Mary Season 4 Final Episode {Rise of Titans} By Danny Walker

Mary Season 4 Final Episode {Rise of Titans} By Danny Walker

Mary Season 4 Final Episode {Rise of Titans} By Danny Walker

Arnold carried Maria in his arms as he arrived at the door of their home, he entered inside; Rachael and Yvonne moved to him quickly after seeing the blood all over him and the blood dropping from the body he was carrying and saw he was carrying Maria

“Why the hell is she in your arms?” Rachael asked

“I’ll explain later, right now she need help to save her life because she’s bleeding to death

“Ok, bring her to my lab” Uzor said and they carried her into the lab and laid her on a bed on her stomach

“ God this is serious” Yvonne said looking at the wound

“Why don’t you just heal her?” Rachael asked

“I want her to know that you guys saved her life”

“What about the other wing” Rachael asked

“Cut it off” Arnold said

“What? Why the hell will I do that” Uzor said

“Save her” Arnold said and left

“Where are you going?” Yvonne asked

“The war is still on” he replied

“I’m going out” Yvonne said

“Where are you going?” Uzor asked them

“to see what’s happening?” they said leaving…

Uzor was about to begin treatment when he saw that Maria’s wound was healing up…

Yvonne and Rachael both came out of the house and saw fire falling from the heavens like rain

“What is that?” Rachael asked and then suddenly one of the flame fell into their compound and it was a man (so they thought) he had flames all over him and then the flames went out and they could see him well

“Who is that?” Rachael asked

“I don’t know, maybe a leviathan” Yvonne said and he moved to them quickly and grabbed their necks and lifted them up and suddenly everything stood still like a pause, including Yvonne, Rachael and the leviathan…

Arnold got back into the fight and saw leviathans descending onto the earth like falling metor rocks, some of them landed on cars and some on the roads and some into the sea, some on buildings; they were covered in flames but as they landed the flames went out and they started attacking men by picking up people and threw them away, they also started killing demons

Metatron watched as his brother descended from the sky onto the earth, he then knew he was not enough to stop them. Bazel then descended from the sky and landed right in front of Metatron as three other leviathans landed behind Bazel, he watched as leviathans attacked and destroyed everything, he didn’t know what to do. Lucifer held Beth by the neck; Michael was surrounded by Leviathans

“Surrender now brother; even father cannot save you” Bazel said

“I’d rather die”

“So be it; kill him” Bazel said and the three leviathans jumped up towards Meatron and suddenly everything stood still; the three leviathans stood still in the air, Bazel stood still, Lucifer and Beth, Michael and the Leviathans and every other person and thing. Everywhere was so quiet; Metatron was the only peron moving, he looked around and saw that every thing was still, he then knew that his Father was arriving the earth.

As he stood wondering, the skies opened up and a bright light shined down and he saw 100s of cherubim and seraphim descending down the sky and landed on the earth. They had six wings; then ten of them surrounded him and they flew into the sky with Metatron in the center and they stopped in the clouds then a silvery platform appeared under Metatron’s feet on which he stood and then he heard his father’s voice for the first time in billions of years


“Father, I’m so sorry for all these” he said as he knelt down on one kneel



“Yes father”


“Love cannot be explained father” he said


“No father please punish me, for it was I who went to her and not her to me” he said as he bowed his head


“I will leave but I want to ask for something”


“I want to see her one last time so I can say good bye” he said and immediately he appeared in the house and suddenly all the Leviathans disappeared and Time was restored

Bazel couldn’t find any Leviathan around him

“What’s is going on?” he said with surprise; Beth disappeared and so did the other angels and even Lucifer was surprised

“it’s over” a voice said and stabbed Bazel from the back with a sword covered in Yvonne’s blood and he disappeared from the earth and went back to purgatory. Lucifer immediately flew into the sky with the fear of his defeat

“Fly away Lucifer, your time will come”…

Yvonne and Rachael saw themselves on the floor, Yvonne then saw Metatron standing beside her

“Arnold” she said and quickly stood up and hugged him but he was silent

“What happened?” Rachael asked looking around and couldn’t see any more falling Leviathans

“Father has taken care of it” he said

“So quick” Rachael said

“I have come to say Goodbye” he said smiling

“What does that mean?” Yvonne asked

“I have to go” he said

“Go where”

“Father said I should leave or he’ll send them back”

“What? You can’t leave? You are all I have” she said with tears and then Beth and Ariel descended

“It’s time Metatron” Beth said

“Time for what? He’s not leaving me” Yvonne said holding him

“Yvonne please” he said

“No way, he’s all I have, I have found happiness with him” she cried

“Yvonne it’s God’s will” Beth said

“I don’t care. Just give him to me, please I beg you. Tell God, he should have mercy” Yvonne knelt down. Ariel touched Yvonne’s fore head and she fell at sleep. Rachael also felt bad but didn’t say anything. Arnold smiled at her

“Good bye” he said and the three of them ascended into the sky; tears flowed down Rachael’s face as she watched them go up…

“Rachael!” Uzor called as he ran out to her; he was surprised to see Yvonne on the ground

“What happened to her?” He asked but Rachael just stared up to the sky, Uzor then tried to help Yvonne up and then she woke up

“Yvonne what happened?” he asked her

“Where’s he?” Yvonne asked

“Where’s he?” Yvonne asked

“He’s gone” Racahel said; Yvonne was bitter

‘I thought God would hear my cry” she said

“Maybe he only hears the cries of his holy people” she said and stood up and walked inside

“What happened to Arnold?” Uzor asked Rachael

“God has taken him away” she said and walked away

“What?” he asked himself as he stood there alone, he looked up to the sky then walked away…

2 days later…

Maria recovered from her wounds and sort forgiveness from her friends

“I know I have been real bad, but please forgive me” Maria said

“I forgave you the day I saw you wounded” Yvonne said to her

“me too” Rachael said

“The devil actually had me through the pain of Max’s death which I blamed Yvonne for and he used me to kill a lot of people and now I feel really bad”

“It’s ok” Yvonne said and hugged her

“If we look at everything from the beginning, it was all Lucifer’s fault because he used everything and everyone to his advantage” Yvonne said

“Yvonne, Rachael I will be leaving the country to China tomorrow” Maria said

“no why, you still have a life here” Racahel said

“No I don’t; I am no longer Maria Martins. I want to be a new person that’s the only way I’ll find peace”

“If that is your decision, then it’s fine” Yvonne said

“thank you”…

Maria left for China the next day and the following week Rachael and Uzor had their wedding in a small quiet church with Yvonne and some few guests.

Yvonne never told anyone she was pregnant; Yvonne left them the next week and flew to New York Long Island where she bought a large farm and house, and it was there she found peace, and as time came she gave birth to a small white boy which she considered as a gift from God, since God took her love from her and gave her a son in replacement which now appreciated and loved and she called her son Metatron…

Mary Season 4 Final Episode {Rise of Titans} By Danny Walker

5 years later…

Yvonne was inside the house doing a little work while her little son, metatron was on the farm planting some seeds and then a man came to him

“Hello young man” the stranger said

“hello” the boy replied

“What’s your name?” the stranger said

“My name is Metatron” he said

“Hmmm, that’s a powerful name” he said

“Where’s your mummy?” he asked

“She’s inside” Metatron said; Yvonne came out of the house and saw her son talking to some

“Metatron? Who are you talking to?” she said and the stranger turned and she saw it was Arnold and immediately there was a Joy that filled her soul and she stood at the door speechless. Her son stood up and ran to her. Arnold then walked to her smiling

“Is it really you?’ she said in a low tone

“It is I” he said and walked close to her and hugged her tightly.

“So God let you come back?” she asked

“Yes he did” he said

“I am really grateful to him” she said with her eyes closed as she held him tightly

“Mummy” little Metatron called; she looked at him

“Hey honey” she said and carried him up

“Why did you call him Metatron?” he asked

“So you’d live with me forever” she replied, he then carried the boy from her and the three of them walked into the house…

“This is not over Metatron, I’ll be coming back way better and this time not with a Leviathan but Talivans” Lucifer said as he stood on a very high water tower watching Metatron and Yvonne. He then opened his wings and flew high into the sky…

The End…

Mary Season 4 Final

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1 year ago

Which one is Talivans again. Love conquer all. Nice story and nice ending

1 year ago

Love is the greatest gift ever

1 year ago

Beautiful story

1 year ago

Nice story

1 year ago

Wow i love this love conquers everything, thanks to opradre and the writer

Kikelomo Oni
Kikelomo Oni
1 year ago

very interesting story

1 year ago

Great story👌

1 year ago

I really love the angle this story is came from, all thanks to Mr Oprah 👉

Danny Walter we’re grateful ✊

Funke Mercy
Funke Mercy
10 months ago

The story is hilarious, breath taking and interesting. Good job. God bless your hustle

10 months ago

God is good in all his ways. Even when we don’t see it. Love conquers all.
Good story there, Danny. Love the story. Thank you.