MARY Season 3 Episode 5 A Dragon Queen By Danny Walker

MARY Season 3 Episode 1 A DRAGON QUEEN By Danny Walker

MARY Season 3 Episode 5 A Dragon Queen By Danny Walker

PRESENT WORLD… Maria did not only make followers for herself, she also made haters, those who just didn’t want her in the industry because of jealously and those who are a little wise to notice all her good deeds are evil. Maria has a visitor who happens to be a veteran actor in the industry; a man of 45 and a strong rival of Marias’, he is known as Fred Collins He can read through the lines Maria is writing, he definitely an oppose to every of Maria’s moves and he has made this know to the public by taking to the press and electronic medias to stand against this one lady and he has indeed drawn people to himself by making them believe what he’s saying is through… Maria was upstairs at her balcony relaxing when one of her guards came to her “Madam” he said “yes” she replied as she was browsing through her laptop “Fred Collins is here to see you” he said and she paused in surprise “Did you say Fred Collins” “Yes Madam” “Alright then, tell him I’ll be with him soon” she said and he left. Maria has a strong hatred for this man and she was wondering what would bring a monkey to a den of Lions She went downstairs and saw him in her sitting room as he relaxed and crossed his legs; she was amazed at his guts “Fred Collins” she said as she walking downstairs and closer to him; he stood up “Maria Martins” he said and stretched his hand for a shake and she received it “Have a seat” she said as she sat on an arm chair “thank you” he said “What brings Fred Collins to my home?” she smiled “Well, so far I would say you have done well for yourself because from what I can see, you already have 90% of the industry” “Thank you” she said “But the problem is that, the people are just so blinded by your bloody wealth that they cannot read between the lines and it hurts me. Also, I heard you wanna start up a society called DRAGON or should I say a cult; I know your plans” “I see, so you came to my house to gossip me with me” she asked “(chuckles) Gossip you? Even the devil knows you are worse than he is” “Hmmm as painful as it is, you’re right and that’s why he loves me” “Well, I haven’t come here to talk about your demonic life but I came here for something else” “Am still here” she said “Good, there is a land about 2hectres in Ikeja I want to buy and I and the seller already had an agreement but suddenly yesterday I spoke to him and he told me he already had another buyer who’s paying double the amount but then I asked him who and he said Maria Martins; I was surprised because it was a coincidence, so I want you to get your filthy hands off the land because you can’t come out of nowhere and think you can just buy anything from anyone without find out if it’s already booked” he spoke arrogantly and with confidence; Maria smiled “You know, while I was upstairs and I was informed of your presence, I thought to myself ‘why would a monkey walk into a den on a lion’ then I realized that it must be so stupid to think it can come and ask the lion for food” “Am not here for stupid talk, just the land. I got that land first before you so you have no right to go behind my back and steal it” “It seems you have nothing to say” she said “Do you think am joking? I will deal with you if you are not careful” he said “You threaten me? In my house? You’re not afraid? Do you know I can waste you here?” “yes I know because that’s what you do but there are over 15 members of the press outside your gate who saw me come in here” he said and she smiled “You think you are wise but you are stupid” she said “get your hands off that land” he said “Ok, let’s bid for the land and the highest bidder gets the land” “I will never do that with you” “Yes because your account would go dry before we start, Idiot. Get this shit out of my house” she said and stood up and walked away “What? You insult me? I will deal with you Maria” he said and suddenly two huge men lifted him up and carried him out of the house, he struggled and shouted but wasn’t strong enough and they dropped him clo

“What? You insult me? I will deal with you Maria” he said and suddenly two huge men lifted him up and carried him out of the house, he struggled and shouted but wasn’t strong enough and they dropped him close to his car and asked him to get lost…

Tuesday, 10:43am Max and Beth appeared back from where they left “Jesus” Yvonne was startled by their sudden appearance as she was the only one in the sitting room “What the hell? You fvcking scared shit out of me” she said loudly “Am sorry” Beth said “Has he seen it” Yvonne asked; Max sat down on a chair quietly and thinking “Was it that bad?” Yvonne asked Beth as she looked at Max “Can we save her?” Max asked “Yes but she will have to give up all she is doing” Beth said “I’ll talk to her” “Don’t dare do that” Beth said “Why?” “If you do she will seek to find out how you knew and is she discovered you went to meet with Yvonne and Arnold, she will kill you” “She can’t do that” Max said “Maria is no longer the same woman you loved” “What do I do then?” he asked “You will go back home and be a good husband but send us information about her movement” Beth said “No, I want to find a way to save her” “She has goals and wouldn’t give them up easily” Yvonne said “I remember Mr. Damien telling her to get rid of me” “This is getting serious” “Go home and I want you to call me when Lucifer comes around again” Beth said “How do I call you?” he asked “Pray to me” she said “Pray to you?” he repeated “Yes, my name is Beth Kol” “Beth Kol” he repeated “You said you’re an angel” Max said “yes I am” “I don’t mean to make fun of anyone but I don’t believe that shit; angels don’t live with humans, they live in heaven maybe you’re just some kind of sorcerer or something” “Who told you Angels don’t live amongst men? Because you cannot see into the immortal plane, that’s why you speak with less understanding” she said to him; he stared at her from head to toe ‘Go home to your wife and wait for him to come” she said and walked away. Max turned to Yvonne “Yvonne? Please make me understand what’s going on; everything is so unreal. My wife and all these” “Max dear, go home and with time you will understand everything just like me” she said escorting him outside As they stepped outside, they saw Arnold coming “You are back” Arnold said “Actually, he’s leaving “ Yvonne said ‘ok, let me accompany you” Arnold said “hell no, please don’t; until I understand all these I won’t associate closely with you guys. The reason I felt comfortable here was because of Yvonne and Rachael” he said walking to his car “Ouch! He’s angrier than I thought” Yvonne said “Do you know the way out?!” Arnold said loudly to him “I’ll find it” he replied loudly as he entered his car and drove off…

Maria headed to Victoria Island to an industry that deals on make-up production and is known as Beauty Planet Maria gets into the building and up to the Ceo’s office with her guards but was stopped by the secretary “Sorry, you have to wait here” “Are you crazy?” Maria said “madam, there is no need for abuse” she replied “Get this thing out of my face” Maria said and one of the guards dragged her away as Maria walked into the office and saw the CEO Mr. Benson Kalu “Maria?” he said with surprise “Are you surprised?” she said and sat down as two of her guards stood beside her and two walked over and stood behind Benson and two stood at the door “o yes I am” he said “Well, am here for what I asked” she said “And what is that?” he said “Don’t play stupid with me” she yelled and banged the table “I want the 70% shares of this industry” she said “I think you are mad” he said and suddenly a hot slap landed on him from one of the guards and it resounded over and over. He was shocked and he wanted to stand up to do God knows what but the guard gave him a punch on the nose and it sent him back on his chair with blood and he held his nose in pain ‘Maria what is this?” he asked angrily as he held his nose “Here” Maria said and threw him a piece of tissue paper she cut from his table and he collected it “That is the start” she said “what is all these?” “I want the shares now” she said “I can’t give you that because I am not the only share holder” “You are the main share holder so I don’t care how you do it” “Maria, I can’t” he said in a sad face “ok then, I will tell your wife you have been cheating on her and I will show her the videos” Maria said and one of the guards behind her walked up to Benson with an Tablet and opened a sexual video of his. “My God, Maria how did you get this?” he said with surprise “None of your business, your wife, your church and the world will see this” “Maria please” “Then do what I ask” “Ok, I will give you 40%” he said “Do you think am here to negotiate?” she said angrily “Cut of his thumb” she yelled and one of the guards brought out a knife and grabbed his hand “Haaaa! No no no wait, ok ok ok, I’ll give you 70%” he said and she smiled “Tomorrow, I will be here for the paper works, to prepare them before my arrival” she said as she stood up and walked out the door and the guards followed her Mr. Benson was shocked; he had never seen this in his life. He was still cleaning blood from his nose and was grateful he still had his thumb…

Two Weeks Later… Last week Sunday, Maria Martins launched the Dragon society. Anyone part of the society will get support and sponsorship from Maria and its members but whoever wasn’t part will not enjoy benefits from Maria and its members. So, everyone would have to be part of the society to gain fame and support so as to succeed; also it was a way of bringing everyone under her control as she was the leader and she would be able to dictate in the country. It is an organization whereby anyone who comes in cannot go out or reveal activities with because you might die. As there are secret activities, there are also open activities to avoid suspicion from the public. Maria happens to be very cunning; she is doing all she can to destroy the careers of non-members of the society either Political or entertainers. She does this so as to bring them to her to seek her support. The launching was one of the biggest events in Nigeria as powerful and influential celebrities worldwide were present; Governors from states and executives from overseas. Out of 36 states in the country 7 Governors are members of the society, ministers and Senators also own membership and famous entertainers…

Maria was sitting in the garden at the front yard and Max at the balcony upstairs and then a car comes into the environment and parks. Lucifer steps out the car and walks to Maria and they greet each other. Max quickly got up and went inside the room, he looked around then felt what he was about to do was stupid but he gave it a shot. He put his hands together like he was going to pray and closed his eyes and opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out “O Damn’ he said to himself but he tried again “I hope I don’t look stupid” “Angel Beth Kol, I pray to you today and seek your help and I ask that you come down and help me. Amen” he said and opened his eyes and saw nothing “you don’t even know how to pray” Beth said behind him and he turned to see her with Arnold “Mr. Arnold” Max said “Hello, Max” he said

“Where’s he?” Beth asked “He’s in the front yard talking with Maria” Max said “Good, thanks for your help” Arnold said and they both disappeared “Hey! Just like that” Max said loudly to no one…

After talking to Maria for about 30minutes he was ready to leave. “And finally, please kill Fred Collins before he ruins you and everything. He has a big mouth and it’s getting him what he wants” Lucifer said and left He got in his car and his driver drove out in a Rolls Royce Ghost. The car entered the main road; Lucifer was sitting at the rear and suddenly Arnold and Beth appeared beside him. Beth was on his left and Arnold on his right; he wasn’t surprised to see them; even the driver was less concerned “Beth Kol; daddy’s little Angel” Lucifer said smiling at her “When did you arrive earth?” he asked her but she was silent; he then looked at Arnold and then looked at her “You are working with him?” Lucifer asked pointing at Arnold with his thumb “Where’s the blood?” Arnold asked “What blood?” Lucifer replied “Yvonne’s blood” Beth said “How did you know that?” Lucifer asked Beth “O I forgot, you are Daddy’s Angel so you probably see everything as he does” “Where is it?” Beth asked again “Well, we know what you are up to” Metatron said “Yeah, you think you know but you don’t and as for the blood, it’s an insurance” “Give it back” Metatron said “What’s your problem? It’s not your blood and I ain’t giving it back” Lucifer said angrily “I cannot let you bring Bazel in heaven” Beth said “So the Angels are scared of meeting their big brother” Lucifer said “You think this is funny” Metatron said ‘of cause it is” “You have 5secs to give it” Metatron said “Come on, don’t be stupid, do you think I would carry a tube of blood everywhere I go?” “Then where is it?” he asked “Am wiser than you all, am better and more intelligent even your father knows that” he boasted “Where is it?” “It’s in Limbo” he said happily; Beth and Metatron were both shocked to here that “You lie” Beth said “I know I lie but I also know you sense lies, do you sense any lie in what I just said” Lucifer asked her “you cunning bastard” Metatron angrily grabbed Lucifer by the neck “Wait, before you kill me, there is a much bigger issue at hand now” Lucifer said “What is that?” Beth asked “Bazel knows where the blood is and he knows what it’s capable of. He is in Limbo with it and when the time is right he will call out to all his brothers scattered across the stars, galaxies, universe and time and they will pour out their venom upon the heavens and the earth below” Lucifer said smiling; Metatron was about to punch Lucifer but he disappeared from the car with his driver and the car was on speed without control; Metatron and Beth were less concerned about that “how did he get into Limbo and come out” Arnold said “I do not know” Beth said with a surprised look “Lucifer is more than one step ahead of us” “Because he’s working with a Leviathan” Arnold said; Beth stopped the car as it was about to crash into a store and they both disappeared…

Maria was worried about what Lucifer said, she knew that if she doesn’t do something about Fred Collins, he would ruin everything for her. She then decided on a plan. She then dialed Collins number “hello Collins” she said “Who is tis?” “It’s Maria” “And why would Maria call me?” “I want to sound a warning to you” “A warning to me?” he said mockingly “I know you’re very good at gossiping people especially me but I wanna warn you that the next time you go on the press don’t ever and I mean ever, ever mention my names, because if you do I will make you eat shit” she said and hanged up. Fred Collins is very sturbborn and she is ready to keep her words…

Beth and Arnold arrived back at the house to meet Uzor alone at home “Hey you’re back” Uzor said “Where are the ladies?” Beth asked “They went to the market” Uzor said “So did you get it?” Uzor asked “No, he put it somewhere impossible to reach” Beth said “Impossible? Then how did he put it there if its impossible?” “Good question” Arnold said “It’s in Limbo” Beth said “Limbo? What the hell is that?” “Limbo is a negative earth and a time trap; it is worse than purgatory and is ruled by ruthless and evil creatures” Beth said “Wow, why do you say it’s impossible?” “Father created Limbo for reasons we do not know but if any Angel or Leviathan goes into Limbo, he loses all his powers and is left to survive like an ordinary man” Arnold said “Why the hell would your father create such? He created hell and he also created purgatory isn’t that enough” Uzor complained “There are so many things that we do not know about our father” Beth said “What I don’t understand is how Lucifer got into Limbo with Bazel and still came out” Beth said “Maybe he discovered” Uzor said “you don’t discover that. If he goes in he will lose all his powers and there is no possibility that he would come back to this present time. He would fall back in time to when the first men walked the earth or the stone or medieval age and he would be a mortal man” Arnold explained “God damn it; you guys are totally complicated, what’s all these” Uzor lamented “Ok, why don’t you find a way into Limbo or maybe beat Lucifer so he can get it back or kill him” Uzor suggested “Father doesn’t want Lucifer dead yet” Beth said “Seriously? With all that he has done?” “I will go into Limbo” Arnold said “No you will not; you know the consequences” Beth said “Maybe it’s all father’s plan; I do not know but it’s the only way to stop Bazel” Arnold said “Listen Metatron, it it highly impossible for you to find our timeline if you go in and the only way to get your powers back is to find our time line” Beth said “And if you fall back in time, you will be a man” “I am ready to risk it besides it’s an assignment from father” he said “I can come with you” Uzor said “No thanks but it’s too dangerous for you” “I do not know the way into Limbo but I will go ask father” Beth said “Alright” Arnold said and she disappeared “Arnold, are you sure about this?” Uzor asked “It’s the only way and besides you wouldn’t want Bazel to bring all Leviathans to the earth, it would be disastrous” he said “But what about Yvonne? How do you think she would take this?” Uzor asked but he was silent…

Mary Season 3 Episode

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