Mary Season 4 Episode 2 {Rise of Titans} By Danny Walker

Mary Season 4 Apocalypse Rise of Titans By Danny Walker

Mary Season 4 Episode 2 {Rise of Titans} By Danny Walker

Bazel was so angry as he landed angrily on the statue of Liberty and destroyed the statue, he was so furious that he broke off the statue’s right arm and threw it on a building and it caused chaos as the people started running for their lives

“I will destroy every one of you humans and I will build a world of Leviathans on your corpse” he shouted out angrily

“You are losing it, Bazel” Lucifer said

“We have the blood” Lucifer said and Bazel was calm

“Where is it?” he asked

‘It’s with Maria”

“Get it for me and let the ritual begin” Bazel said and dashed off again…

“Where is Uzor?” Rachael asked

“He’s at home” Arnold said

“What home? I watched our home burn” Yvonne said

“What?” Rachael said with surprise

“Yes, I know, so I took him to the old house”

“What happened to our house?” Rachael asked

“Maria burnt it to the ground” Yvonne said

“What? That house was worth millions” Rachael said

“Don’t worry about your house, I will help you” Beth said

“Thank God, for you” Yvonne said…

After walking for 5mins, they arrived at the old house and they entered to see Uzor lying on the chair

“O my God, what happened?” Rachael asked as she moved to him

“He’s just asleep” Arnold said

“Uzor” Rachael called and he opened his eyes gradually

“Rachael” he called and she hugged him tightly

“I got so scared” she said

“He’s fine” Arnold said

“No am not. Auch” he said trying to stand up and felt pains at his back and arms

“What happened?” Rachael asked him touching his face

“Bazel picked me up like an empty trash can and threw me right across the street and ni crashed on a fvcking car and broke my arm” he explained

“Am gonna kill that Bazel” Rachael said; Yvonne, Beth and Arnold smiled

“And that Maria too; she just came in and ruined our marriage” Rachael said with seriousness

“Beth, I want you to get us married now” Rachael said

“I’m sorry Angels are not allowed to that” Beth said


“There are certain things I can’t tell you” Beth said

“Let’s go fix that house” Arnold said and they left. It was another 5mins walk.

On arrival, they stood outside looking at the house

“O my God, Maria did this to our home?” Uzor said with surprise; Beth raised her right hand to the heavens and the skies opened up and a bright light shined down on the ruined house and immediately the broken parts of the house started putting themselves together and started moving to their position, the house was rebuilt in less than 30secs

“God! I love seeing this, this is amazing” Uzor said

“indeed” Rachael said

“The last time I saw this was when Yvonne’s hummer was crushed and Arnold straightened up in secs” Uzor said

“I thank God I have the both of you” Yvonne said to Arnold and Beth as they walked inside…

Maria lay naked by the road side on her stomach; the road was lonely and quiet and bushy. Two young men were approaching and suddenly saw her and were startled

“Jesu” one shouted

“Ki lo de” the other asked with fear

(What is it?)

“E wo” he said pointing at the lady who was lying naked on the ground

“Jesu, Obirin ni” he said with surprise

(Jesus, it’s woman)

“Sho ti ku?” the other asked

(Is she dead?)

“Emi o mo”

(I don’t know)

“E je ka lo wo” the other said

(Let’s go and see)

“Haaa, ra ra o”

(Haaa, no o)

“Ki lo de to fin beeru”

(Why are you afraid?)

‘Mon beeru”

(I am not afraid)

“Oya je ka lo” he said moving closer and suddenly Maria moved her body and the men were scared as they moved back in fear

(Ok, let’s go)

“O se wa laye” he said loudly and then Maria stood up and faced them; there was a tattoo of wings on her upper back

They both stared at her unclad body and smiled a little

“What the fvck are you both looking at?” she said walking out of the bush and they moved backwards and then her wings opened up and immediately the two men ran away, she then flew into the sky…

Night, 9:00pm

Maria and Lucifer walked into the house and into the sitting room as they each held a glass of wine

“You never told me the final stage would be pain full” Maria said

“You don’t expect it to be sweet, do you” he said

“No I don’t and I as well didn’t expect such excruciating pain”

“It’s over now isn’t it?” he asked

“I hope so”

“Where’s the blood?” he asked

“Alex, get the blood” she said and one of her men went in and brought the blood and then handed it to Maria

“here you go” she said and gave it to Lucifer


So what’s going on now?” she asked

“You already control Nigeria” he said

“But you said, the world”

“O my darling be patient, the time has almost come. We will use the Leviathans to destroy the world and then we will make the world come to us for help and then put man and God under control”

“But the Leviathans are stronger” he said

“Don’t worry about them” he said


“After the ritual, Metatron will try to stop Bazel so I want you to create a distraction”

“What? You want me to fight Metatron?” she asked

“A distraction and not fight, ok? And if you fight him, I promise you that he wouldn’t fight back”

“I have to go, I’ll talk later” he said and left…

Next Day, 8:00am

“What do we do?”

“Let’s take out Bazel and Lucifer will be weak” Arnold said

“Yes and do it quickly” Ariel said coming inside

“Ariel are you okay” Beth said walking to him

“Yes, don’t worry I had help from Raphael” he said

“Lucifer is meeting with Bazel; they usually meet on the statue of liberty but Bazel has destroyed it so now they will be meeting on the pyramid of Giza in Egypt today by 9:00am, Egyptian time and that is now” Ariel explained and Metatron dashed out of the house with the speed of light

“Ariel please keep an eye on them, Maria might return” Beth said and followed Metatron…

Bazel was sitting high on top of the pyramid and Lucifer appeared

“Here’s the blood” Lucifer said

“Good, then we must begin the ritual immediately” Bazel said standing up and suddenly from nowhere Metatron descended on Bazel with a flaming punch but Bazel was faster so he quickly dodged it by jumping away and Metatron hit the pyramid causing a great destruction on the pyramid. Lucifer disappeared from on top and appeared on the ground in the midst of people as they all ran away from the big falling stones

“Hand it over now, I won’t ask twice” Beth said to Lucifer as she appeared before him

“You again” he said but she was silent; he held the blood with both hands and it disappeared

“You’re with me” Beth said

“No no no, why would I joke with our daddy’s princess. I just want us to play a little hide and seek” he said opening his hands wide and then Beth approached him with a punch but he grabbed her neck and she immediately hit his hand off and punched his face twice then kicked him away

“it seems you want a fight” Lucifer said

“yes, I want a fight” Michael said descending from the sky

“Michael?” Lucifer said

“Long time no see” Lucifer said and Beth flew away leaving the both of them…

“You missed” Bazel said to Metatron

“You’re lucky” Metatron said

“Why are you here?” Bazel asked

“To stop this madness” Metatron said

“(Chuckles) so you think this is madness, right? I am bringing our brothers back and you call this madness?” Bazel was angry

“You cannot bring our brothers into this world because you and I know what our brothers are capable of; they will crush every single living creature on this earth”

“Why do you care so much about these worthless humans” Bazel said pointing down at the people running

“Worthless you say; our father never creates something worthless. They may be mortals and weak but worthless is not what they are” Metatron said

“creating these mortals was a mistake on father’s part but the reason why you care so much about them is not because they are weak but because you have fallen in love with a daughter of man” Bazel said

“That is not for us to contend”

“You are a fool; do you think that father will forgive you for that? You have gone weak brother and emotional” Bazel said

“And that is the reason why I am stronger than you are; I have Father’s love that you don’t have” Metatron said

Bazel moved to him quickly and punched him and the force took him far away from the pyramid and down into the city and crashed through a bill board, a coconut tree and then on a car and right before he could stand up Bazel landed on top of him and then punched his face but he dodged by moving his head and then Bazel punched the car, Metatron then pushed him away, he then stood up and moved to Bazel but Bazel punches Arnold on the face and he falls into the water, he then breaks off a large iron from the bridge and was about to throw it at Metatron but Beth kicked him away…

“You are the biggest problem to the heaven and the earth” Michael said to Lucifer

“Then I deserve a great reward which is to take the place of our father; his time of reign is coming to an end, it’s time for a new leader emerge”

“your greed for power has blinded you from seeing that you don’t stand a chance against Bazel talk less of our father” Michael said

“I know how to deal with Bazel” Lucifer said

“You fool; Bazel knows ever one of your plans and when the time comes he will wipe you out of existence just as he plans on doing with us” Micahel said

“I know better than you Archangel Micahel”

Michael brought out his sword and pointed at him

“I have orders to banish you from the earth”

“That will be impossible” Lucifer said and opened his arms wide and then demons crawled out from the earth

The demons crawled out in multiuple numbers and some started flying into the sky and some attacking people

“kill these demons and you will be worthy of facing me again” Lucifer said and flew into the sky; Michael wanted to follow him but one demon pulled him back so he was left to fight them…

Bazel approached Beth but she immdieately activated some kind of fire shield around her her that Bazel couldn’t break. Metatron picked up a car and was about to throw it at Bazel but from nowhere Lucifer knocked him away and as Metatron was about to hit Lucifer, the demons descended on him.

Everywhere became chaotic as people kept running as demons filled the skies; Lucifer moved to Bazel

“Where’s the blood?” Bazel asked and Lucifer handed it over to him and Bazel quickly dashed off into the sky and heading to the moon. Lucifer raised his hand and the sky became dark like it would rain heavily. Metatron caught two demons by their feet and slammed them on the ground and then used them as a weapon against the others then finally consuming them with fire from his hands. Another demon jumped to him and he caught it by the neck and pulled it’s head out of it’s body and then threw the head at another demon then flung the body away. Another demon ran to him which he caught and tore in two halves and blood spilled all over him and he then dashed into the sky heading to the moon but he then noticed someone following him up so he stopped and saw Maria who was coming fast with a punch but he caught her fist and said

“What do you think you are doing” he asked with surprise

“Stopping you” she said trying to pull her fist away but couldn’t

“Your bones feels like butter, I don’t want to kill a mortal” he said and suddenly someone hit Maria away down to the earth, Metatron saw it was an angel; he wanted to ignore it but he knew that the angel would kill Maria so he followed quickly

They both crashed into a building’s window, Maria stood up with pain and wound all over her

“Who are you?” she asked but Raphael caught her hair and slammed her face on a table before bringing out his sword to cut off one of her wings and she screamed in pain, he was about to cut of the second but Arnold pushed him away

“Why do that when you know she is just a weak mortal” Metatron asked

“She should die” Raphael said

“Says who, did father send you here for that?” he asked and Raphael was silent

Maria was in pains as blood flowed out her back and she laid unconscious on the ground; Raphael flew away. Metatron carried Maria and flew to Nigeria…

Bazel landed on the moon and saw satellites which he destroyed, he then said some words in heavenly language then poured the blood on the moon and the blood started spreading like a virus until it covered the whole moon

The blood moon finally arises, as Bazel pours Yvonne’s blood on the moon

“It is time my brothers, the time to take back what has been taken from us” Bazel said loudly as he was standing on the moon as the stars turned red including our sun and the whole eat=rth darkened

“Come down now and pour your venom on the heavens and the earth. Let them know of our existence and power and authority” he shouted and Leviathans descended into the earth in countless numbers like shooting stars…

Mary Season 4 Episode

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