Heal Before You Deal – Kingsley Okonkwo Video + Mp3 Download

Kingsley Okonkwo - Heal Before You Deal Video + Mp3 Download For any marriage to fail

Heal Before You Deal by Kingsley Okonkwo

Some people grow seeing physical and verbal abuse as normal, for some hiding money, bullying, cheating etc is viewed as normal….

For any marriage to fail, one or more of these vital areas must have developed an issue. It is either there is a power issue, a money issue or a sex issue.

In this single and marriage series, you and your spouse will learn how to harness these factors to the benefit of your marriage.

It’s a must-get for every single and married couple ….

Listen & Download Kingsley Okonkwo – Heal Before You Deal Mp3 Below;

Kingsley Okonkwo > Official Website

Watch Video Below;

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