pretty daughter!” He said and spread his arms for a hug.

As I walked to meet him to hug him, I stepped on something I wished I never did. Chicken excrement. Gross!

“I see you have met my new friend. Kuku the chicken!” He said smiling.

I looked at him with blazing eyes added with a slight confused expression. This was not ordinary. What was he trying to pull? Get me angry and insult him so he can capitalize on that and end the relationship? What kind of game was going on here?

“Please don’t be angry with me! I haven’t seen my friend for a long time so I decided to invite him to join me in the sitting room. Kuku is such a friendly chicken!” He said grinning.

Hmmm! Definitely he was up to something. I just don’t know what he wanted, but if this was meant to get me angry and disrespect him, I won’t fall for it.

Thanks for my kitten heels, I didn’t step on the chicken excrement bare footed. I went ahead and hugged him and we both sat down together.

“So how’s work?”

“Work is so demanding! I had to cancel two appointments to be here with you. I haven’t gotten the time to call Chris or hear from him all morning. Time is so important in everything we do”, I replied smiling.

I could see a little bit of disappointment in his expression. Of a truth, he wanted me to flare up and insult him so he can major on that to end the relationship. Sir! You’re picking on the wrong person.

He didn’t have anything important to say. I was surprised he started talking about movies and comedy shows he watched. He shared some of the jokes with me which was so humorous that my stomach tightened as I laughed.

We were still laughing when the door opened and Chris walked in. He paused in his tracks and looked around.

“What’s the meaning of this nonsense?” He asked with blazing eyes.

“Christopher, how are you! Look who’s here! Your wife to be!” His father said.

“Just take a look at my shoes! Ema!” He yelled for the house help.

“Ema!” He shouted.

I’ve never seen him this furious and was afraid for him.

“Where is this house help?”

“Son calm down! That’s my friend kuku! He’s here for a visit. I just needed to make him comfortable!”

“Dad you’re crazy! He said.

I was shocked to hear that. I looked at my father-in-law and was surprised to meet a smile on his face.

“You’re turning my house into a poultry and you sit down comfortably! You must be out of your mind!” He said and took off his suit and threw it on the sofa.

He went for the chicken who was too robust to make any move. I screamed out of pity for the poor creature as my so called husband to be displayed his rage.

He grabbed the bird by the neck and began to twist it around. It’s feathers filled the living room as it struggled to break free. It splattered excrement on Chris’ trousers and breathe its last.

He threw the lifeless creature on the ground, chest heaving.

There was silence in the room for about 3 minutes.

I looked at the man I was about to marry and was filled with fear.

Soon, I could hear my father-in-law clapping. I turned to look at him and met him smiling.

“Why was he smiling?” I asked within me.

He stood up and snapped his fingers. Ema the housekeeper, came out immediately.
I guess she had been told not to come out when Chris was angry.

“Congratulations Chris! That’s how one day you would return from work and strangle your wife to death. Good job son!” He said.

I looked at him and then at Chris and saw the shocked expression on his face.

“Chris! I told you to work on your temper but you ignored me. You thought falling in love was all marriage was all about. If you could lose your temper and kill a chicken instantly. That’s how you would one day lose your temper and finish your wife before you realize it”, he turned to Ema.

“Make this place look like a palace again. I promise to pay you the sum of two hundred thousand for today’s clean up. I just needed to mess up this place for today’s experiment. Get to work!” He said and with that, went for the staircase.

“Cristina! If you love your short life very well! Use your head to do your thinking and not your feelings. If after what you’ve seen you still want to marry my son, you have my blessings. You can go back to work”, he said and left.

I stood up, took my purse and strapped it around my shoulder.

Chris had tears in his eyes and gave me that look that he was sorry. But I needed to run for my life at the moment. I was not ready for any round of apologies. I quickly took my steps carefully to avoid stepping on chicken excrement and headed for the door.

Chris tried to follow me but I turned and gave him a sharp look that kept him rooted to his spot.

With tears in my eyes I drove out of my father-in-law’s compound, devastated and broken.

To be continued……..

Cris! Please go ahead and marry your so called man of your dreams, you have my blessings.

Don’t worry, bro Ayo will take care of all the expenses.

Who loved the chicken test?

They should not throw the chicken away oooo. I have a stomach with space that needs tenant.


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