MARY Season 3 Episode 2 A Dragon Queen By Danny Walker

MARY Season 3 Episode 1 A DRAGON QUEEN By Danny Walker

MARY Season 3 Episode 2 A Dragon Queen By Danny Walker

Two Month Later…

“How is work at the site going?” Yvonne asked Arnold as he approached her but he was silent as he watched her working on the car’s engine “Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked “What are you doing?” he asked “Am doing a quick service of the car” she said “I thought you don’t know anything about that” he said “Yes I didn’t but Uzor taught me something since you have refused to teach me” she said “That’s good” “So how are things over there” “They are painting” “Hope it’s Purple and white” she said “yeah, just as you ladies wanted” “Speaking of ladies, where’s Rachael and Uzor, I haven’t seen them today” “They are having sex by the river” he said without hesitation and she paused in surprise to look at him “Jesus Arnold? You just don’t say things like that, it’s embarrassing. Please don’t say this to them” “But it’s the truth” “Yeah I know but next time use words like they are having fun or get laid” “Alright” he replied and she continued but she later stopped “Arnold” “Yes” “Let’s get married” she said “What does that mean?” he asked and she was shocked “Never mind” she said and continued “(Laughs) I was just joking, I know what it means but we can’t” he said “Why” “Am not a Man and my father only allows Man and woman” “So? But we had sex over and over, so it doesn’t mean” “Jesus Yvonne? You just don’t say things like that, its embarrassing, next time use Have fun or get laid” Arnold said and she laughed “But seriously, my father might see it as abomination for the Son of God to lay with the Daughter men” “Like I give a rat ass; look, all that matters is that I love and that wouldn’t change and if he’s going to punish you he should just punish me as well” she said loudly; he smiled and walked to her and kissed her “Heeeey, I see the Love” Uzor said coming with Rachael from the river as he held his shirt in his arm and they both laughed

“If you guys wanna have sex, why not get a room” Rachael said “But you both didn’t get a room? You had sex by the river” Arnold said directly and there was an awkward silence between everyone as eyes were moving “Damn that was direct” Yvonne said and immediately “Shut up” Rachael replied her and she busted into laughter “What’s funny?” Uzor asked and they both walked into the house “Arnold you’re a pussy” Rachael said as she walked away “What’s a pussy?” Arnold asked Yvonne “That is one word you never wanna know” she replied laughing and continued with her work…

Maria started articles on Fashion, sex and entertainment on her blog and it totally went viral across Africa and attracted a lot of critics. Comments were so much that one of the admin had to call her “Maria, those articles were awesome and has attracted a lot of positive and negative critics to our blog” “Forget the negative part because very soon they will all come to understand the professional part of life and its enjoyments. I have been receiving a lot of calls lately from professional fashion designers worldwide who love my ideas and even the multibillion dollar porn industry. I will invest a lot of money in these areas and our returns will be magnificent” she said happily “We also got calls here at the office too and a French stylist wants to meet with you personally so I will forward his details and email to you because I gave him your number. He would love to work with you” “That’s great news, I’ll be expecting him” she said and hanged up

“This is so good, I feel like the world is coming under my feet” “hey baby” Max said coming inside ‘honey” she said and kissed him “What’s up?” he asked “My articles are flying internationally” she said “Waw, awesome” “How is work at the club” she asked “It’s perfect, they assure finishing it in two months from now” he said “I need to freshen up because I need to meet with the Actors Guild of Nigeria concerning your investment” he said and went upstairs “Looks like everything is going perfectly” Lucifer said behind her “It’s excellent” she said smiling “I want you to buy a club in town” “which club?” she asked “It’s called Quilox” he said “Quilox? It’s a new club and I don’t think the owner would wanna sell quick” “Confront the manger and inform him you wanna buy the club for 100 million and the owner wouldn’t refuse” “What? 100 million for that club” she said “Don’t worry, the money will come back to you after they receive it” “Alright then, I’ll do that” she said “Buy it this week” “I will” “After you get the club, I will send you some of my beautiful females who will run the club as strippers and toy girls” “your demon girls” “Yeah, don’t worry, they’ll come as beautiful women and they will lure men to the club and as many men they lay with, their souls will be mine and their destinies will be added to your glory and when you become Queen of the earth even Queen Victoria of England will worship at your feet” “I love this business. I will do as you have said, master” she said smiling and he disappeared

One week later… Yvonne and friends had moved into the new house in at the front and at the back, it also had a small garden at the back, a car park, a basket ball court; the house had 10 rooms, an exquisite kitchen, a big sitting room, a small library and an underground laboratory which was actually Uzor’s idea for his supernatural activities . there is a wide spiral stair case that leads to the upper rooms. Yvonne comes downstairs and sees Uzor and Rachael in the sitting room in a romantic position and watching a romantic movie “Where’s Arnold” she asked as she jumped on one of the sofas “he’s outside” Rachael said as they concentrated on their movie “What are you guys watching? Change it jor” Yvonne said “Change kor, off ni. Go to your room and watch the TV there” Rachael said “I hate these telemondos” she said and they ignored her. Arnold entered the house carrying a lot of newspapers “Hello everyone” he said “Where have you been? Yvonne was freaking out” Rachael said “Rachael are you alright?” Yvonne said and she laughed “What are does?” Uzor asked “Papers” he said and dropped them on the table “For what?” Rachael asked “You all need to read it and see” he said and Uzor picked one up “Wow” Uzor said and Rachael picked hers’ ‘Am dreaming” she said “No you’re not” Arnold said “Maria to start up NEW AGE fashion” Yvonne read from the paper’s front page “Where did you get these” Uzor asked “I went for a stroll into town” he replied “PORNOGRAPHY IS NOT WRONG, IT’S JUST ACTING AND FUN- Maria Martins” Rachael read from her paper “My God, what is Maria doing?” Yvonne said “You guys need to hear this one” Uzor said “MARIA TO PAY NIGERIAN GIRLS $1500 PER PORN AND $1000 FOR GUYS PER PORN” he read from the paper “What is this bitch planning? And where is she getting all the money?” Yvonne asked “Lucifer is her source of money” “Lucifer again” Rachael said

“She is working with Lucifer, they both have plans of drawing humanity away from God, so he can have possession of the world God created. He wants to create a one world government that will be ruled by the Anti-Christ; Maria is not his only ally, he has them all over your world and from what I have calculated, Maria might be the Anti-Christ” he said “God forbid, I reject it for her” Rachael said ‘She’s a devil” Yvonne said “But I thought the Anti-Christ would be a man as they say” Rachael said “Who says? The anti-Christ will receive orders from Lucifer as its master but the world will worship the Anti-Christ and Lucifer as God” “No, this is serious” Uzor said “She has not started yet” “What else?” “She will take control of all areas where man and woman seek primary interests” he said “What could these be?” “Internet of cause” Uzor said “Not just that, your entertainment, your fashion, your industries, your News networks, your communication and once she has this, she might be unstoppable except God helps you all” he said “Arnold, how come you know all these?” “Am a Leviathan and he is an Angel; I have been in your world for these periods and I can tell you your weak points and breaking points. He is a good planner like Bazel” “I know he’s just deceiving Maria” Yvonne said “No he’s not and as a matter of fact, he knows Maria has potentials and charisma, so he wants to rule with her” “But why Maria” Rachael asked “He is making mockery of God by using men against him and he is trying to tell God that he created men but has no control over them like he (Lucifer) does” “Damn this Lucifer is something” Uzor said “What do we do” Yvonne asked “Like I said, nothing” “Nothing?” Yvonne said “It’s not time for us to act” he said “Then when is” Yvonne asked “We might not even act” he said “Why?” “Besides, its not my fight, it’s of the Lord so let him fight his battle with his trusted Angels” Arnold said and walked upstairs…

New York’s statue of liberty is the statue of a Woman who bears a torch and a tablet of law, it is an icon of freedom and a gift from France to USA. From the torch the statue stretches 305ft, 1inch (93meters), and on the torch stood Lucifer and Bazel. “This statue signifies the Freedom of man” Lucifer said looking at the tall buildings as the cold wind blew on their faces “What have you gathered regarding our attack?” Bazel asked “It’s been billions of years Bazel, heaven is not the same; we can’t gate crash because the Angels have evolved and are stronger than you knew” “So tell your plan” “A straight attack wouldn’t help us, so all we need to do is drawn these humans totally from him” “And how do these weak mortals help” “For millions of years, I have masterminded sp many attacks amongst men and the more we draw their attention from God, the angrier he becomes with them and this will continue to delay his Rapture” “What Rapture?” Bazel asked “The day he’s coming to take his saints” Lucifer said “Then we must make sure there are no saints when he comes” Bazel said “That’s the plan” “Good” Bazel said “Although, there are those who are determined to give their lives for him even with the pressure” “Well, then stop using pressure and use pleasure” “I have also done that” “You haven’t done enough, do more” “I will; on that day of rapture it will be easier to attack because the gates of heaven will be opened to receiving their dirty souls and that is the time to strike. So I will send Legions of fallen in there” “It’s good” Bazel said “Also Jesus will lead a host of Angels against the earth, so we can also strike him” Lucifer said “Who is Jesus?” Bazel asked “The third of the trinity; the son” Lucifer said “The Third; is that his new name” Bazel asked “Thousands of years ago, he came to earth as a man and was called Jesus, he dwelled amongst men and gained disciples and followers and after he left the world, they began to worship him today” “Worship him?” Bazel asked “Yes and through him there is a relationship to God” “I see; so why didn’t you strike him then?” Bazel asked “I did but I made a mistake by crucifying him and that crucifixion gave him the dominion he wanted and he stormed hell and stole my key to domination” “So you have failed once” Bazel said “I did not fail” Lucifer said “Am not interested in your failure, all I need you to do now is strategize and bring success to me; I will leave it all in your hands for now but if you need any help, you know where to find me” he said and dashed into the sky…


Arnold, Yvonne, Rachael and Uzor were relaxing by the swim pool at the front of the house; the sun was warm on the skin as they sat under the heat and relaxed on sun loungers except Arnold who was on a deck chair. The house was facing the western forest and they were sitting in front of the pool and facing the northern part of the forest; there were sitting in an order of Yvonne, Rachael, Uzor and Arnold. Yvonne and Rachael were on white bump shorts and white bra, Uzor was on a Green shorts and shirtless, Arnold was on a white Shorts and white singlet. Yvonne was on sunglasses as she relaxed her head on her sun lounger. Rachael was busy on the net with a tablet and smiling to herself, Uzor just closed his eyes as he relaxed his head and Arnold turned his head to the left and was looking at the western part of the forest. Yvonne raised her head and took off her glasses and looked at everyone “What are you smiling at?” she asked Rachael with a disgust look. Rachael looked at her and then looked back at her phone “None of your business” she said smiling “Hey Uzor, Rachael’s got a new boyfriend online” Yvonne said but Uzor was silent as he closed his eyes “Yvonne are you alright?” Rachael said and continued\“Arnold? Are you okay?” Yvonne asked and he turned to her “Am fine” he said and looked away again “Baby something came to my mind” Yvonne said smiling “Ok?” he replied “Let’s have our babies’ she said and everyone and everything paused. Rachael looked at her with Surprise, Uzor opened his eyes and looked at her and Arnold “What! Why you all looking at me like that?” she said “You didn’t mean that” Rachael said “Of cause I meant it” “That wouldn’t be a good idea” Uzor said “And why is that?” she asked “Because you both will be populating the world with little baby Leviathans” Uzor said and Rachael laughed “(Laughs) Little baby Leviathans” Rachael repeated “That’s not funny” Yvonne said “it would be against God’s will and he would destroy all the off springs” Arnold said “Ouch” Rachael said ‘Shut up” Yvonne said to Rachael And after sometime “One more thing” Yvonne said “What again?” Rachael said “The four of us will make a good real life superhero, what do you think?” Yvonne said smiling “I think you have nothing reasonable to say today” Rachael replied “No am serious, just like Green Arrow TV series but ours will be real life and remarkable” she said seriously “life is not a movie” Uzor said “I have thought about this and I know what am saying” “I bet you don’t because in real life things are not so easy to kill” Uzor said “Look at Arnold, he’s like a God, a super man and he will save the world he would even crash Boko Haram, he would be loved by the world” she said ‘There’s no way the US government would not want to hunt him down because they won’t find it interesting” Uzor said “Come on, that’s no problem for us and besides, you Uzor are a super naturalist, you are an exorcist and a brilliant Metaphysicist which make you a hero. Rachael here is a computer scientist and very good with the internet, she can hack into webs and do stuffs” Yvonne said “What about you?” Uzor asked “Me?” “yes You” Uzor said “uhuumm well… am a chemist and I have a PhD in Chemistry, maybe that can help” “Whatever, am not interested” Rachael said “Me too” Uzor said “Come on Arnold, say something” Yvonne said and he looked at her “I thought you wanted a normal life” he asked and she was silent

Hey guys, Maria has completed her club and the club is filled up 24/7 and it’s the biggest in Africa” Rachael said looking at her phone “She’s succeeding” Uzor said “How is her New Age fashion going?” Yvonne asked “She has already started and has gotten enough employees and will be doing the launching this Friday” “That is what am talking about, we need to fight people like Maria” Yvonne said “It’s God’s battle let him send his mighty Angels to do that rather than chasing me everywhere I go” Arnold said and stood up and walked inside “That’s not him, he’s not himself” Uzor said “I thought so too” Rachael replied “Excuse me please” Yvonne said and followed him inside…

There was a knock on the door and max walked to the door to answer it and as he opened the door he saw Lucifer “Good day” Lucifer said smiling “Good day, who are you please?” max asked “Am Damien Blood, a business associate of Maria” he said stretching his hand for a shake “You’re welcome, am max, Maria’s husband” he said & shook Lucifer. Lucifer entered the house with him; Maria was in the sitting room watching TV and she was surprised to see Lucifer especially coming close to her husband “Honey, Damien Blood is here to see you” Max said “Mr. Damien, you are welcome, please have a seat” Maria said faking a smile “I’ll get you something to drink” Max said “No thanks, I had a lot to drink today” he replied “Alright then” Max said and sat beside Maria on a sofa and Lucifer sat on an arm chair “How is business?” Maria asked him “Business is going quite well” he replied “Excuse me, I’ll be back” Max said & went upstairs “Where the hell have you been?” Maria asked “Where have I been?” he repeated “I’ve been trying to reach you for 3months but no way, you just disappeared and left me with all responsibilities and when I need you I couldn’t get to you” she lamented “O sorry dear, so you missed me” “Actually, I enjoyed your absence” she said “Well, how are thing around here” “Well, the girls you brought to the clubs are remarkable and the club is filled up24 hours in 7 days” she said “I wasn’t talking about the club; entertainment” “O that; well, I will be launching the New Age fashion this Friday, everything is going well and I have expert stylist and professional fashion designers coming from around the world and I believe the event will be glorious” “Seems you are doing a good job” he said “Thank you” she said “Hey guys, sorry I have to run to the office now” Max said coming down “Alright baby” Maria said and he kissed her “Mr. Damien” Max said “Have a nice day sir” Lucifer said smiling “Thank you and you too” Max said and left the house “What a sweet guy” Lucifer said smiling “I don’t wish to discuss that” she said in a straight face “I need you to buy a Music Label” he said “What’s the plan with that?” she asked \”You are going to get musician to your side” he said “So how do you plan on doing that?” she asked “You will do it; you are going to buy one of the best record labels’ in the country and you will finance it strongly and improve their music to our taste. You will make a very close relationship with all celebrities in the country” “I have a close friendship with a lot of celebrities in the country” “Then, you should also get ready to support the movie industry with millions so as to improve their movies” “Ok? But I how does this get them controlled?” she asked “Good question; after creating this relationship, you will create a cult and make sure that every member of your record label is part of that cult. Now you will throw an elaborate party and personally invite powerful and influential celebrities, from actors to actresses and musician to politicians. This party will be an initiation so that they will find it hard to resist the words of your mouth and after this is done you will subtly introduce them to the cult. Now listen carefully, after you have successfully brought powerful personalities into the society, you must never sponsor or help anyone outside the society and if anyone needs your support they must join the society and the same applies to every member of the cult but anyone disobeys the rule he or she must be killed and if you do not kill such I will punish you for it.

At this point, you have entertainment in your box and no one will push forward without you; you will own and control every type of movie, music and fashion that is introduced after you have done these I will give you the position I promised” “Waw, I must comment, you are a devil” she said “Should I take that as a compliment?” “Whichever way you choose” she said “I will also send you my musical agents who will be preparing lyrics for you” “Ok” “Do not fail me; make sure you bring the powerful celebrities to your charms because once you have them in your favor the industry must bow to you. Use money, sex, women, influence, power and every other means” “I love it, I will work on it immediately” she said “Good” “What should be the name of the cult?” she asked “It’s your cult so decide it’s name” he said and disappeared…

“Arnold wait” Yvonne said as she ran after him and he stopped on the stairs “What’s the problem? Talk to me” she asked “I have asked myself again, what am I doing here? He said “What are you saying? You’re living a life with me” she said holding his hand “A life? Living at the risk of others? Is that a life?” he said “No?” “Because of me your life has changed, your friendship has been destroyed with Maria and Maria has gone dark” he said “They are not your fault?” she said “Then whose? Because I came in your life you and your friend now stay in a forest hiding, who wants that?” he said then she replied “Me! I want it. Do you think am not happy? Living here with you, Rachael and Uzor is the happiest I can imagine. We are far away from all the bullshit happening and we are happy. The environment is just what I love, a beautiful home in a beautiful forest and all we here is the chanting of monkeys and the beautiful birds singing” she said touching his face “Come on Arnold, you saved my life, I would have been dead months ago but you saved me. I feel so lucky having you because in our world we believe that people like you don’t exist but here you are in my life, from all the people in the world, you chose me, I cannot let you go” she said “I have found love in you like no where else but my father doesn’t see it like that and he doesn’t want me here and he will send his angels again but I do not want you to die by their hands because once they receive others there is nothing stopping them from carrying it out except he who gave the order” “Arnold, that’s bullshit, do you think am scared of those feather men? Well am not, God damn it Arnold, you are starting to talk like a man” “But that’s what you wanted” he said and she smiled “No not really, I love you like this” she said “Our love is weak before God” he said “I don’t care, if he wants to put you in hell I am coming with you, lets burn together. As long as I have you; if he wants to banish us forever so be it because I can’t live without you anymore, you are all I have now” she spoke seriously; he was silent for some time as he stared at her then he kissed her and hugged her “Your love is strong; I cant let go too. I will fight to the last” he said and she smiled “I love you” he said…

The event is holding at Eko hotel and it starts by 11:00am. The time is 10:30am and a lot of people were present as the place was already prepared. Paparazzi were every where 10:50am The place was full and Maria just arrived with her husband. Video cameras and snap cameras made her the spot light as she entered the red carpet; cameras clicking and flashing like lightening. Maria was so excited as she walked in and holding her husband and the security had to clear the crowd for them to pass. They were greeted by a lot of personalities and exchanged pleasantries and hugs and at exactly 11:00am the event began. The show heated of with two hosts who were; Basket mouth and Toolz. Basket mouth cracked the audience with some serious jokes and later on the was a quick review of fashion development in Nigeria, also various professional stylists and designers were present and were recognized. The trending designers in the country were recognized and asked to speak on fashion in the country and so did foreign designers. There was a quick fashion parade of Maria’s New Age fashion. Professional designers and stylists were given platform to speak concerning Maria’s new fashion and they were applauded by the guests. Once again Basket mouth came in and gave another shot at the audience and then Maria was called upon to come speak on her fashion and she was applauded as she mounted the stage’s pulpit The beautiful Maria spoke eloquently “I want to appreciate everyone present here this day, from my beautiful husband to my friends, the organizers and sponsors, local and international designers and stylists and every other person present here today, I thank you all for coming (Crowd applauds) Well, (she smiles) some people have said, what the hell is New Age fashion? But I wanna tell you that this is not just fashion but it’s a new way of opening the minds of people to seeing the world the way it is. It is called New Age so we can open our minds to the unseen beauty of the world and this New Age fashion extends beyond the fashion industry and into our entertainment. Our clothes and sense of Dressing in Nigeria has indeed improved over the past years but it still need improvement. We all know our women dress to kill (Crowd laughs) because we have a good sense of dressing (crowd applauds) New Age fashion gives you a new sense of dressing, it is here to take us to another dimension of fashion and to improve the beauty of our women. I have to apologize to our men for not having carried you guys along in our fashion development, please don’t cry, (crowd laughs) we haven’t abandoned you because we know if you ain’t there, there will be no one for our beauty to kill (Crowd laughs and applauds) but don’t worry we’ll carry you. Our women have been endowed with beautiful bodies that set fire and confusion amongst men (Crowd laughs and applauds) so why should we hide it; they should be allowed to show their beauty rather than hide it less fashionable clothes. Let people see them for who they thoroughly are rather than hide it. It’s not meant to be hidden but some have been forced to hide it. What about ladies who can’t hide it, no matter how hard they try? Ladies with prodigious backside like myself (Crowd laughs). New Age fashion is not here to promote indecency but rather beauty. Thank you” she stepped down and the crowd applauded her as they gave her a standing ovation. The rest of the event went well till it ended. Maria was now moving on to the next goal…

Mary Season 3 Episode

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Maria needs to be baptized I guess 😨

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She’ll soon be dead