I stood motionless, wondering if I was freaking out,the young teenager hugging me. Is she really my Special?I felt my eyes wet,my hands shaking ,I can’t tell if it’s because of the excitement or not.

I stroked my shaking hands over her hair ,she pulled out of the hug and stare at me in tears
It’s really her.
It’s my baby girl Special!!.

“Daddy,don’t ever leave me again”.
She cried, hitting me.

My tears rolled down freely ,I grabbed her and pulled her into a tight hug,I didn’t know when I bursted out in tears.
For the first time in years I felt so alive,my purpose of loving ,my worthlessness,my oxygen is back to me.

I put her down and pecked her forehead,she kissed my cheek.

I then took a closer look at her. She looked healthy and well fed.I wondered where she had been and who was the person that was taking care of her all this while,I have a lot of questions.

“Dad I have a lot to tell you”
She broke into my thoughts like he could read my mind.

I smiled back
“First, what are you wearing on your chest?”
I teased.

My baby is now a young lady.

She hid her face shyly.
“I am a teenager now,so I have to wear it, sweet Angela said so”.

She turned ,I looked up and found a lady standing at the roadside tearing up,she dried her face with a handkerchief,and waved at us.

Her sight disturbed me,I was hoping it would be an elderly woman, there’s something about her I wasn’t able to figure out.
Special beckoned her to come over to us.
My smile fades slowly,she noticed,I could tell with her facial expression.

“Good day sir I am Angela,your daughter’s guildian”.
She stretched out a hand,I ignored it.

“Nice to meet you,I appreciate your help and support for my daughter”.

I didn’t even make eye contact.
“It’s nothing sir”.
She replied politely, somehow this lady never gave me any reason for the hate that I have for her,I should be grateful but yet I can’t stop hating her maybe because she reminded me of Cynthia,how she faked her love for Special.

“Let’s go home ,and talk about it, okay?
I told Special , she nodded.

We rode on motorcycles.My dad and I were carried by one while aunty Angela on another.
I was glued to dad like ,he would disappear any moment,it’s still unbelievable,I can’t express how happy I was.

Then something’s wrong, Dad’s gesture towards aunty Angela wasn’t welcoming,she felt sad about it,she was that person that hardly wears a long face but after her meeting with Dad,she looked like she was sad about something.

We got to the place. It was similar to our former yard,but this one they got the toilet inside the small room and kitchen outside.
The neighbors came and welcomed me happily,they must have known about me before now.

Daddy promised them a party immediately after the welcoming.
I was crowded during the introduction,and I was really distracted I totally forgot about Angela ,she stood at the compound’s
entrance door like an outcast watching us.
When I noticed,I whispered to Dad ,he said he will go see her after, I watched as he walked up to her,they talked and she left.

I was so sad
“Why didn’t she even say goodbye,and she can’t possibly leave today… that’s unfair”.
I managed to get to Dad,he dismissed the neighbors with a crate of mineral and malt,cabin biscuits for the kids.He seemed to have a good connection with the people in his yard.

“Daddy why did she leave like that?”

“Oh…I appreciated her for bringing you home so she had to leave”.

“What!! Dad,you asked her to leave? how could you do something like that..”I snapped angrily.

“Honey the closer they get the more it’s going to hurt when things go wrong,you can’t trust women..”

“I am a woman…will be one in years to come, you don’t know what she’s been through because of me,I can’t believe you dad!!,you should be grateful but what is this that you’ve done”i replied

“Cynthia was just like….”
He tried to explain.

“Cynthia is nothing like my sweet Angela!!!”
I yelled back.
He looked quite surprised,I raised my voice at him. I broke down crying and ran after her but it was too late.

I stood at the roadside crying, then I rushed back and got my small phone. She bought it from me on the way.

“Who gave you that?”
Dad queried.

I ignored him
“Baby I didn’t mean to mess our beautiful reunion up”
He pleaded.

“You already did, Dad!!”
I called her several times,she Ignored,then thank goodness,she decided to answer.
“Hello honey!!”
From that tone,I could tell she forced it.

“Where are you? How can you leave me just like that, don’t I mean anything to you,have always been dumped,why do you want to treat me same way”
I wiped my eyes and continued.

“I love you Angela,I want us together please”
I sobbed.

She was silent,but I could hear quiet sobs
“Honey, you are home with your dad,and you will be happy with him okay?, Don’t worry about me ,you will get used to being without me…”

“What did my dad tell you?”
I said and glanced at dad with arched brow
She didn’t say anything for seconds.

“I only can say,he loves and cares for you ,he thinks I might hurt you.”.
“Hurt me? Why didn’t you do that those past years”
I replied abruptly,still staring at Dad.

“Honey it’s fine your dad said I should never come close to you,he offered to pay for the expenses,and any damages you caused me,he told me ,…..that he knew my type”.
She sobbed loudly.
“I don’t know why it hurts so much,even more than my break-up,maybe I expected a pleasant welcome from him,but all I got was hate,maybe it hits because…I… because I…”.

“You love him, don’t you?”

She hung up.
I put the phone door, and cried ,I fell on the mat and cuddled my baggage, crying my heart out.

Daddy walked closer me.

“Don’t call me,go get her back”.

” I am your father, enough with raising your voice at me,I am not the man I used to be,you should be strong and not easily deceived by emotions,with or without a mother,you will be fine”.

“I never asked for her to be my mother,I want my best friend,my sister ,my mom,back,she was all that to me,but my happiness doesn’t matter anymore right?”

“Yes …I have always agreed with you but dear not anymore,cry but you will get over it”.
He said bluntly and left the room.

“What happened to you Daddy”.
I sobbed loudly

I know I did the wrong thing but for the right,I never meant for it to be offensive,I truly appreciated her but deep down ,I hate the fact that my daughter is now attached to her.
It’s Special’s first day with me after many years.I can’t let her go to bed with this sadness,I had to pretend to accept their relationship.
I sighed and went into the room.,she already asleep,must be stressed out.

I pulled her clothes off,the weather was hot like it was next to hell.

Then I glanced at her phone
I picked it up and went outside, I found the contact saved with my everything.
Special trusts easily,I guess she took after someone I know,me, her father.

I called the number
“Hy honey, I’m sorry but I have to cut off all connections with you…”

“If you really care about her please be here tomorrow morning,and I apologize for this evening,I never meant to hurt your feeling,she live for you,I don’t what my daughter this sad,and also I want nothing with you,so don’t expect a conversation even if it’s about Special. Thanks”.

I hung up even without hearing her response.
I went in and carefully put down the phone to its former position.

Then spread a blanket over her because of mosquitoes,she was sweating ,I had to offer myself as a fan man since I can’t sleep ,I was still excited that I found her after years of searching.

The next morning
There was a knock at the door,I was so tired to get up,just then I heard a loud scream.
It was Special’s
“You came back!!!,I missed you sooo much”.

I rubbed my eyes and looked up
Her friend came back.

“Good morning sir”she greeted.

I nodded and went back to sleep
Special came and pecked me.

“I know you care about me”
She said,I waited till she went back to Angela before smiling.

I heard them gisting out loud,I looked over at the mat where Special laid last night,a diary was on the mat.
I decided to go through it.

“You don’t know how sad you made me yesternight,how could you leave like that?”
I told sweet Angela.
She smiled and hugged me.

“I am sorry baby”.

I nodded
“So about my Dad…”.

“Let’s not talk about him,it’s just a crush ,I am fine”
She said in a low tone.

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Alagoa Boye Joyous
Alagoa Boye Joyous
1 year ago

I’m dancing and I’m sad all at once….

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Enobong Dan
1 year ago

Supper interesting

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Bukola Abbey
10 months ago

So interesting