Episode 37

I was feeling sleepy as the day goes without any sign of the HR
I struggle to remain awake, this is an office and I will be breaking a rule if I decided to start sleeping.

Philip may walk in and decide to throw me out. He was probably looking for ways to throw shades at me or remind me of my mistakes.

I checked the time and it was almost 4pm.

In about an hour time the work hour will be over
Maybe the HR deliberately kept me waiting because I don’t see any reason of she not coming to attend to me, even after she was told that I have been sitting at the reception and waiting to see her.
Maybe, I’m not of any importance or because I did not come yesterday like it was agreed upon.
All of this aren’t excuse, she can see me within few minutes, I sign whatever needed to be signed and off she goes, she return to whatever work she was doing and I find my way home.

I’m sure that it won’t take more than five minutes of her time to attend to me. I’m here to get my money which is very important to me and after now it will be the last of me in their company.

I will miss everything about the office, everything which includes Phil.
But with time I will stop missing the office and carry Phil in my heart as I travel through life.

I thought he was the man sent to rescue me from the dungeon i was in
He did rescue me from the cage I found myself, Louise was holding tight the keys but with Phil’s presence I managed to get free but not totally.
I still feel caged with guilt and Louise is still following me around.
I’m still not really free like I so much wanted.

Louise maybe gone by now because is over two hours that he was sent out, he will definitely get tired and leave after waiting for over two hours.

Who am I deceiving, Louise is a very difficult person and doesn’t give up easily.
He won’t leave until he has seen me or gotten the money he so much wanted.

But I hate to break it to him that he won’t get a dime from my money again.

I really need to sleep, I couldn’t get enough sleep last night.
My eyes felt heavy and I’m tired.
Maybe I should just close my eyes a little, I will feel better.

Immediately I relaxed back on the chair, closed my eyes, within few minutes i dozed off and was awaken with a tap.
I try to recognize exactly where I was

I sat properly, my face felt wet, I touched it and realized I was actually drooling when I slept off, It was actually my saliva.

I was too embraced as I try to wipe my face with my hands.
I slept off while waiting for the HR, it just dawned on me.

I looked up at the person that tapped me awake and almost wish I can disappear.

Philip was standing with a little distance between us.
His hands were in akimbo fashion as he kept staring down at me pathetically.

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t intentional. I didn’t plan on sleeping in..”
He interrupted me with a wave of hand

“You said that you were leaving, you never mentioned you wanted to stay back and wait for the HR. I’m surprised to see you here sleeping in my office..”

I looked around worried, then back to my wrist watch. It was just few minutes past four in the evening.
It felt like I have been sleeping all day, whereas I only slept for about fifteen to twenty minutes

I don’t know what to reply Phil as he stood towering over me like a god.

I don’t have any excuse for breaking one of the rules I know well since I also used to work here and knows everything concerning the company.

But I couldn’t beat nature, I was hungry, tired and bored, plus the fact that I did not get enough sleep last night.
Is only normal for sleep to overpower me.

There’s nothing I can do. I have apologise already and if he needs more apologize then he can have as many as possible.

The only thing I hated so much is the part of the drooling.
He wasn’t supposed to see me in such manner, with saliva dripping from my mouth while I slept carelessly.

He has never really seen me sleep before, and right now his whole thoughts will be just as I feared.
He will be thinking that’s the way I usually sleep, with saliva running down my mouth but is not true, i hardly drool except when I’m uncomfortable and tired too

“I’m sorry.. really sorry…” I said repeatedly
I felt defenseless and avoid looking at his face.
If he wants more “sorry” I can give as much as possible, that’s if he will feel better and leave me alone.

The way he stood over me makes me feel defeated, if he says another thing I will still apologise
Saying sorry repeatedly in this situation is not a problem at all, the only big problem I have right now is how to get out of his sight to avoid all this embarrassing moment.

” The HR is not on seat, I got to know not quiet long. The receptionist should have informed you about that or probably she thought you came to the office to get some sleep and not money. She should have reminded you of the kind of environment that you are in because is obvious you forgot…”

“I’m sorry sir..” I replied again.

He was quiet as I picked up my bag and clutched it so tight.
If he plans to throw me out without the money then I can’t do anything. I will gladly accept

“You will have to come back tomorrow, today is almost gone and so is the HR. She has been gone for hours and will not return back to the office. You missed your chance today again. If you’re still interested in the money then you will have no other choice than to come again tomorrow…”

“You and all the staff in the HR department are not normal..” I said standing and holding onto my bag.
I have heard enough of this whole nonsense “good girl” thing. Enough of all this humiliation and insults.
How much is he going to pay me that he wants to suffer me this much.

I stood and started going, he called my name twice.
I turned back angrily and said
“Don’t you dare mention my name Philip. I thought I was the bad one here but You’re wicked, heartless and selfish. I hate myself for coming here in the first place and as much as you hate me, I have apologise enough and no longer care about your hatred for me. I have finally accepted defeat and I’m really done here… enjoy your money and your company, I don’t need it. We don’t belong in the same world and I won’t let you or anyone humiliate me further. I will pick all my shattered pieces and make something good from it. You think I’m useless or has no value and that’s why you treat me like trash, you’re not different from Louise. You men are filled with scum.. I’m out of here..”

I started walking away, he said calmly but loud enough

“Well, if you still need the money I can quickly do transfer to you instead of you again coming tomorrow. I guess that’s why you’re really disturbed?

“…beside, Louise is still waiting outside for you. I’m about leaving now, you can join me in the car and I will take you pass Louise…”

I paused, breathed deeply before turning to him. Just knowing that Louise was outside the gate waiting for me send fear all over me.

Louise is my nightmare and I don’t want to go back there again
“You can do the transfer, should I send my account details or call it out to you?

He didn’t reply.
I continued
“…Since you’re leaving now, I don’t mind joining you just to cross the gate, that’s if is okay by you…”

He gave me a disturbing look before asking me to wait for him downstairs.

All my anger melt down, I was like a scary little mouse, I began to go downstairs to wait for him..
“Are you hungry?
I heard him asked and I quickly turned

“Are you talking to me? I replied quietly
I wasn’t sure if he was refering to me because I did not expect any kindness from him.

“Yes, who else? We’re the only two in this reception. So are you hungry April?

He still had his hard voice and face remained pale without smile but i was hungry and crave to fill my stomach with proper food..

“Yes, yes I’m very hungry. Thanks for asking…”

I just have to add the “thanks” because I was in shock he even asked.

He asked me to wait downstairs for him, he needed to pick up something in his office before joining me.
I nodded and went down to wait for him close to his car.

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