MEANT TO BE Episode 13 – 14 by Azeemah Salami

MEANT TO BE Episode 4 by Azeemah Salami

MEANT TO BE Episode 13 by Azeemah Salami

Zeemah writes📝

💎Elva’s POV💎

“Yaaaay” I squealed excitedly and Mig laughed.
“So there is a lake in this house ?” I asked surprisingly.
“Yes,we have a lake at the back of the house but we rarely go there” He said.

“Wow let’s go” I said excitedly and we both walked out of the house.

He pulled open a small gate and we walked in..I gasp at the sight.
In front of us lay the calm lake,so neat and sparkling with the sun reflection on it…It’s wide surrounded by clear sand. This is the most beautiful natural thing i’ve ever seen.

“Wow !” I exclaimed “This is amazing..Mig,you mean you rarely visit this beautiful lake?” I asked surprised cos something as beautiful as this is worth coming to every day.
“Yes we rarely do..I even forget there is a lake in this house ..It’s either am reading my novels or watching a movie and Fleur goes to work” He said.

I walked closer to the lake crouching in front of it ..It looks more beautiful on getting closer to it,i scooped some water in my palms and ; OMG the water felt so cool that i felt like jumping right into it with my clothes on..
“Mig can i get in the lake…I mean swim ?” I asked.
“Ofcourse i planned on doing that” Mig said and started pulling off his trouser.

What !!

Is he trying to get unclad in my presence then expect me to do the same ?
He’s now left in his boxers,he suddenly jumped into the lake and i flinched…His head went deep in the water for some seconds before he raised up his head.

He’s looking hot !!

His hair soaked with looking more black and soft..The dots of water on his bare chest left me staring.
He winked at me making a drop of water fall from his lashes down to his chest.
I stood lost staring at him…Is there someone more cute than Mig.

“Elva won’t you join me ?” He asked and i jolted from my thoughts.
“Huh ?” I asked.
“Aren’t you gonna swim ?” He asked.
“I don’t have a swim suit” I replied.

“You don’t need a swim suit to swim in this lake;you can leave your leggings on with your blouse if you want” He said.
I pulled off my blouse only before into the lake.
“Wow !” I exclaimed excitedly..”The water is as cool as it looks” I said with my nerves cooling off.

“Over here” I heard Mig say from the other end of the lake,i smiled swimming towards him.
I didn’t even know i how i knew how to sleep.
We stood beside each other in the lake.
“The water is just so great” I said .

“Yes it is, let’s water-race” He said and i grinned.
“Yaaaay” I shouted in excitement as i got to the end of the lake before Mig which means i won !!
“Elva you cheat” Mig said when he got to me.
“No i didn’t” I said.

“Ok…Well,to be sincere i was a little bit distracted” He said.
“Distracted ?…By what?” I asked.
“Uhm..Never mind” He said.
“Ok..The race was fun,should we go once again” I said.

“Yes but i will surely win this time” He said and started swimming before i could blink.
“Mig you are cheating” I yelled swimming fast to catch up with him but i couldn’t. He already got to the end and now sitting on the edge of the lake with his legs dangling in the water.
He laughed when i got to him and i shot him a glare.

“Mig you cheat” I said also sitting on the edge of the lake.
“Yeah. I had no other choice…We are equal now” He said and grinned sticking out his tongue.
I hit him on his shoulder playfully and he feigned a cry of pain..I laughed.
“It isn’t agreed you won because you cheat” I said and he smirked.

We both fell silent.
A brush of air ran past me and i shivered,i wasn’t really comfortable in the bra and leggings…Not now that Mig’s eyes can’t leave my chest.
“Elva” Mig called softly and i turned to face him,he brought his head closer and our lips are inches apart.

I felt his hot breath on my chin and a sigh escaped my lips.
“Can i kiss you ?” He asked softly and my heart missed a beat..My mouth was sealed,i couldn’t utter a statement.
I was lost.

I saw the picture of paradise right in front of me when the lips i’ve been dreaming of touched mine.
Mig’s soft lips on mine made me tremble.
He laid my back gently on the sand still kissing me.
He started trailing kisses all over my face.

He kissed my bare stomach down to my breasts and i couldn’t help but shiver.
He claimed my mouth with his again and i moan.
I could feel his hard chest pressed against my breast.

It felt heavenly !!

Wait…What am i doing?
“Stop” I yelled pushing him off me.
I let out quick breaths and stood up,walked to where my blouse,i picked it up and walked away with my cheeks in purple colour.

MEANT TO BE Episode 13

(being Elva)

Episode 14

Zeemah writes📝

💎Mig’s POV💎

“Gosh !!” I exclaimed after she left the lake.

What the hell did i just did…I shouldn’t have done that but her body was irresistible,her fresh boobs were peeping from the pink bra she wore.
Her wet leggings stuck tightly to her legs,revealing the shape of her thigh.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her while we were swimming,she was the distraction that distracted me.

I didn’t know but i found myself kissing her, i couldn’t understand that feeling…I felt something when i kissed her. It’s unexplainable.
Then she broke the kiss and walked away.

I shouldn’t have done that but who can resist such body…
I stood up few minutes after she left,picked up my shirt and trouser put it back on before heading towards the house.
I entered the living room,Fleur isn’t home yet and Elva isn’t also in the living room.

I kept wondering how she’s feeling right now..
Gosh ! i shouldn’t have done that.
I sat on the couch,checking the wall clock.
Whoa !!
It’s almost time for dinner…I gotta prepare something’ I thought and stood up walking to the kitchen.

I placed the ingredient for spaghetti and sauce on the kitchen cabinet,i put on my apron,about to start cooking when i remembered Elva.
We agreed she’s gonna join me anytime i’m cooking so she’s gonna learn better.
‘Should i go call her ?’ I thought.
I think it’s okay to let her be for now’ I concluded and started cooking but i kept thinking about Elva.


“I’m home” Fleur called as usual.
“Over here” I shouted from the kitchen.

Dinner is ready and i’m about dishing it out.
“Hey bro” Fleur said walking into the kitchen.
“Hey sis welcome” I said.
“Where is Elva ?” She asked.
“She’s in her room,i’m about calling her for dinner” I replied.
“Didn’t she join you to cook today ?” Fleur asked with raised eyebrows.
“Hmm..Yes” I answered nervously.

“Ok, i have good news for her, Doc. Steph has agreed to make her replace Mrs Morgan and the pay is a bit high” She said.
“Really ?” I asked.
We heard a door open and close then slow footsteps..
Elva appeared in the kitchen and i can swear my heart jumped.

She avoided my gaze.
“Welcome Fleur” She said with a smile.
“Thanks Elva, i have good news for you” Fleur said.
“Really ?” She asked with excitement.
“Yes, Doc. steph has agreed for you to replace Mrs Morgan and i must say your pay is a bit high ” Fleur said.

“OMG ! thanks so much Fleur” She said happily hugging Fleur.
“It’s okay Elva, Doc. Steph said you can start tomorrow,the children’s disturbance are compared to none,so you will go with me in the morning ” Fleur said.
“Yaaaay…I’m so excited,i just can’t wait to start” Elva said happily.

‘Really ?’ I thought…She doesn’t even want to be around me anymore.
“Thanks so much Fleur, i will make sure i don’t sleep late tonight so i can be awake early in the morning and get ready before we leave” She said.
“Ok Elva” Fleur smiled.

“Dinner is getting cold” I said and they both turned face me, Elva quickly removed her gaze and i swore under my breath.
“Ok..I’m starving” Fleur said picked up a plate of spaghetti and sauce and walked to the dining..
Elva did the same,still avoiding my gaze.
I sighed and followed behind.
We sat round the dining and started eating.
“Congratulations Elva” I said.
“Thanks Mig” She said facing her meal..


We finished eating in silence and Elva insisted in washing the dishes..Fleur had retired to her room.

I’m cleaning the dining table while Fleur is in the kitchen.
I finished doing that and walked inside the kitchen.
Elva turned immediately and we both stood there staring at eachother.

💎Elva’s POV💎

We stood there staring at each other in silence.
I enjoyed the kiss…A lot. Mig knows how to kiss,i left the garden embarrassed because i’m not sure how he’s gonna feel about me…I can’t just bring myself to face him after what happened earlier.

The feel of his lips on mine gave me an unforgettable feeling…A feeling i can’t explain,a feeling i can’t understand.
Standing here right now…Looking into his eyes brought those feelings back.
“Hmm…Elva,i’m sorry about what happened earlier” He said.

“It’s okay Mig” I said slowly.
“You don’t have to avoid me okay ?..Let’s just continue the way were doing before, let’s forget about that” He said.
I know i can never forget about that KISS in my lifetime. It was awesome.
“Okay Mig, i won’t avoid you anymore” I said and didn’t know when i smiled.
He also smiled and walked closer to me.

“You didn’t get to learn my way of making spaghetti and sauce cos you were avoiding me” He said and i pouted.
“Yes..I also regret doing that but you are gonna teach me some other time” I said and he nodded.
“So are you done with the dishes ?” He asked and i turned back to the sink.
“No i’m almost done” I said and resumed washing.

“You are excited about your job tomorrow right ?” He asked.
“Yes, i have to hurry with the dishes so i can go to bed early.
“I think i should also apply for the post of a Doctor” He said sarcastically and we laughed.
“But Mig,even if you don’t have a job,you must surely have a talent or passion. So tell me,what is your talent or passion ?” I asked and i saw his countenance changed.
“You will know very soon” He said and i nodded..I don’t want to push him further.

“I’m done” I said drying my hands with the kitchen napkin.
“Ok then..Let’s go to bed” He said and we walked out of the kitchen heading to our rooms.
“Good night Elva” Mig said when we got to his door step.
” Good night Mig” I said and walked further to my door..
I opened the door and stepped in.

I walked straight to the bath room,brushed and had my night bath.
I changed into my soft pyjamas and walked back to the bed,i crawled under my blanket shifting comfortably.
I smiled at the thought of starting a new job tomorrow..
I’m gonna dress corporate,with my hair packed and my body covered in a nice outfit but;

Geez !!

I don’t have a shoe !!


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