Episode 42

It rang but he didn’t pick up and I called again but no response.
I decided to move on, no matter how hard it may be.

After all the expenses that was used in renovating my apartment, I had little left in my account.

It won’t be enough to start the small business I plan on doing. The best option will be to get a job.

John was running another medical program, he had to move out of his sister’s house and comes around for a visit during weekend

Cecil gave birth to a baby boy and there was a small party in the compound.
I even went in search for a nice gift for both mother and child.
I picked something affordable for two of them and she was very grateful.

I stop by mostly at her place to check on how the baby was doing.
John told me that going to his school program from his sister end was good but he really do not want to disturb them now that there’s a new baby.
He decided to stay with his friend for the meantime until he gets his own place.

He said he studied medicine and still has an extra program after the current one so that he can become a qualified doctor.

I really don’t know how all the too much reading works for him but I still wish him best of luck.
And we talks whenever he comes visiting which is mostly weekends.

He gives me all the gist, I enjoy listening and cracking jokes with him for only the period that he’s around.

He asked me about school, if I don’t want to further my education and I told him that i will but I need to get a good paying job first.
He said I may not be able to get a very good paying job without a good certificate, but if I really wanted to further my education then I need to take it seriously.

He mentioned about some distance learning and part time schools that I can go while still working.
All I needed is weekend to go to my school programs while I use week days to do my normal work.

It was a fantastic idea and I have never thought of that before.
That was exactly what I’m going to do, my schooling will only be on weekends and it won’t get in the way of my job.

I thanked John for the wonderful idea and resumed my serious job hunt

I continued searching for job as each day comes and goes.
Transportation and feeding with other necessity were digging deep into the remaining money I had left.

In few weeks from now I will be broke and may start selling somethings I had in the house to survive
I won’t let it come to that.

I attended few interview and was asked to resume but the working condition did not fall inline with my plans.
The two interviews that I attended open office on Saturday and one said I must be present.
They close earlier around 1pm while the other company does not work every weekend.

Although their pay were too poor, I could I have still managed but I needed a Job that weekend will not be included at all.

I kept searching untill I got a job at a big unisex boutique which was a close bustop to Phil’s company.
They also have phone accessories next shop and I will be operating from both end.
The pay was good and the job description isn’t that difficult.
They asked if I can work on Saturday and I told them that I can’t that I’m planing on starting a weekend program and wouldn’t want to promise what I can’t do.

The manager said no problem and that was how the job was given to me as a customer attendant
My job is to be attending to customers, following them around as they pick whatever they wants, then I’m to help them carry their picked items to the cashier who will check and issue the bill to them.
As easy as it sound it wasn’t really very easy to do but I can manage because I have my weekend off.

Phil never showed up at my place again or called, I try calling him few occasions but he wouldn’t pick.
I believe he has moved on and I just have to move on too but I still don’t know how to do that.
I’m trying to forget him and focus but there is no day that passes by that I don’t think about Phil.

He crosses my mind every day and I really don’t know what to do.

I found out that is mostly rich men and women that comes to shop in this boutique and they sometimes leave a good tips.
Aside my salary, I was also getting little money that sums up to a good amount

The prices of the items are really high and a low salary earner can’t afford them.

I collected my first salary and began to save for my part time weekend school
I also brought out some for my personal expenses.

If I collect salary up-to three times, I will begin my school registration.

Atleast by then I will have enough money to do that.
The cashier got a better job and decided to resign at the end of the upcoming month

My manager said I will take over from her once she leaves and that means More money for me.
I was already looking forward to the day the cashier will leave so that I can assume her post with a better pay.

I was at work as usual one day but wasn’t impressed with the day sales record. we couldn’t record much sales and it wasn’t unusual because it happens sometimes.

I only attended to two customers and was looking forward to another when a man that looked so much like Phil walked in with a lady
My heart double skip before I took a deep breath to relax. It can’t possibly be Phil, so I thought.

When I approached the young man and his woman so that I can assist in showing them around and also our new arrivals too, that was when I came face to face with the truth.

Phil? Oh my God is Phil, he was with a beautiful lady.
I almost disappeared into a hole but thank God that I wasn’t a rat.

“April? He exclaimed surprised when he saw me
I was far more surprised to see him than he was.

I was speechless and unstable as he stared at me while the lady beside him appears confused.

I need to do something before I embarrass myself in front of him and his lady but the truth is that i don’t even know what to do.

(Do not take credit or Plagiarize AMAH’S HEART stories)

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