MARY Season 3 Episode 6 A Dragon Queen By Danny Walker

MARY Season 3 Episode 1 A DRAGON QUEEN By Danny Walker

MARY Season 3 Episode 6 A Dragon Queen By Danny Walker

2Days Later… Lucifer visits Maria again “Hello Maria” he said “hey welcome” she said and they both sat on a sofa “How’s Max?” “He’s ok?” “Where’s he?” “In his office” she replied “I see” he was silent for sometime “Your husband is our rival” Lucifer said but Maria was surprised “I don’t get you” she said “I mean, your husband is an enemy” he said “How do you mean?” “Max is working with Metatron and Yvonne”

“What? That’s impossible” “he serves as their eyes. He’s watching us and giving them information about our movements” “I don’t believe you” “Do you think am here for jokes!!!” he said loudly and angrily and she was startled “When he get back check his phone; he has a record of our conversation two Sundays ago” Lucifer said and stood up; Maria was dumbfounded “If you do not take a decision on him now, he will turn out to be like Fred Collins and this time he will ruin everything because he’s family.

And if he succeeds, I will take it out on you” he said angrily and left. Maria was speechless and surprised; she just couldn’t believe that Max would be working with her sworn enemies; she suddenly became so angry…

By evening when Max returned from work; he went into the room to change when Maria came in “Max” “Yes Hon” he replied “We need to talk” she said “alright, one sec” “I mean now” she said with a straight face “Ok, what is it?” he asked as he unknotted his tie “When last did you see Yvonne?” she asked and he paused because the question hit him like lightening “Why would you ask me that?

I should ask you” he replied “Just answer the God damn question” “I don’t know? It’s been a long time” he said “I see” she said then walked to the table where he kept his phone; she went through the phone and then went to the recorder and saw a file so she played it and unfortunately it was her conversation with Lucifer…

Max was scared, he didn’t know what to do or say “So it’s true” Maria said “What” he said calmly “you’re working with my enemies, you are giving them information about me and my plans. So this means I have been living with a Judas all along” “Babe it’s not what you think” “Shut up” she yelled “You joined alliance with my enemies to fight me. All these is happening because I tried to save your life and now this is how you wanna repay me” she said as tears came down her eyes “Maria please calm down” he said

“Don’t you ever tell me to calm down” she said “Maria please, am sorry” “Why are you begging? You’re afraid because they told you I have powers and so you joined them” she said with tears rolling down “No Maria’ he begged “I loved you Max, when you died, I brought you back because I needed you nut now I have seen it was all a mistake” she said walking to him “Why did you do this?” she said touching his face “I am pregnant” she said calmly as tears rolled down her eyes; Max was speechless. Maria looked into his eyes and said

“I want you to go into your car and drive far away from here, far away past countries and if your car breaks down, walk with your legs and walk forever and never come back’ she compelled him magically and he obeyed without a word. He walked out of the house and got into his car and drove off; Maria had tears rolling down her eyes as he drove away..

A Week Later… The police are still investigating Maxwell’s where about, Maria had told the police that he drove out of the house after he came back from work and after that day she never saw him again. The police have been working hard but Maxwell’s case is a mystery to everyone except Maria… “Are you still sad” Lucifer asked her

“No, I’m over it” “Good, because if you didn’t do anything you will fall” he said but she was silent; he looked at her “Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked her “Tell you what?” she asked “That you’re pregnant” he said smiling and she was surprised “How did you know that?” “(Chuckles) Am not human, am a more intelligent creature and I can feel the new life in you or should I say lives” he said smiling “It’s 3weeks gone” she said smiling “Twins; that’s good.

I can feel their purity and they will be the leaders of the next generation” “Yeah, I believe so” she said smiling…

“Is she back?” Arnold asked as he entered the house “Yes” Uzor replied and Beth came downstairs “What took you so long?” he asked “Heavenly Activities” she said “So do you know it” “Yes, he said it’s through the vertical universe” “Alright” Arnold said “How would you enter the vertical universe?” Uzor asked

“Sorry, I can’t tell you that” she relied “O… Ok? No problem” Uzor said and Rachael laughed “Arnold are you sure about this” Yvonne said “I am” “You are but am not” she said “What is you don’t come back?” she asked “I will do my best to come back” “It’s not about your best, its about my feelings if you don’t return” she said as tears came down her eyes; he smiled “I will return” he said “I want to come with you” she said

“No way, it’s a place worse than hell or purgatory” he said “(Chuckles) Like I care; am coming” “There will be no need for that” a voice said and they turned to see someone standing on the staircase “And who are you?” Uzor asked “My name is not necessary; I am here to deliver a message to Beth Kol and Metatron” “Ok?” “There will be no need to go into Planet Zero (Limbo)” the Angel said “Why?” Arnold asked

“Because the blood is no longer there” he said “Good news” Yvonne said ‘Then where is it?” Arnold asked “It’s with Bazel” “But Bazel is in Limbo” Beth said “Not anymore” “Then where’s he?” “He’s in Mars”…

Maria’s baby news has gone national as the most trending celebrity News in the country; some say it’s sad that her husband has gone missing while others say God knows best… Maria was sitting at home and drinking with some friends when most senior guard came to her “Madam” “Yes” “You need to see this” he said and handed her a newspaper which had a major headline

‘IF MAXWELL MARTINS IS MISSING, MARIA MARTINS SHOULD BE A PRIME SUSPECT’- Fred Collins page14 Maria opened to page 14 and skimmed through it and was angered; she caught a part that made her head explode in fury; where he said: How are we so sure that Maxwell is the owner of her pregnancy, when there are rumors of different men she is found with”. Maria was so angry

“What should we do to him?” Patrick said quietly to her “Ladies, please excuse me” she said and left with Patrick and they both went inside “this guy has crossed his limits” Maria said “Take some of your men and go fetch me Fred Collins” she said and he left…

7:00pm, the same day… They successfully brought Fred Collins to her home and tied him up in a room on a chair. The blindfolded him with a cloth but removed it after sometime. The first thing he saw was two buckets on the floor which were covered

“Who the hell are you guys? Why have you kidnapped me?” he said loudly and then Maria came in “I knew it, you are nothing but evil, why have you kidnapped me? Do you think am scared of you?” he spoke loudly “I know but today it all changes” she said “(Chuckles) I’m not afraid to die” he said boldly “You’re very bold but let me ask you, what do you want from me?” “I want your down fall, I know your type and the reason why you are doing all you do.

You have successfully blinded a lot of persons but I am here to save them. You devil” “Save? I see” she smiled; she then looked at the two buckets “Do you know what are in those buckets?” she asked smiling “it doesn’t bother me” he said and she laughed “(Laughs) Are you sure about that? It should because what are in those buckets are human waste and they are fresh” she said smiling and he was silent and hoped it wasn’t what he was thinking

“And how does that concern me?” “It concerns you because you know how to talk shit which means you should know how to eat some too” “Wh… What?” he almost screamed “You are joking” he said “Don’t shout, count yourself lucky am not going to feed you dead infected rats” “My God, you are wicked” he said “I will pardon you if you join my society” she said and he laughed “In your dreams” he said “You think am joking?” “ok then,

Patrick give him liquid poo” she said and he walked to the bucket and put on some gloves and turned some liquid poo in a big jug and picked up a funnel and walked to Fred ‘What? What are you doing?” he said loudly and suddenly one of the other guards standing behind him grabbed him under the jaw and raised his head “Let me go” he struggled and then tightened his mouth close but Patrick gave him a puch on the throat and he opened his mouth to gasp for air, the Patrick put the funnel in his mouth and it went down his throat.

The other guard held his head tightly and Patrick poured the waste into the funnel and it went down Fred’s throat and he kept pouring as Fred made bubbling sounds with his mouth “Ok stop” Maria said and he stopped but Fred had already taken in about 2liters “Haaaa!!! You bastard” Fred yelled crying ‘Ok then keep going” she said and Patrick continued and after about 3liters ‘Ok stop” she said and Fred was vomiting waste from his mouth and nose and he was all messed up; his stomach was tight

“You are a devil” he cried “Give him more” she said and Patrick continued Fred had human waste busting out his mouth and nose and eyes; he was loaded and he finally passed out “Madam, he’s passed out” Patrick said “It’s a pity, he couldn’t eat the solid. Get him out of here and drop him by the road side” she said and walked away; Patrick ordered his men to carry Fred out…

“Wait, you mean the planet Mars?” Uzor said “Yes, the planet Mars” the Angel said “What’s he doing?” Arnold asked “He’s making plans” “What about Lucifer?” Beth asked “Lucifer is here on earth” “I wonder what’s their next move” Rachael said “Lucifer knew you would come to him for the blood,

so he handed it to Bazel but not without splitting it. Lucifer then handed some to Bazel so that when you’d come to him, he would refer you to Bazel” “I see” Arnold said “But there is one more thing” the Angel said “What is it?” Beth asked “Both of them may have united to fight Father but Bazel is unaware of Lucifer’s plan with the blood” “What plan” Uzor asked “Lucifer wants to use the blood against Bazel after his victory”

“O that’ Uzor said “We can allow Bazel use that Blood to summon other Leviathans” Beth said “I will deal with that” Arnold said “Time is short; Bazel will summon all the Leviathans in three full moons” the Angel said and disappeared

“I don’t want to imagine the level of calamity they will bring to our world” Rachael said “Am scared’ Yvonne said; Arnold looked at her and said “I am here for you and right now…

The battle line has been drawn”…

The End
Mary Will Return…

Mary Season 3 Episode

MARY SEASON 4 Final (Advert)

Thriller One

“The time has come for you to take your place as the queen” Lucifer said smiling
“I am ready”
“There is one final thing you must do” Lucifer said
“What is it?”
“You must die and then be regenerated”…

Thriller Two

Rachael and Uzor are getting married today
“Today is the happiest day of my life” Rachael said
“Yeah definitely” Yvonne said
“You girls will be late” Beth said
“We are done, Let’s go” Yvonne said and they left

The church wasn’t crowded with people, it was just Arnold, Beth Kol, Yvonne, Ariel, Uzor and Rachael and the priest… “Is there anyone here who doesn’t want this two joined together in holy matrimony let him or her speak or forever remain silent” the priest said and there was silence
“If there is none I… there are so many reasons they can’t be joined together?” a voice said loudly coming into the church; they turned to see Maria
“Why is she doing here?” Yvonne said as they all stood up and turned to Maria
“What are you doing here?” Metatron asked

“You guys are so cruel, you want that innocent guy to get married to a bitch like Rachael; and you call yourselves holy creatures, what a bullshit” Maria said coming in
“What are you doing here?” Ariel said
“We’re here for more blood” Maria said
“We?” Arnold said and suddenly Bazel walked into the church with Lucifer accompanied by Belial and Abaddon
“O no” Yvonne said loudly…

Thriller 3

Bazel punches Arnold on the face and he falls into the water, he then breaks off a large iron from the bridge and was about to throw it at Metatron but Beth kicked him away…

Thriller 4

The car explodes with Maria inside but she steps out unharmed
“O my God” Yvonne said with surprise
“She’s more powerful than I thought” Rachael said…

Thriller 5

Yvonne runs through the bushes and comes to the gate of their house only to see it on fire, she was in tears and pain of the injury inflected on her by Maria’s men; blood running down her face and dirty clothes.
“Nooooooo!!!” Yvonne yelled in tears as she knelt down in front of the burning house
“What a pity, a beautiful home like this brought down to nothing but ruins” Maria said behind her; Yvonne angrily stood up and ran to Maria
“I will kill you!!!” she yelled as she ran towards Maria but Maria punched her on the chest and she fell unconscious…

Thriller 6
“Bazel you have been fooled, Lucifer holds that blood against you” Arnold said
“You lie” Lucifer said
“Look into his eyes Bazel” Arnold said…

Thriller 7

The blood moon finally arises, as Bazel pours Yvonne’s blood on the moon
“It is time my brothers, the time to take back what has been taken from us” Bazel said loudly as he was standing on the moon as the stars turned red…

M.A.R.Y 4 The Rise of Titans…

Written By: Danny Walker


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1 year ago

Hmmmmm, hope love will save Yvonne and the rest from this evil creatures

1 year ago

the line has just been drawn! prepare for war. but good will always prevail

1 year ago

Fingers crossed 🤞
Bring on season 4.
We’d wait……