Mary Season 4 Apocalypse Rise of Titans By Danny Walker

Mary Season 4 Apocalypse Rise of Titans By Danny Walker

Mary Season 4 Apocalypse Rise of Titans By Danny Walker

M.A.R.Y APOCALYPSE Rise of Titans
By Danny Walker 08166781946 Call/Whatsapp
The final part of Mary is here for you all, so just relax and enjoy…
God bless you…

“There’s a calamity coming to the human race, a disaster, a war with higher celestial powers and supernatural titans, that will change everything in our world and this war has already began”…

Yvonne runs through the bushes and comes to the gate of their house only to see it on fire, she was in tears and pain of the injury inflected on her by Maria’s men; blood running down her face and dirty clothes.

“Nooooooo!!!” Yvonne yelled in tears as she knelt down in front of the burning house

“What a pity, a beautiful home like this brought down to nothing but ruins” Maria said behind her; Yvonne angrily stood up and ran to Maria

“I will kill you!!!” she yelled as she ran towards Maria but Maria punched her on the chest and she fell unconscious…

6 Days Earlier…

A big screened TV is hanging on the wall and the entertainment news was coming up

“Veteran actor Fred Collins found dead on Chief Collins street Lekki” this was the news headline

“It seems you have taken him out” Lucifer said

“Yes, two days ago” she replied

“Good, you have really come so far and its time”

“Time for what?” she asked

“The time has come for you to take your place as the queen” Lucifer said smiling

“I am ready” she said smiling

“There is one final thing you must do” Lucifer said

“What is it?”

“You must die and then be regenerated”

“What? Die? What about my children?” she said touching her belly

“You need not worry about them”

“I should; I don’t want them to die”

“They’ll be fine, I promise you that” he said…

6 hours later…

“The soil smells like blood” Bazel said as he packed the soil of Mars in his right palm

“It’s a free world here” Lucifer said

“Will not be soon” he said as he looked around the arid environment full of sand, stones and rocks

“Why?” Lucifer asked

“Do you think the earth can take all the Leviathans?” he asked and Lucifer was silent

“So you wanna pollute the earth with Leviathans?” Lucifer asked

“Do you have a problem with that?” he asked

“Yes I do” Beth Kol said; Bazel and Lucifer looked up and saw Beth descending from the sky

“What are you doing here?” Lucifer said and she stopped in the air

“In the name of our Father I order you to surrender yourselves”

“You must have some guts coming here alone” Bazel said

“I have orders to bring you to surrender” she said

‘Do you think that at any given moment you stood a chance with me?” Bazel asked to her

“I repeat myself surrender or…” she didn’t complete it before Bazel dashed to her with speed and punched her away and the force took her far away up into the sky until she disappeared out of sight

“Damn that’s got to hurt” Lucifer said as he looked up to the sky; Bazel then landed back on the ground

“Stupid Angels” he said as he walked to a small rock

“We do not have much time” Lucifer said

“I know that; I am making plans. The ritual will be carried out on earth’s moon” Bazel said

“Whatever you want”

‘What about your filthy mortal woman” Bazel asked

“Why do you care?”

“I don’t care about men or it’s women” he said and suddenly from nowhere a big rock about the size of a car landed on Bazel; they were not expecting that. Lucifer looked in the direction it came from and saw Metatron coming down with Beth Kol and Ariel. Lucifer immediately spread open his black wings and took to the sky but Metatron went after him and Lucifer increased his speed.

Bazel lifted the rock and threw it away; he then tried dusting himself clean but couldn’t get all the dust away

“I asked you to surrender” Beth said and Bazel raised his head to look at her angrily

“I loved this suit, although it was made a mortal and you just messed it up” he said as he dusted himself

“Hand over the blood” Ariel said and Bazel looked at him

“Who invited you?” Bazel asked

“Hand the blood” Beth said

“Come get it yourself” he said

“Why do you wanna make this hard?” Metatron said as he flew back with Lucifer in his hand; Bazel looked up at him

“I will reap your heart out, Metatron” Bazel said to him as he looked up and then Metatron threw Lucifer at him like a stone but Bazel moved and it missed him, leaving Lucifer rolling on the floor like an object. Lucifer then stood up and smiled

“Waw, what a strength” Lucifer said

“Hand it now”

“In your dreams” Bazel said and dashed towards to Lucifer and held him at the back of his shirt and shot into the sky like a space jet; Metatron was about to go after them

“No wait” Beth said

“We need them” he said

“I know but there are other ways” she said…

In minutes Bazel and Lucifer were on earth, they descended into the earth like flaming shooting stars towards Gobi desert. Bazel Landed like a crashing asteroid and dust filled the air; Lucifer reduced his speed and landed on the soil in a calmly.

“Do you have to do that every time” Lucifer asked him as he used his hands to clear the dust in the air

“What the hell happened there?” Bazel asked


“Mars” he yelled

“I don’t know” Lucifer said

“You don’t know? How did they find us?” Bazel asked

“They work with heaven, have you forgotten? Didn’t you see Ariel? He must have brought the information to them” Lucifer said

“I see, so Metatron thinks he can stop me. I will deal with him; I will take away all his friends and then spill his blood at the feet of God”

“Waw, nice speech, so what’s the plan?”

“We reinforce, get me somebody strong and we will strike them unaware”

“Ok if that’s what you want” Damien said and Bazel shot himself into the sky like a canon bomb and the force and speed created a sand ring on the soil.

Lucifer was still standing there looking into the sky and the sun; he then bent down and packed hot soil in his hand

“Half a million years” he said to himself quietly

“As-salaam-alaykum” a voice said loudly behind him, so he stood up and turned to see an Arab man with three camels travelling

“Alaykum-salaam, sadiqui” Lucifer said smiling and waving at him, the man was just staring at him because he was dressed differently and he doesn’t see such around here

“Ayn-l-Hadha” Lucifer said trying to be nice

(Where is this?)

“Hadha-l-Gobi” the man said

(This is Gobi)

“Gobi, Lateef” Lucifer said

(Gobi? Nice)

“Kaifa haloka” Lucifer asked

(How are you)

“Aadee” he replied

(I’m okay)

“Ok, Aasif Yajebu au athhaba al aan, Sadiqui. Motashare fon bema’ refatek, atmma lk ywma tuba” Lucifer said and brought out his wings and dashed into the sky; the man was shocked beyond speech as he looked into the sky

(Ok, sorry I have to go now my friend, it’s nice to meet you, have a nice day)…

Two Days Later…

Rachael and Uzor are getting married today

“Today is the happiest day of my life” Rachael said

“Yeah definitely” Yvonne said

“You girls will be late” Beth said

“We are done, Let’s go” Yvonne said and they left

The church wasn’t crowded with people, it was just Arnold, Beth Kol, Yvonne, Ariel, Uzor and Rachael and the priest…

“Is there anyone here who doesn’t want this two joined together in holy matrimony let him or her speak or forever remain silent” the priest said and there was silence

“If there is none I… there are so many reasons they can’t be joined together?” a voice said loudly coming into the church; they turned to see Maria

“Why is she doing here?” Yvonne said as they all stood up and turned to Maria

“What are you doing here?” Metatron asked

“You guys are so cruel, you want that innocent guy to get married to a bitch like Rachael; and you call yourselves holy creatures, what bullshit” Maria said coming in

“What are you doing here?” Ariel said

“We’re here for more blood” Maria said

“We?” Arnold said and suddenly Bazel walked into the church with Lucifer accompanied by Belial and Abaddon

“O no” Yvonne said loudly…

“Just give us what we came for” Lucifer said

“What is going on here?” the priest said

“Please leave this place now” Beth said

“Please what is going on? This is a church” he said

“Leave now”

‘What are you talking? Why should I leave?” he asked and suddenly fire consumed the priest; that was a surprise to them

“Lucifer why kill him” Metatron said

“I didn’t, Bazel did” Lucifer said; Bazel had a serious face and stared directly at Metatron

“What do you want?” Beth asked

“We want some of her juice” Lucifer said smiling as he pointed to Yvonne, Yvonne quickly went behind Metatron

“That’s not gonna happen” Uzor said

“What gives a mortal the audacity to speak in the presence of immortals” Bazel said angrily to Uzor

“Whichever way you put it, you can’t have her blood; there will be no more blood sacrifice” Metatron said

Then we’ll have to kill for the blood” Lucifer said

“Stop this madness” Ariel said

“I asked you before and am asking again, who invited you into this” Bazel asked Ariel

“Our father did and for the purpose of stopping you from fulfilling your selfish and foolish ambitions” Beth said

“Is God afraid of what I’ll do?” Bazel asked

“You know, you shouldn’t say that, that’s a very stupid thing to say” Metatron said

“For the last time give us what we ask for”

“Ain’t gonna happen” Metatron said

“What you ask for cannot be given to you” Beth said

“I see, you want this to be a bloody debate, we can make it bloody because I have two bloody FALLEN with me, Belial and Abaddon who will not hesitate in taking your immortal lives” Lucifer said

“Even with legions of Angels you don’t stand a chance with me” Metatron said and suddenly Bazel dashed towards him and hit him with a surprise punch upwards and he went up and broke out the roof with Bazel following

“It looks like it has begun” Lucifer said smiling

“Kill them all; except her” Lucifer said pointing at Yvonne

Ariel quickly took Uzor and Rachael and dashed out the church door with Belial and Abaddon following

“It looks like it’s just you and me at last” Lucifer said smiling at Beth

Maria smiled as she walked to Yvonne who was so scared

“It pains me that I’m not allowed to kill you” Maria said and Yvonne quickly picked up her hand bag and hit Maria on the face then ran out the church. Maria ran after her but she got in her car and drove off immediately.

She drove into a bushy part leading into the forest and hen she saw a white jeep ahead of her with 5 men standing beside it and blocked the road, so she reversed but saw another one behind her, she then came out of the car and ran into the bushes and the men followed her

After running down into the forest she stopped to rest then looked around to be sure she was safe before sitting down to rest

“Do you think you can hide from me?” Maria said standing beside her, she then tried to run again but Maria hit a stick on her head and she fell down and held her head in pain as it bleed.

Two of Maria’s men lifted her up from the ground

“tie her to this tree” Maria said and they tied her; one of Maria’s men came to Maria with a drip bag and a drip pipe with an injection needle

“Fill it up with her blood”

They took Yvonne’ right arm and inserted the pin painfully into one of her veins and the blood started flowing into the bag as someone held the bag up

“This is your entire fault, Yvonne” Maria said

“I warned you about this Leviathan but you refused to listen to your ex-best friend and you ruined our long time friendship and our lives in one day and Audrey is dead because of you” Maria said

“No, you killed Audrey, bitch” Yvonne said loudly and Maria walked to her and slapped her

“If not for you all these wouldn’t be happening and Audrey would have paid for her irresponsible attitude all by herself” Maria said

“ I know you love all these, you love what you’re doing; the power and the strength you feel. And I know if you come to this world a second time, you would do same thing” Yvonne said

“O yes, you are right, I love what I’m doing and I enjoy it” Maria said and punched Yvonne’s face and she bled through her nose

“Yes I know, and that is why you have killed Max for power” Yvonne said and that angered Maria as she punched Yvonne again

“Arrragh” Yvonne said in pain

“You know nothing about Max, you killed him once”

“I didn’t kill him” Yvonne interrupted

“Shut the fvck up, let me speak; you killed Max but with the help of Lucifer I brought him back and you then came back to take him away from me the second time”

“You’re mentally disturbed” Yvonne said

“So you still have the strength to speak; I would make sure I kill you when the time comes and I would take out your heart and eat it and then drink your blood, every drop of it” Maria said as she held Yvonne by the jaw

“You are worse than the devil” Yvonne said

“Yeah, he once told me that” Maria said then looked at the drip bag and saw that it was full

“Remove the bag” she said

“Take it to the car” she said and it was taken away

‘Loose her” she said and they untied Yvonne

“Beat the fvck out of her” she said and they immediately started beating Yvonne

And suddenly from nowhere and with speed Ariel knocked down the four men beating Yvonne

“You’re doomed for hell” Ariel said walking to Maria as she moved back in fear and the Abaddon and Belial appeared Yvonne used that opportunity to escape

“Pick someone your own size” Maria said to Ariel and after Yvonne

“I’ve waited so long for that moment to kill angels again” Belial said to Ariel and then Ariel opened white wings and dashed into the sky; Belial and Abaddon opened black wigs and followed him immediately…

Yvonne runs through the bushes and comes to the gate of their house only to see it on fire, she was in tears and pain of the injury inflected on her by Maria’s men; blood running down her face and dirty clothes.

“Nooooooo!!!” Yvonne yelled in tears as she knelt down in front of the burning house

“What a pity, a beautiful home like this brought down to nothing but ruins” Maria said behind her; Yvonne angrily stood up and ran to Maria

“I will kill you!!!” she yelled as she ran towards Maria but Maria punched her on the chest and she fell unconscious…

Bazel caught up with Metatron in the air and then held his neck punched him three times before Metatron caught his fist and then punched Bazel on the stomach and then another punch across his left chin and finally an upper cut and he went up higher but then Metatron quickly raised his hand up and caught him by the right foot and then spin him round and threw him far away across buildings and he went crashing in a small house but he immediately dashed back to Metatron in the sky with a punch and settled his right fist on Metatron’s chest and he fell like a shooting star.

Bazel fell back to the earth with Metatron and immediately Metatron fell on the ground Bazel descended on him with another punch that cause a shock wave on the ground but the punched was blocked by Metatron, Bazel was about to punch him again but suddenly a big stone hit his head and it was painless. He turned to see Uzor, Bazel then lifted Metatron and threw him away into the sky and then walked to Uzor and grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up like a piece of paper

“Let him go, am still here for you” Metatron said behind Bazel; Bazel then threw away like an empty container and he landed painfully on a car and fainted.

“You have grown weak Metatron”

“Yeah, and you have grown stronger in your hatred for your brothers and your father and it’s killing you”…

“It’s just you and me and you think you can harm me?” Beth said

“(Laughs) yeah right, Daddy’s little Angel, huh? No one is here to save you” he said walking to her but she didn’t move a foot and suddenly from nowhere a light blue lightening stroke Lucifer and he fell down and he stood up and it stroke again, he knew who was doing that so he quickly disappeared…

“I can still let you live if you join me now” Bazel said to Metatron

“I will forgive you if you stop all these now” Metatron said

“Ok then, I will kill you and spill your blood before your father” Bazel said and dashed to Metatron and punched him but he blocked it and punched Bazel on the rib with his right hand and then punched his face with his left hand and he fell to the floor and then Metatron kicked him away and he crashed on a car, he stood up and Metatron dashed to him but Bazel caught Metatron on the neck and gave him a terrible chock slam and the ground broke, he then lifted Metatron up again and slammed him on a trailer’s tank and then punched his head into the tank and the tank busted as petrol poured on the floor. Bazel then flew up to the sky but Metatron followed him up to the sky and grabbed him at the back of his shirt and pulled him down to the earth and punched his face.

“Stop” Lucifer said loudly and they turned to look at him

“Stop Bazel, God is here we have to leave” Lucifer said

“Bazel you have been fooled, Lucifer holds that blood against you” Arnold said

“You lie” Lucifer said

“Look into his eyes Bazel” Arnold said and Bazel looked at Lucifer

“Do you believe what he’s saying?” Lucifer said to Bazel as Bazel stared at him

“You are better than this Bazel” Metatron said

“God is here Bazel, we have to leave now” Lucifer said and then Bazel dashed into the sky like a rocket.

“You fool” Lucifer said to Metatron and the flew away.

Metatron looked around and saw the damage they have done, he turned around and saw some people in the bush looking at him but they immediately hid their faces in the bushes. He walked to Uzor and carried him and flew away…

Maria carried Yvonne in her car as they both sat at the back seat and a man was driving out the forest

“You are awake” Maria said to Yvonne who was beside her

“What am I doing in your car?” Yvonne asked

“I’m taking you home” she replied

“You are a bitch” Yvonne said and suddenly the car jerked and stopped

“What happened?” Maria asked the driver

“I don’t know” he said and suddenly Yvonne’s side of the door opened and she quickly ran out, Maria then came out the car and saw Beth and Rachael

“So it’s you” Maria said to Beth

“You have the chance to quit now or you die” Beth said

“You have lost the battle, Angel girl” Maria said

“I don’t think so” Arnold said behind her and she turned quickly and Arnold quickly grabbed her neck and lifted her up

“Put her down now” one of her men shouted; Arnold looked and saw four of her men pointing guns at him and suddenly they all fell down dead. Arnold raised his hand and was about to kill Maria by putting his hand right into her stomach

“Wait” Yvonne said and they turned to Yvonne

“What” Arnold said

“Don’t kill her” Yvonne said

“Why?” Rachael said

“She’s pregnant” Yvonne said

“I know but that doesn’t change a thing” Arnold said

“No Arnold please, don’t kill her I beg you, for the sake of the babies in her” Yvonne pleaded

“Let her go Metatron” Beth said and then Arnold loosened his grip and she fell down, she then stood up and ran into her car and drove off

“She’s just lost” Yvonne said and suddenly Maria’s car exploded

“Jesus!” Yvonne shouted

“What happened?” Arnold asked

“Her final stage of empowerment” Beth said

“What? She’s dead” Yvonne said

“Yes, she has to die to be fully empowered” Beth said and they watched as the car burnt and then suddenly Maria steps out of the car unclad with fire burning all over her but didn’t hurt her skin

“O my God” Yvonne said with surprise

“She’s more powerful than I thought” Rachael said

“She has completed the empowerment process” Beth said and they watched in amazement as Maria screamed in pain and held her head and suddenly her back tore open and she screamed out in pain and two black wings covered in blood came out of her back and stated growing bigger and bigger until it was as big as an Angel’s wings and she flew up into the sky

“O my God” Yvonne said as they looked up in amazement

“She is finally the Dragon queen” Beth said…

Mary Season 4

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