MEANT TO BE Episode 34 – 35 by Azeemah Salami

MEANT TO BE Episode 4 by Azeemah Salami

MEANT TO BE Episode 34 by Azeemah Salami

Zeemah writes📝

💎Daisy’s POV💎

I opened my eyes slowly and looked around….it’s afternoon and i don’t do afternoon sleep. How come I’m just waking up now.
I sat up straight but flinched at the pain on the back of my palm,my gaze went there and i gasp when i saw a drip connected to my arm.. Everything came rushing back to me..

I remembered..i saw a huge wolf,with deep brown fur and big blue eyes, walking towards me when i was about pressing in the unlock was so scary and huge. How did the wolf get into the house without us noticing or was i imagining things?

I removed the damn drip and cleaned the blood off my arm..
I’m okay!!
But who brought me to my bed,i remembered no one was at home when i went into the secret passage.
Was it Mig?

If he’s the one,then I’m doomed..he has already found out about the secret passage and i know he’s gonna kill me with questions..he won’t let it go easily.

Shit !!

Boss will be very mad at me..I picked up my iPod and flipped it open.
I inserted my unlock pin and loads of messages flowed in..FROM BOSS.

I finished reading it all and let out a breath.
I was about texting him back when i heard a loud thud followed by a groan, I dropped my iPod and scurried up from the bed, slipped into my slippers and hurried out of my room.
What’s going on?” I thought.
I barged into the living room..

What !!
The sight in front of me left my mouth agape..
I quickly hid behind the curtain.
Ben and Mig are in a fight or rather Mig is beating Ben.
Gosh..I hope Ben hasn’t told Mig about our plan,if not I’m gonna shoot his brain off.

Wow..the fight is damn.
Ben should know Mig is stronger than him.
I nearly laughed out loud when i saw Ben catching his breath,he already looks tired but he still wants to keep fighting.

They should fight all they want,I need to go reply Boss’s message(s)..
I chuckled slightly as i walked to my room.

💎Elva’s POV💎

“Really !!” I exclaimed after Fleur told me the reason she went home earlier while we were on our way home.
We left work quite early today… some renovations needs to be carried out at the hospital today.
“That’s absurd…you mean there is a secret passage in that house which we don’t know about until Mig found Daisy unconscious there ?” I asked.

“Yes I’m also surprised…I really need to talk to Mig but he was moody while i was at home..” Fleur said and stopped walking, holding me back as a vehicle sped off beside us.
We started walking again.
“You mean Mig was moody when you went back home earlier?” I asked guilty, i kinda feel I’m the cause of it …I know Mig saw that jerk kissing me.

“Yes” Fleur said…”He doesn’t want to open up to me and i hope he will be less moody by the time we get home because we really need to talk” She said worriedly.
“I had known there was something about Daisy coming back into the house” Fleur said and i nodded.
I didn’t even realised we had gotten home until we stepped on the porch,Fleur pushed the door open and we walked into the house,i turned to lock the door but suddenly stopped when i heard Fleur screamed,I rushed to the living room and gasp at the sight in front of me.
Mig and Ben fighting
“Omg” I muttered rushing towards them .
“Stop” Fleur screamed at them and they both stopped with Ben breathing endlessly.

“What’s the meaning of all this huh?” Fleur shouted.
“Ben how dare you come into our house to fight my brother..what the fuck is the relationship between you two..I don’t remember you guys knowing each other” She said but they both kept quiet.
Ben was still panting but Mig just stood untouched,anyone who come in now won’t know Mig just stopped fighting..
He still looked cool and cute.

Gosh….is this what I’m supposed to be thinking now?
“Ben how could you come here to fight Mig?” I asked.
“Mig told me to come,i didn’t realize it was a trap,i came here in peace but Mig started the fight” Ben said and my gaze flipped back to Mig who stood still.

“That a BIG FAT LIE..My brother can’t do that..I trust him more than anything,and it’s obvious you are lying” Fleur spat.
I also don’t believe Mig can do that.
Mig stood without defending himself,he gave me a cold look and i shivered before he turned and walked away.
Damn…what has Ben caused.

“Ben leave right now” Fleur said and Ben stood up and i noticed the cuts on his face and arm.
“Elva believe me,I’m not telling lies” He said and i didn’t even spare him a glance.
“Ben leave” Fleur said and with that,he walked away.

“Mig doesn’t fight unless pushed” Fleur said and walked away … I can tell she’s pissed.
I gave a loud sigh and also walked to my room, i unlocked my room and walked in closing it behind me.
I dropped my bag on the bed and laid on it facing upwards .My legs still touching the ground and my gaze directed at the cream-coloured ceiling with different thoughts running through my mind.


I walked back to my room after a quick shower.
I wore my undies and put on a short blue feathered gown,simy styled. It feels cool and airy against my skin.
I brushed back my wet hair and slipped into my flip flops before walking out of my room.

I’m starving !!…I’ve not had lunch.

“Great !” I exclaimed as i walked into the kitchen and met Fleur preparing some potatoes.
I helped her with the rest and the meal got ready,we dished it our it four various plates and i carried it to the dining room in a big tray.
Fleur also brought four glass cups of water.
We set it on the table and Fleur went to call Mig and Daisy..

I sat down, patiently waiting for them..
They all entered the dining room and sat down,we began eating “in silence”..
I kept looking at Mig hoping he would look back at me but he didn’t even spare me a glance. Normally we would have been glancing and smiling at each other.
I’m not feeling comfortable by the silent treatment he’s giving me.

“Mig” I called and he looked up at me “coldly.
“Hmm…never mind” I said facing the remainant of my meal.
Mig is probably mad at me.

“Daisy” Fleur called.
“Can you tell us how you found out about the underground passage and what you were doing there ?” Fleur asked and we all stopped eating facing Daisy expecting a concrete answer…

MEANT TO BE Episode 35 by Azeemah Salami

Zeemah writes📝

💎Mig’s POV💎

We all sat at the dining eating in silence,my thoughts flashed back to when Ben and i were fighting,I actually taught him a lesson he won’t forget,i intentionally didn’t go hard on him because i don’t want to hurt him badly but i know he will be writhing in pain wherever he is now.

When Fleur and Elva arrived,my gaze swept to Elva’s lips and i felt more infuriated,i felt like hitting Ben again but i just had to restrain myself.
I don’t think i will be in good terms with Elva anymore. She hurt me by kissing him back!.

But did she even know that I’m annoyed because of that,I’m crazy…How could i be annoyed about someone kissing who isn’t even my girlfriend but i just can’t help it.
She’s looking more beautiful in her blue feathered gown she’s clad in.

“Mig” She called interrupting my thoughts,i glanced coldly at her and my heart tingled merely looking like her face. Her hair is brushed backwards looking wet and i just noticed her hair has some gold color.
“Nevermind” She said and i felt guilty of acting cold towards her but i shrugged it off.

“Daisy” Fleur called.”Yes”
“Can you tell us how did you found out about the underground passage and what you were doing there?” Fleur asked and we all stopped eating facing Daisy…
Yess !! Exactly the question i want to ask her before that punk came in.

“Hmm.. when Mig left in the morning,i was kinda bored so i was walking round the house then my leg hit a plank,then suddenly the door to the passage opened, I was also surprised and curious and i couldn’t help but enter the passage..I collapsed because i saw a giant rat” Fleur narrated and Fleur and i exchanged glances.
“Really?” Fleur asked.
“Yes of course or what could i be doing there?” Daisy asked.
“I don’t believe you” Fleur said.
“Then that’s your cup of tea” Daisy said.

“You know what?” Fleur asked.
“I can’t wait for you to get out of this house,your moves are suspicious” Fleur said.
“You are crazy” Daisy said.
“Same here Daisy” Fleur said and they glared at each other.
Aaaargh…. these two.

I wanted to bring up the ‘code’ but i can’t because that will get Fleur asking more questions and it might result into quarrel.
“Fleur,you should check out the passage after eating” I said and i saw Daisy’s eyes widen but it quickly went back to normal.
“Yeah,Elva and i will” Fleur said and i glanced at Elva who quickly faced her meal.
“It’s very dusty,let the both of us go together so we can clean it up. Elva don’t have to help” I said and Fleur gave me a questioning look.

“I want to help” Elva said.
“I’m excluded” Daisy said and Fleur cursed at her.
“Elva you don’t have to help,Fleur and i will do it” I said sternly.
“Come-on Mig,she said she wants to help” Fleur said.
“Ok” I shrugged.
“Thanks Mig” Elva said.
“For what” I asked.
“Hmm…for letting me help” She said.
“Does that worth thanking for?..look ! I don’t want to have any conversation with you,just stay on your own” I blurted out and i saw her face went pale.

💎Fleur’s POV💎

“Mig” I scolded giving him a hard look…I could tell something isn’t right with the both of them,Mig kept acting cold towards Elva.
Normally they would be chatting at the table making me laugh but now,they are both looking unhappy.

What could be wrong?

I observed there is an attraction between them even if none of them has admitted it yet.
“Mig what’s wrong? are being cold and mean to Elva” I said and i suddenly heard Daisy laughing.
I turned angrily to her.
“You are happy about that right?” I asked.
“Why not?” She asked and i felt like clashing my dish on her damn head.

“Elva you don’t have to mind Mig, he’s just been moody …I think i told you that while we were coming home” I said to reassure her.
She nodded and i forced her to smile which she did.
“Mig we need to talk” I said.
“Yes we really need to” He said.
“I will come to your room later” I said.
“With Elva” I said.

“Why does she have to come with you?” Mig asked coldly and i saw Elva’s face fell.
“Mig ! Elva is part of our family, remember you said that yourself” I said.
“That was then” He said.
“Then or now !! She still remains our family,not like some intruder here” I said indirectly referring to Daisy…she caught my scope and sent me a glare.

“Hmm..Fleur if he doesn’t want me to come,then it’s okay” Elva said.
“No Elva you are coming with me” I insisted.
“It’s his room,i can’t go in with you if he doesn’t want me to” Elva said.
“Then the meeting is gonna be in my room then” I said.
“Okay…okay,she can come with you” Mig agreed and i smiled..I already know what to do.
“Done” Daisy said,shifting back her chair and stand up to leave.

“You’ve not said a single ‘thanks’ since you’ve come here,we are the ones who to cook and also wash the dishes,you don’t do anything to help in the house,you are just gonna eat without a single ‘thanks’ for our efforts…Do you think we are your maids or what” I said to Daisy.

“Firstly,i didn’t come into this house to start working like a maid,you should all treat me like a princess because I’m with the life(cure) of Mig”
“Secondly,this fool sitting here should be the one doing all the house chores because you accommodated her without collecting a penny” Daisy said. I wanted to reply her but Elva surprised me by beating me to it.

“Don’t you dare call me a fool again,i stay silent all this while doesn’t mean I’m a dummy..I’m only trying to stay away from quarrel,so please mind yourself. I won’t want to lose my temper on you” Elva said and i stared at her in surprise,same as Daisy and Mig.
Elva has never replied Daisy,so I’m surprised she could say all that but i like her guts.
I laughed at the look of shock in Daisy’s face.

“Ohh…you now have the gut to talk back at me” Daisy said walking towards Elva,who also stood up from her chair.
“Well…you provoked my guts” Elva replied to Daisy’s face and i smiled..
Mig stood up to stop them but i held him back.
I want Daisy to have a taste of what she normally do to others.
Daisy suddenly slapped Elva who held on to her cheek with blood shot eyes.

“Don’t dare mess with me again” Daisy said and turned to leave,i was more surprised when Elva dragged her back with her hair and gave her two thunderous slaps on each cheek before pushing her to the floor,she pounced on her and started hitting her furiously.
I laughed at Daisy’s cry.

Mig stood up again to go separate them but i pushed him back, enjoying the show.

Wow…Elva is good in fighting..

MEANT TO BE Episode 34

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I’m enjoying this fight 😀😀

Go on Elva💪

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Oh my Mary!
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