Episode 43

I took them round the shop, showing them where they can find each wear, although I was very uncomfortable all through this time but I try not to show how much uneasy they both make me feel.

“You really don’t need to show us anything, I’m sure we can find whatever we’re looking for, right Phil?
The lady with him said as she turned to Phil and asked the last question.

Phil looked at me but I quickly looked away.
“No Danielle, I will like her to keep showing us around the shop. April please continue..”

The lady that I just discovered that her name was Danielle wasn’t impressed with my presence and also with Phil’s reply.
She said quietly to Phil.

“I saw the alarm and discomfort on your face when you first saw her, you knew who she was before and it was probably here you met her…”

“… This isn’t your first time here and I’m sure you know your way round and definitely don’t need a way finder to guide you. I don’t think her help is needed..is obviously not necessary..”

“I’m sorry Danielle but I don’t really see anything wrong with me asking her to show us round. Why are you getting all worked up because of April? She works here and doing what she’s assigned to do. Relax please…” Phil said as he took her hands to calm her down but she was still not alright and insisted.

“I saw the way you looked at her when you first saw her. It appears something is amidst and i don’t feel good with that. I know you can’t stoop low to date or have anything to do with a common shop attendant in the past…”

“… You’re classy and very picky when it comes to women, so why am I getting this funny feeling that there’s something between you two? I see longing in your eyes when you look at her or maybe I’m exaggerating, let me wave it off because is not possible. I also want to wave her off right now because her presence is irrelevant. I asked you to take me shopping and you finally decided to grant my request today, my other request is that I want you to personally dismiss her by yourself or you will have to choose between two of us..”

Phil raised an eyebrow at her.
She said something again in whisper before turning to look at me with warning in her eyes and turned back to Phil as she continued talking in whisper that I can hardly hear her.

“I’m sorry if my presence makes you uncomfortable. I was only trying to do my job but since you don’t need my help with anything here then I will leave you two. My apologies for any inconveniences and I will be out of sight but if you need any help I can ask my colleague to come help out…”
I said as I turned to leave

Danielle said as I was walking away.

“That’s what you should have done since, not stand there, listening and staring at us like you got no sense in that head of yours. where you looking for ways to take my man from me?..but hey, I hate to break it to you and your empty skull that such will never ever happen. He doesn’t move with a classless ladies or shop attendants. Get us another attendant that will take us round, we don’t want to see your face until we’re done here, if you show your ugly face, I will personally report you to your manager and get you fired…”

I wasn’t ângry I was rather worried for Phil. He deserves a well mannered lady not this sharp mouthed Danielle.

I didn’t pick offence from what she said because it was obvious that she felt threatened with my presence and wanted to get rid of me.

I thought Phil was supposed to get someone way better, not some pretty face, spoilt brat Danielle.
Is written all over her that she was way too pampered and became a spoilt brat.

Things must go her way, her words should be the final, her ways should be the best

I gave Phil a pitiful look, he was really in for it.

I wish he was with a lady that knows his worth, who will truly love and respect him.

Phil is a nice guy and one of the few remaining best, any lady that has him will be so lucky.
I would have been the lucky one not this undeserving Danielle but I really messed things up and despite that Phil has already moved on, I haven’t been able to do the same.

well, not totally because I still thinks of him and wish things were better with us.
I wish he will see the red flag in his shrewd woman sooner than later so that he can have a rethink before is too late and he began to think every woman is the same when is never true.

I left them alone after asking my colleague to attend to them. Luckily two of my fine customers, who happened to be our good customer and drops tips for me anytime they come shopping stepped in.

One of them called Jerry has become my good friend, he buys me things unexpectedly.

He got me an expensive new phone last time from the phone accessories shop next to our boutique.
I’m always happy seeing him in his kind and jovial nature.

I greeted them warmly and try to use their presence to distract my mind from Phil and his Lady.
But even as I try to walk round the shop with this fine looking guys just as they requested, I still look to see if I can have a glimpse of Phil when they’re not looking.

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