MEANT TO BE Episode 46 by Azeemah Salami

MEANT TO BE Episode 43 by Azeemah Salami

MEANT TO BE Episode 46 by Azeemah Salami

(being Elva)

Zeemah writes📝

💎Elva’s POV💎

He’s awake !!

“Mig is awake !!” I screamed in excitement kissing him harder .
I heard footsteps coming towards him.
“Mig” Fleur jumped in excitement.
He’s still looking weak but looking into his eyes now made me feel alright.

“Mig you proved him wrong” Fleur squealed in excitement, sticking out her tongue at Ben who stood there with mouth open.
The door opened and people rushed in.

“Omg…he’s awake” they all said together.
“How..he was unconscious just now?” Doc .Steph asked.
“Yes, a kiss woke him up” Fleur said and i bend my head shyly.
“A kiss?” They all asked surprised.
“Yes..Elva kissed him and my brother woke up” Fleur said in excitement jumping around the ward.

She intentionally stepped hard on Ben’s feet who cried out in pain.
She stuck out her tongue at him before rushing back to Mig.
“Mig how are you ?” I asked but he just gave a slight nod.

He gestured for Fleur to come closer and she did.
He kissed her forehead and she beamed.
“Mig I’ve missed you so much” She said pecking his cheek.
He nodded and let out a small smile.
He looked at me and gestured for me to also come closer.
I did and was a little surprised when he kissed me.
I smiled and kissed him back.

“Uhn..uhn” They cleared their throats before we broke the kiss.
He held my hand.
“You look more handsome” I whispered in his ears.
He nodded with a smile.
“Wow..I also need a kiss” One of the Doctors said and we all laughed except Mig who smiled.

“But I’m surprised a kiss can wake someone who is supposed to spend months in coma” Doc . Steph said.
“How did it happen” One of the Doctors asked.
Fleur and i looked at each other and smiled.
“ come with me” Doc . Steph said.
“To do what?” I asked.
“To come kiss all the patients so they can get well” He said and we all bursted into laughter.

Doc . Steph walked towards Mig and examined him.
He switched off the life support machine.
“I guess he doesn’t need that anymore” He said and we nodded.
“He will be placed on a drip that will give him more strength…Nurse Fleur get that done now” Doc . Steph commanded.
“Ok Doc” Fleur said before rushing towards the door.
She stepped on Ben again sticking out her tongue once more before rushing out and i can’t help but laugh.

“He will need to eat something after the drip.. Quickly go home and prepare something for him” Doc . Steph said.
“Mig what are you gonna eat?” I asked.
I placed my ear closer to his mouth.
“Chi-ne-se ri-ce and hom-ema-de so-up” He whispered in my ear and i smiled.
“I will be back soon okay?” I whispered in his ear and he nodded.
I placed a wet kiss on his lips before walking out.

“Ben you are a looser” I said to Ben before bouncing out.
I’m just so happy right now.

How did my kiss woke Mig?
Well that doesn’t matter…all that matters is that Mig is now conscious.
“Elva where are you going?” I heard and turned to see Fleur carry a tray containing the drip and some other instrument.
“Doc . Steph said Mig has to eat Immediately after the drip,so I’m going home to make him the Chinese rice and homemade soup he said he wants to eat” I said happily.

“You mean he said that with his mouth?” Fleur asked.
“Of course he did and his voice sounds more cool” I said.
“Thanks so much Elva.. without you or rather your kiss. Mig might never wake up soon” Fleur said and i grinned.
“It’s nothing Fleur and I’m glad we proved Ben wrong, didn’t you see how his face was?” I asked.
“Of course,he looked shocked and i can’t help on stepping on him harder” Fleur said and i laughed.

“Prepare ours together with Mig’s so we all can eat together. I’m starving” Fleur said.
“I am also..let me quickly go home,i will be right back” I said and we smiled before we parted.

I walked happily to the reception and the nurses eyes widen in surprise.
“Wait… that cute guy is awake?” Nurse greenie said and i nodded smiling.
“Thank goodness” They both said happily.
“Wow.. that’s a miracle” They said and i nodded and walked out.

It’s indeed a miracle.


I got home and walked straight to the kitchen.
I washed my hands and dried it before putting on my apron,I brought out all the ingredients for the Chinese rice and homemade soup.
I started cooking.. walking to and fro in the kitchen.


I heard the soup boiling as i washed the stained utensils in the kitchen sink.
The Chinese rice is ready and I’ve transferred it into a huge dish with cover.
I finished washing the utensils and dried my hands before checking on the soup again.

“It isn’t ready yet” I said and covered it back resting my back on the kitchen counter.
“Why don’t i go clear the things in the underground passage” I thought and walked there.


I got there and saw our bags on the floor together with Daisy’s luggage.
I picked our bags and was about standing straight when i saw a huge shadow…just like a wolf’s sped past me and disappeared through the door.
I was too shocked to scream.
I jolted back and released my breath.

Am i starting to imagine things?
I shrugged and picked up our bags,leaving Daisy’s there before walking out.
I dropped the bags and hurried to the kitchen when i remembered the soup is still boiling.
I opened it and ‘thank goodness’ it isn’t burnt.
I switched off the gas cooker and placed down the soup.

I dried a large dish and poured the soup into it.
I covered it and headed to the sink to wash the pot.
I washed it together with the cover and placed it in the drawer.

I drew a big basket from the shelf and placed the rice and soup in it, I took some dishes with spoons and three glass cups before covering it with a large towel before raising it up.
” Whoa…it’s quite heavy” I muttered as i carried it to out of the kitchen.
I placed it on the dining and walked to my room to pick some clothes, undies and toiletries..I went to Fleur’s room and also picked the same for her.
I know we will be spending the night in the hospital with Mig.

Everything is together in a big nylon bag.
I got to the dining and picked the basket containing our meal.
I walked out of the house and locked it firmly throwing the key in my back pocket.

I headed back to the hospital with my two hands occupied.


I got there and walked straight to Mig’s ward.
I entered and smiled as i saw Fleur playfully drawing Mig’s cheek who keeps smiling.
His arm is already connected to a drip and the drip is almost finished.
Thank goodness i arrived on time with the meal .

I cleared my throat and they both turned to look at me.
Fleur walked to me and helped me with the nylon bag containing our clothes.
“Whoa.. thanks Elva,i was about calling you to bring our clothes,but thoughtful of you,you brought it” Fleur said and i smiled.
I placed the basket on the small stool beside Mig’s bed before sitting on the bed beside him.

He smiled as i took his hand in mine.
“Elva how are you?” He asked and i raised my brows in surprise.
“Yeah he can speak clearly now” Fleur said and i grinned widely.
“I’m fine Mig,you made us scared and sad” I said.
“I’m sorry baby” He said.

Awwwn…he called me BABY 🤗

“What of Daisy?” He asked.
“Daisy is now locked up in the cell” Fleur said.
“Yeah” I said.
“Serves her right then” Mig said.
“I didn’t know a kiss can wake you up..I should have kissed the hell out of you myself” Fleur joked and we laughed.

“Thanks Elva” He said.
“You shouldn’t thank me,I would have done anything to make you conscious” I said and he smiled.
“Mig do you know the reason Elva kissed you?” Fleur asked and he shook his head.
“Ben dared her to prove to him how strong your live is,he said she should try to wake you up.” Fleur said.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yes and guess what Elva did” Fleur asked.
“She removed your oxygen and kissed you, I was afraid at first but i was surprised when her kiss made you conscious” Fleur

“Wow” Mig said looking at me, I bent shyly.
“Kiss me again” He said.
“Huh?” I asked in disbelief and gazed at Fleur who gave me a wink.
I couldn’t resist his soft lips anyway.
I bent and kissed him,he responded and the kiss grew hotter until we heard the door open..
I broke the kiss and raised up my head to see Ben.

“Elva how could you kiss him?” He asked angrily.
“Are you crazy?” Fleur asked barging towards him but he had already ran out before she could get hold of him.
We laughed and laughed especially Mig who couldn’t stop laughing.

“Ben is a coward !!” I said.
“Of course he is,you need to see how i beat him up the other day” Mig said and we laughed again.

“You guys know what?” Fleur asked.
“Ben is a loser” She said.
“Of course he is and also guess what?” Mig asked.
“What?” We asked.
“I’m the winner” He boasted and we laughed.
“Of course you are the winner and guess what?” I said.
“What?” They asked.
“I love you Mig” I said and saw his face lit up in a smile.
Fleur blushed before walking out of the ward.
I smiled and bent slowly again to take Mig’s lips in mine.

Damn !!

His cute red lips is very hard to resist 😊😘

MEANT TO BE Episode 46

Hey sweeties…
How many of you smiled in this chapter? Don’t lie oo😁

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1 month ago

I’m so happy Miguel is alive

1 month ago

I smiled throughout wow. sleeping beauty in form of a cute,good looking man.

1 month ago

Wow I smiled am really happy right now for Miguel

1 month ago

Smile keh? I laugh throughout

1 month ago

I smiled o
True love is sweet and it’s like medicine to the soul.

1 month ago

I’m overwhelmed with happiness 😄😄

1 month ago

I did 😁😁
The wolf incident made my heart skip a beat tho..
Maybe it’s the guardian of the treasure… 😜
God bless you ma’am
Thanks admin Dre