Empire High School Episode 37 by Ademide

Angella’s POV
I sat up in the hospital bed feeling much better. Some of my classmates had sent gifts and cards to me. Kate and her friends dropped by few hours ago.
Katherine gave me a large bouquet of flowers. They all stayed a while with me before leaving. I was glad to have them around. I knew I didn’t deserve such love and care from my classmates judging by my past actions.
“All of that is in the past now Angella. And if you don’t mind, you can join our team when you get well” Said Katherine.
“Actually we want you with us” Temi added
They nodded in agreement
I have a slight idea of what the team was all about. I’ve heard them discussing meet ups to study together. I couldn’t believe they were all willing to accept me. Well I was already getting tired of being alone.
“I’d love to join your team” I heard myself say
Excitement was clear in my tone.
“We meet up every Saturday to study” Said Kate
“The next meeting is at my house this weekend” Said Elena
“I’ll come around” I replied
I looked at them. Jamal, Lawal, Cullen, Emeka, Kate, Jones, Temi, Jeffrey and Elena. They had happy expressions on their faces.
And all I could do was wonder “what have I done to get these people care and love..And genuine acceptance?”
Why didn’t I get to know these people before now?
I had done one thing to hurt each of these people in the past.
What a mess i had made of my Life.
I had felt a touch on my skin. I snapped out of thought. Kate held my hand, Elena and Temi stood closely by my sides.
“You’re welcome to the Team!” They chorused
And I couldn’t help but smile with them at that moment.
There was also a card from Elizabeth, wishing me quick recovery. I was astonished she sent me a card. She thought of me. And I would definitely appreciate her when I resume school. I hope she gives me a chance to talk to her.
“Hello Ella” A familiar voice spoke
I raised my head, astonished. It was Joseph!
Joseph? Impossible!
I knew I was hallucinating again! Joseph can’t be here!
I closed my eyes for a second hoping his image would just go away. I was imagining things again!
Seconds clicked by and I heard the voice again.
I reopened my eyes. Joseph was really here! Unbelievable!
He was holding a bouquet in his hands.
“Well..I guess I’m late..” He gestured towards the flowers Katherine gave me.
I stared at him in sheer surprise.
Joseph came forward smiling nervously.
“Anyways, how are you feeling?”
I swallowed hard.
“I..I’m fine..Thanks” I managed to say
“This is for you”
He said, handling me the flowers. I held them tightly.
“Thanks” I mumbled before placing it in the table next to the bed.
I heard him take a deep breathe.
“I’m sorry for not calling to check up on you” he said
I looked away and bent my head.
“I have a confession to make”
I raised my head and looked at him. Joseph leaned forward and sat on the bed.
“I’m a horrible person. It was terrible of me to have fallen for another girl when I still had you my my side. I realized it was Lust and not love. I was so selfish and that makes me a dreadful person. And I felt bad after breaking up with you. I figured that you acted that way because of me you couldn’t stand seeing me with other girls. I made you feel insecure in our relationship. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?”
I said nothing.
I felt them. Tears pooled in my eyes.
Joseph continued
“I know you hate me now because I ruined our relationship and gave up on us. I understand that I deserve it. And I’m very very very sorry”
He stood up
“I’m sorry” He repeated
“Get well soon”
He turned to leave.
He was leaving. I could hardly believe Joseph apologized to me. Anytime we break up I used to be the first person to apologize and make things up. Everyone was changing!
“Wait, Joseph” I said
He turned his head and faced me.
I made a gulping sound. And the tears flowed and I couldn’t control them.
“I’m..Sorry” I whispered twisting my fingers.
Before I could say another word, Joseph was already sitting on the bed again.
“It wasn’t your fault. It was mine. I get jealous anytime I see you with other girls and each time I let that jealousy take the best part of me” I sobbed
“Then lemme say we’re both at fault. Ella, I’m really sorry about everything”
Joseph said, placing his hands on mine.
“I’m sorry too…” My voice quivered
“I really like you..And I still do” I said in a tight whisper.
Yeah! Funny! I still Love him!
Joseph put his fingers under my chin gently, he tilted my head to look at him. Sparks of emotions and happiness erupted deep down my belly as I held his gaze.
“Same here Ella”
Then his lips descended on mine in a scorching kiss. I gasped and he took that opportunity to slid his tongue into my mouth. I tried to control the kiss but Joseph wasn’t having it. He was really a fine kisser. His hands gripped my face as the kiss grew more intense. This was the most intense kiss i had ever experienced. I moaned as his soft lips devoured me. And I felt like he was going to swallow me, whole. I grew lost in the kiss.
Seconds or minutes..I don’t know how long we kissed. Joseph pulled back and rested his forehead on mine.
“I’ve missed you” he placed a kiss on my forehead before he looked at me again.
“I definitely missed you too” I laughed
“Can I have a hug now?” He asked
“Yeah! I’ve been waiting for weeks!” I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck being entangled in his arms too.
Suddenly I heard the clearing of a throat. We separated and looked at the person. It was my mom!
Joseph stood up immediately.
“Good evening Ma” he greeting nervously
“Oh! How are you Joseph?”
“I’m fine Ma”
She walked to the small table beside the bed and placed a basket on it. Food!
“I’ll come over to see you tomorrow” Joseph said
“Are you leaving?” My mom asked
“Yes Ma”
“So soon?”
My mom raised her brow.
Joseph scaratched the back of his neck.
“Actually I was on my way to the mall to get some stuffs for my siblings. So I just dropped by to the check on Angella” Joseph explained
I was a bit unhappy because Joseph was leaving. I wished he could stay a bit a longer.
“I’ll be back to school on friday” I said
He shook his head
“Take care”
Joseph turned to leave
“You are not leaving the
hospital until Saturday” My mom said
“What?! Why mom?!” I snapped
“The doctor said we still have to run some tests on you”
I grumbled
“I’m fine”
“You need to get better”
“I’m better Mom”
She stared intensely at me
“I see” she whispered
“See what?”
“You’re fine now because Joseph came around. Were you lovesick?” She asked with a bright smile. I rolled my eyes.
“Actually, I’m feeling much better now that Joseph and I are on good terms again”
“You’ll resume school on Monday. I don’t want you to fall ill again. You know your examinations are fast approaching”
“I’m perfectly fine mom…”
“Yes I know but I want you to feel better in my own way”
She kissed my cheeks. I sighed
I knew there was no arguing with her. So I wouldn’t make make it to The Team Meet Up this weekend. Too Bad, I was really anxious to study with them.


? Elena’s POV ?
Everywhere was still a bit dark when I got to school. I rushed to my locker and found another note on it.
“I can see you are really curious about me. And you’re tired of trying to figure out my identity. My Love, I’m really sorry for putting you through this, so I have decide to reveal myself to you”
I groaned in frustration. When would that be?
I continue reading
“Kindly check the back it this note”
I turned to the other side of the paper.
“I hope you would end up loving me in return if you get to know me. Come to the school hall anytime you read this letter”
My heartbeat rapidly
School hall? My Secret Admirer was waiting in the school hall?!
I unlocked my locker in a rush and picked out few stuffs before racing to class to drop my backpack.
I stepped into the class only to find a figure in the dim classroom. Most times I used to be the only day student in school around this time. Even the headboy arrives few minutes to 7 or 7:00 clock. The boarders in our class don’t come down until the time keeper jingles the bell for assembly time except they don’t know Mr Danny’s assignment.
I wondered who was standing by the window.
Wait could he be my Secret admirer?! Waiting for my arrival!
I needed to know. I pointed my flashlight towards the figure and he turned to face me.
And I gasped in shock.
“Good Morning Elena” he greeted with a half smile.
I couldn’t believe it. My eyes was deceiving me. It was Jamal!
He can’t be my Secret Admirer! I chanted in my mind
“How was your night?”
He started towards me.
“I’m..I’m fine” I stuttered
What do I do if Jamlal is my Secret Admirer?
“Wait, you’re surprised to see me aren’t you?” He asked
“Hey! Did you receive another note this morning?!”
My head snapped up to look at him. I felt a bit sad that he could be my secret admirer.
I didn’t respond
No! I don’t want Jamal!
“Elena are you okay?” He asked in a concerned tone.
Impossible! Jamal can’t be him! But I still need to find out before accepting!
“Perhaps..Are you my Secret Admirer?” I asked
He was silent
I prayed silently that Jamal shouldn’t be My Secret Admirer.
He said after a long momentary pause
I relaxed a bit
“So why are you in school by this time?”
“I don’t understand the assignment Mrs Salako gave us so I was hoping you would help me” he explained
I let out a sigh of relief
Thank God!
“Have you done yours?” He asked
“Yes” I strode towards my desk.
“Please borrow me your note” He said
I searched my bag and gave him my chemistry note.
So My Secret Admirer was probably waiting in the hall.
Seriously this suspense was killing me!
“Ahm Jamal can I explain to you later?”
“Why not now?” He asked
I grabbed the laboratories keys.
“I need to clean the labs”
“Oh! Lemme come with you. You can explain while cleaning”
“No..No..Just write it. I’ll be back soon”
I was heading to the school hall and not the laboratories. I would tend to the Laboratories after finding my Secret Admirer.
“Okay..no problem” Jamal replied
Then I moved out of the class.
Who could he be?
Series of questions and thoughts flooded my mind.
I inhaled roughly before stepping into the school hall. It was dark! So i used my flashlight to find the switch. My heart skipped beats when i switched on the light.
No one was in the Hall!
He asked me to come to the hall but he didn’t show up. I moved farther into the hall hoping he would just pop out of nowhere.
Suddenly I jumped in fear when I heard a voice say
I turned my head towards the direction. Funny enough it was beside me. And I gasped In shock. My jaw dropped completely when my gaze fell on My Secret Admirer.
“You…” My voice trailed off
He flashed me a bright smile.
“Surprised to find out I’m the Secret Admirer?” He said
I started to say something but my voice broke. I was astonished.
Kate was right!
Lawal was my Secret Admirer!.
What should I do?
Leave? No!
“Why have you been hiding?” I asked
He tapped the chair next to him and gesture to me to sit in it.
I watched him for seconds before settling down beside him.
“I wrote 30 notes to you” he said
30 notes?! I didn’t count them.
“The one I sent this morning makes it the 30th. And you threw 27 notes in the bins”
I looked at him
Oh! He kenw I had been throwing his notes away!
Suddenly, feeling of guilt washed over me.
But how did he know?!
“I’m always around anytime you find the note on your locker”
I shot him a wide eye
He nodded
“But you never noticed me”
“I didn’t suspect my secret admirer to be watching me” I said
Lawal reached for his schoolbag on another chair.
“I have all the notes here”
“You didn’t write them yourself right?”
“My younger brother wrote each note for me but I gave him the words”
He brought out a filebag, all the notes I’ve read were in it.
“I picked each note after you dropped them in the bin. I know it would be the evidence to prove that I’m your secret admirer”
“Yo..Yo..You -“
I locked my lips as the words struck in my throat.
What was I trying to say?
You are my Secret Admirer!
Before I could do anything again, Lawal did something that threw me off completely. He held my hands.
“I didn’t come to you straight for some reasons..Which you maybe aware of Elena”
He gave me a lazy smile as he held on to my hand tightly.
Sparks of happiness erupted from his simple touch. Butterflies formed in my belly. I gasped a little, somehow liking how his touch made me feel.
“What..reasons?” I managed to say
“Well..Elena it wouldn’t take a Genius to know that you are attractive Joseph”
Oh! So he knew too!
Maybe everyone knows except Joseph!
“No..not anymore. I’m getting over it”
I shook my head
“And I was scared you would reject me if I come straight to you”
Something flashed my mind
“Wait, Lawal -” I stopped
Remembering the day Lawal joined our team.
“You said you are in love with who loves another girl, perhaps..Were you talking about -“
“It was you” he interrupted me
OMG! I didn’t even think about it before now! No wonder he had agreed to the matchmaking easily!
“You kept me waiting for so long” I muttered without looking at him.
Did I just say that?!
“I’m very sorry. I only wanted to be sure if you wouldn’t yell at me if I walked up to you. I felt bad when you cried that day”
Yeah! Lawal was there the day I cried for My Secret Admirer! But he didn’t say a word.
“Somehow I convinced myself and built up my courage to come out clean. I’m sorry for putting you through such stress Elena” Lawal said
It was like a torture!
“Damn! I was so happy when you didn’t throw away the note I sent on Monday” he smiled at me.
“Actually I wanted to throw it away”
“Yeah, you were close to the bin..”
“You were watching me?”
He nodded
I didn’t even see anyone close by that day.
“At some point, did you suspect me?”
I shook my head
Kate suspected the Secret Admirer to be Lawal while Temi chose Cullen.
“When? Is it the day I had a discussion with your team?”
“When you were harsh on Cullen..”
“I’m sorry for ignoring you that day”
Oh! Yeah! I wasn’t happy Lawal didn’t give me a response.
“I was Jealous” He said
What?! Jealous of what?!
“You were alone with him and he was holding you. I didn’t like that” he said seriously
I stared at him flustered by his words.
Oh! Lawal was jealous of Cullen!
He held my gaze, followed by his hand moving to my cheeks.
“What were you discussing with him?”
He asked
“We were just talking” I shrugged
He wanted to know!
“Cullen adviced me to consider loving another boy and move on. He believes that there’s a boy wait to love, cherish and accept me” I explained
Lawal was silent
“Is he aware of the notes you’ve been sending to me?” I asked
“No one knows about the notes but I once told Cullen that I like you but we can’t work out because you are in love with Joseph. He persuaded me to give it a try.. So that’s when I came up with the plan of writing secret love notes to you. I always come to school before anyone else”
Cullen was speaking for Lawal!
“When did you talk to him?”
“The first discussion was when we were in SS2 second term. He asked me again three weeks ago and I admitted that I still like you” he answered
“Well..For how long have you been hiding your feelings?”
“My feelings started the day you helped me to the infirmary..Remember in Ss1”
My forehead creased.
“That day I fell and injured my knee during sport” He reminded
“Oh!” I whispered, recalling that day.
It was during sport, EHS students were asked to run round the school field class by class. I was exempted from the activity because I wasn’t feeling too well that day. So I watched the activities with some other students who weren’t strong enough to engage in the sport, like those children with health challenges (Asthmatic students to be precise) They are always excluded from sports activities.
Lawal fell and injured his knee. It was a deep wound that needed medical attention so I help him to the infirmary.
“I hadn’t expect such care from you that day”
That’s probably because we don’t talk.
I was with him while the male nurse cleaned his wound. He cried out loudly when the nurse cleaned his wound with methylated spirit. It was really painful and I felt pity for Lawal. I didn’t stop telling him Sorry.
I never knew his feelings for me grew on that day!
“At first I couldn’t understand the feeling but as time goes on I realize that I was in love with you” He grinned at me
We sat silently for a minute
“I wasn’t aware about how you feel about me” I said
“Well..Now you know..So what do we do?”
I looked at him again
“Elena, you may find it hard to believe me but I meant every word in the notes. And I really have to say this too -” he stopped and stared intensely at me.
“I love you” he said
My mouth hung slightly. It was the first time a boy was saying those words to me.
What do I say to him?
“Look, you don’t have to say it back now. I understand you’re still trying to get over your feelings for Joseph”
He squeezed my hands gently.
“I want to be with you Elena”
Wait, is he asking me to be girlfriend?!
No I can’t say yes to him!
I have to trash those feelings completely before accepting Lawal’s love. I mean..i could give him a chance.
“Lawal, could you give sometime to -” I paused
Think about it?
And convince my heart to love him?
My middle clenched at the word Love ❤️.
“I can Wait Elena” He said
I nodded slowly
“Thank You”
I stood up
“I’ll go ahead and do some inspection in the Laboratories” I said
“Fine..Let’s leave together”
I rubbed my palms and nodded.
Lawal and I moved out of the hall. Few Students were in the hallway when we stepped out of the hall.
I stole a quick glance at Lawal. Our gaze met and I smiled.

Angella and Joseph are back together! I’m so happy for them! ?
Congratulations to those who guessed right! ?
Lawal is the secret Admirer! ?
Forgive me for confusing you at the beginning. I thought of making Jamal the secret admirer but I changed my mind And used him to create suspense in the story.?

Lastest couple in EHS ?
Elena is taken now..Out of the single league. ?
Jeffrey & Kate
Jones & Temi
Joseph & Angella
Emeka & Caroline
Lawal & Elena
I think we should have a best couple challenge ?
Now to the main point.. Don’t get this wrong and mix up the story ?
“Kate mom isn’t Emeka’s mom o”
I read some comments on this..How can you even merge them up?
Mrs Adebowale has grown children definitely she’s older than Emeka’s father. And I didn’t write it that she was once a PA?
No! A business woman!
So are you saying she left her husband and went to meet Emeka’s father? ?Abandoned her child and then came back to Mr Adebowale and begat Katherine ?‍♀
Please Read very well!



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