Episode 36

With his intensed presence, I decided to spill out the truth this time.
He may probably not care about whatever I say now but I just have to say it anyway.

“I moved to my own rented apartment yesterday. I have been wanting to do that and to escape Louise. I feel so free now that I’m finally out of Louise house, and we were never an item. We were only flatmates that’s all..” I replied looking away from him.

Phil suddenly chuckled before saying

“Woah April, you’re a piece of work seriously. You and Louise are “just” flatmates? flatmates that ” séxually” sleeps with each other and lied to everyone.. including me that they were family. Flatmates that lies together, ran away from real family to live together as lovers, flatmates that plan together to drain money from their supposed victim, who foolishly happens to be me.. really?
He said as he raised his eyes brow, daring me to denial it..

He could as well nail me to the cross and crucify me.
I hate his presence even more now, and wish he can just disappear truly.

Where’s the HR, why is attending to me taking her forever?
I don’t want to be here anymore and if not that I really needed the money I won’t dare show my face here.

Everything he said was like a bomb to my ears and I felt so bad and angry at same time with both the tone and the unfiltered words.

He raise the wound I was trying to get rid off.
Phil was right but I really don’t need a reminder, I’m not proud of my past.
I’m trying to be a better person and don’t need the stones thrown at me.

I stood and stand tall to his face

“You know what Phil, you can go ahead and think whatever you want to think. I’m tired of trying to prove to you how much sorry I am. I explained to you I made bad choices and realized a bit late. I don’t care what you think of me, it does not really matter. I am sorry for everything and truly I am but if you take satisfaction in taunting me then whatever comes thereafter is on you. I’m done trying to prove anything to you.. you can go on with your perfect idea of me. A liar, a prostitute, a pretender and everything bad…”

I took a deep breath, swallowing hard to suppress my emotions
“…i’m done waiting here and your HR shouldn’t bother about the money anymore. I’m out of here and never coming back…”

I picked up my bag and started walking away.

He did not move nor left that exact spot where he stood.

I was about getting down stairs when I saw Louise coming through the glass walls.

I rushed back and with the speed I ran into Phil who was also going downstairs.
I almost fell down but he caught me up.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry sir,” I said almost out of breath.
“… Louise is coming up, I need to hide please. He must not see me.

“You’re not going to hide here, this is an office not a children’s play house. There’s no hiding place for you here…”

I thought he wanted to throw me out but I was surprised when he asked me to go back to the reception and sit down.

I was confused as I went to sit at the reception.
He called the security to send Louise out, and in no time Louise was asked to leave the premises.

“..He’s gone now, you can leave if you don’t intend waiting for the HR..”

He said and started walking away.

“Phil… thanks again..”

He didn’t give me a nod this time, just a hurtful look as he walked towards his office.

I decided to leave, but as I was about getting out of the gate I saw Louise hanging around outside, obviously waiting for me.

I quickly ran back before he could even see me.
I decided to go and wait for the HR.

I don’t really mind if the HR decided to take the whole day before attending to me, I will wait.

Anything that will make me avoid Louise, I’m ready to do it.

I hope by the time I will be leaving, Louise will be gone by then but for now I just have to keep waiting.

Even if Phil comes back to insult me or call me names, I won’t mind at all.

Louise is one man I don’t intend to see or have encounter with again in my life.
He almost ruined my past Life, but he won’t spoilt this my new begining, I don’t want him in it.

I will do everything to keep him out of it.

Even if I have to sleep at the security house today but the only thing i know is that I neither want to have anything to do with Louise.
He’s a plague and I’m avoiding him with everything.

He was trailing me yesterday, found Phil’s company and came looking for me.

I really thank God that I changed my mind from coming for the money and decided to come today instead.

Although he still showed up today looking for me but he could have caught me easily if it was yesterday.

He lied to Phil That I stole his money and other unmentioned items, which he wants back
He came to collect all I stole from him when I never even picked a pin that belonged to him.

He will neither see any dim from me or even see my shadow.

I will never let that happen, never again.

I sat at the reception as the waiting continues.

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