Caged Chapter 1 – 5 by Derin Leu

Caged Chapter 1 - 5 by Derin Leu


By Derin Leu



The cold breeze of harmattan woke me up.

*I need to use the toilet* I said to myself

I tried my best to avoid hitting my siblings that slept on the floor.

I scurried out gently.

The toilet was a little distance from our room so I walked gently with a bucket of water and a flashlight.

After doing my business in the toilet . I heard footsteps . I used the flashlight but I saw nothing and no one . I shrugged and I went to the back of the toilet to get more water to flush the toilet.

It’s a face-me-i-face-you house . The water closets have no flusher and the water I took wasn’t enough.

That’s part of what you have to deal with if you forgot your silver spoon in Heaven.

Suddenly, someone pushed me making my face hit the ground . The flashlight rolled away.

“Don’t scream . It will make it easier” he said and he covered my mouth with an handkerchief.

I wasn’t wearing anything and if my wrapper  falls, I’d be in my birthday suit.

I struggled hard and he hit me hard on the face making me weak . He entered me and I shouted but he continued his business.

I prayed silently that someone should wake up..

He thrusted into me without mercy and I screamed with all the strength I had then he ran away.

I heard faint footsteps.

Few moments later, my mum and some other neighbours came to where I was with flashlight.

The wise ones put the lights off and the others left it on and they all kept staring.

I managed to cover my body with the wrapper . Most of them shook their heads in pity.

My best friend helped me and cleaned me up . My mother just looked at me saying I disgraced her . I couldn’t say anything . I just stood there crying.

That moment, I played the wishing game.

I wished it was a game

Pardon my manners…

My name is Abigail . I’m 16 years old. I have six siblings, a step-father and a mother .Follow my story.

Chapter 1

‘Abike’ my best friend’s mother called

‘Mum, I’m helping Abby’ my best friend replied

‘Come inside.Did she ask you for help?’

‘But mom…’ she said and I interrupted her

‘You can go . I’ll try to manage’ I said

‘Sorry’She muttered in tears

I took the sponge and soap from her and she left.

I poured water on my body.

It’s so cold

Harmattan made matters worse . I felt pains between my thighs.

I couldn’t help it anymore.

I saw the face of the rapist.Why did he rape me?

What did I do wrong?

Why did I go out to pee?

Was it coincidence or what?

If I hadn’t gone out, would he have raped me?

‘Do you want to turn into a fish?’ Mum shouted and I tried to bath quickly.

My mother took me to the hospital to get drugs and to get cleaned up.

She kept complaining about the money I made her spend because of the incident. I didn’t stop crying. I kept thinking.

*who would marry me now?. I’ve always believed in no sex before marriage . What wrong did I do to him? . Which man will want me?. Was it my fault I got raped?*

I sighed several times and my mother warned me not to sigh again if I dont want her to hit me.

We got home.I guess my siblings already got the gist . I think they were talking about me because when I entered their eyes depicted guilt and pity.

I am the last child of my mother’s first marriage . She had four kids for my father and two for my step-father.

I have one elder brother, two elder sisters, a younger brother and a younger sister. We are yorubas but My father was a Christian . My step-father is muslim . I actually don’t like the fact that she remarried and to crown it, why him?. She married him barely two years after his death.

Let me add, my step-father is my father’s younger brother.

Rumour has it that she has been sleeping with him even before my father died.

How would I know?

‘ Abigail.Come and explain everything that happened’ my mother said in yoruba language

I explained all that happened to her.

I hissed quietly at the sight of my step-father.

‘Did you see the person?’ She asked

‘No ma’ I lied then I bent my head.

I hate lies . I hate lying and I hate liars


Who would I tell that my step-father raped me?

Lately, I noticed that he looked at me with lust . Our apartment is just a room and parlour so  he has seen me and my siblings dressing or undressing several times.

My mother would say ” He is your father. What is there to cover?. What do you even have that I don’t ” . Usually, I dress in Abike’s apartment. He became nice to me and he would always hold me by the waist and call me his jewel . I shrugged and I warned him several times to never try it again but he never listened.

He didn’t sleep at home last night . He told my mother he was going to work and he would return 9pm the next day. I wonder what lie he would tell for coming home this early.

*maybe he came home with the fear that I would tell my mother*

Chapter 2

*What a day*

I was forced out of the house to attend tutorials. My mum adviced me to put a smile on my face because the deed has been done. I walked gently to the classroom.

When I got to the tutorial, I walked gently to the class. I was late but I didn’t care.

I spotted Abike in front and I asked her to join me at the back.

“Why did you bother to come?”she asked immediately she sat beside me

“My mother forced me’

‘Are you ok?’ She asked holding my hand

‘It’s fine’ I replied

‘I’m sorry for what happened this morning’ she whispered when we noticed the teacher was looking at us

‘I understand’ I replied forcing a smile

‘Did you see his face?’ She whispered again

‘No’ I lied again

*I lied to my mother and my best friend. Who else do I have to lie to?*

I felt really bad.I couldn’t even concentrate. I couldn’t get the scene off my head. It was like the scene was replaying itself.

Before I left, my step-father warned me not to tell anyone. Will my mother even believe me?

I remember the time I told her my step-father touches me where I don’t like.She told me never to lie against him again because he would never mean harm.

‘Abigail, if you won’t focus please leave my class’ my chemistry teacher said

‘I’m sorry sir’ I muttered 

Just then, I loooked up.He was teaching periodicity. I tried to focus but I couldn’t.

I looked at Abike, she was concentrating

*No one cares whether you concentrate or not . everyone to their business. No one wants to fail UTME*


*At home*

Abike stayed in our apartment and we ate together. She had to force me to eat saying I have drugs to take. She tried making me smile so I’ll get everything off my mind . Can I forget?. Is that possible?. 

I gave her fake smiles at intervals

‘Abike’ her mum called and she shivered.

I noticed her qualms

‘Yes ma’ she said running out of our apartment to meet her mum that was outside

‘What did I tell you about that girl?” Her mother said

I left our apartment.

‘Mum, she is my best friend’ Abike said standing akimbo

‘Are you normal?. C’mon go inside’ she said pushing her daughter inside

‘That’s how she will get boys to rape you the way she was raped so both of you will be on the same page.’ She said to her daughter who was inside

‘Abigail, warn yourself o. I can’t allow my child’s life to be messed up like yours’ she shouted amd she eyed me 

I ran inside to cry.

*I wish everything was a dream.What did I do wrong?.Who did I offend?*

Chapter 3

*The Next Day*

I left for tutorials alone . Usually, Abike and I would go together dressed similarly. If she wears a trouser and a top  . I’ll do the same and if she wears a gown, I’ll wear a gown.

Basically, we acted like sisters. 

I had to dress alone and also walk alone. I got there early. Abike wasn’t in class. I turned and I saw her walking into the class. With a smile, I ran to hug her and she pushed me really hard then she cleaned her body with a handkerchief.


A lot of people laughed but I acted like it was okay. I cried at intervals during class but I cleaned it right before the tears stained my book. After the first lecture which was English, we had a short objective test on Chemistry. I hissed at the sight of the test paper but I had no choice . I had to answer it . I answered all not caring to read it and I awaited my failure . We exchanged scripts.I was given Abike’s script.She got five out of fifty.

I was confused. Should I change her answers or I leave it that way . If you score less than 20 in a test. You would be stopped from attending tutorials there because the feel they can’t help you anymore.

*She’s my best friend.Let me help her*

She marked them in pencil so it made it easy for me to change the answers. I wasn’t even sure of what I got. I didn’t even read the questions.

The scripts were returned to it owners.I got forty five  out of fifty. I stared at my results like they weren’t mine.


*After tutorials*

Going home was sickening so I stayed back to read. I read English and strangely, I understood what I was reading.  After 2 hours, I walked down the dark stairs gently. I felt like someone hit my butt so I ran back upstairs and I had a feeling the person followed me. I got scared because all the teachers went out.

*God please save me* I muttered

A boy entered the classroom and said 

‘Why did you run?’ He said

It was one of my neighbours.

‘Peter, you scared me’

‘What, can’t I touch you again’ he asked

‘You touched my butt’ I replied almost shouting

‘And so?.Someone raped you and went away with it’ he shouted

‘Stop yelling’

‘Oh!.so you don’t want me to shout. You don’t want people to know.You don’t want people to know you were serviced for free’ he replied smiling moving close

‘You know what?.I think I should leave’ I said and I pushed him 

He ran after me then he dragged me back to one of the classes

‘Don’t play smart with me little girl’ he said holding my arm tight

‘You’re hurting me’ I replied and he let go

‘Please keep my secret’ I pleaded

‘And what’s my reward’

‘How much do you want?’ I asked

‘Money?.I don’t want your money.I want your body’ he gave me a wicked grin

‘You mean you want to sleep with me?’ I asked

‘No, I don’t want to sleep with you . Who knows the kind of disease you already have?’ he smirked

‘so what do I want? . I just want to touch you whenever I feel like and wherever I feel like’

‘Listen to yourself.Is that possible?’

‘is it impossible?.Then, let me just go tell the world you were raped . Ignorant Nigeria citizens  won’t care to know if it’s true or not. You’ll kill yourself because of the insults and stigma

‘I’ll think about it.’ I said 

‘ There’s nothing to think about . Tell me your answer now’ he said 

‘You can have what you want’ I sobbed

‘Good girl’ he replied and he unzipped my trouser

‘stop’ I replied

‘ I’m so Sorry.It has started’

‘I have my rules also. It’s my body’ I replied

‘What is it?’he asked laughing

‘You only get to touch me for 10 minutes everyday’

‘Huh?.make it thirty minutes. It’s thirty minutes or nothing’ he said

‘Ok’ I muttered and he smiled

‘If I call you at home.Answer me.During tutorials, answer me . whenever I want it’ I said

*What have I done to myself*

He dragged me to the toilet ande he touched me till he was tired.We stayed 15 minutes there and we finished the rest at home.

Chapter 4

I couldn’t help it anymore. The saga continued for weeks. I was tired of it

‘I want to touch you now’ he said to me one afternoon during biology class

‘The teacher’ I told him

‘So?’ he replied

‘Let’s use the toilet later’ I said and his face changed

‘Ok’ I muttered

I moved to the edge of the last seat in the class.

His elder brothers(lesson mates also) acted as a covering so we won’t get caught. His hands slipped under my blouse. I placed my head on the table then I continued to write. It continued for over 10 minutes that seemed like 4 hours

*What does he even enjoy*

‘Peter, leave that seat’ the teacher ordered

‘Twenty minutes remaining’ Peter whispered and I nodded

I looked at the teacher, he shook his head negatively. I knew he saw us.

*he’s my favorite teacher and my mentor*

After class, I ran home immediately. I didn’t want the teacher to call me.


*At Home*

It was about nine in the night

Peter called my name. He asked me to come to their apartment. I couldn’t say no.

Our parents weren’t at home. My parents work in a factory overnight. My older siblings went to work also. I had no idea where his parents went but I was sure they weren’t around. If they were, the mother would have been complaining that the father came home drunk.

I wore a top and a long skirt with a trouser underneath I went there. He told me his brothers went out also.

‘Ok’ I nodded

‘Remove your clothes”

‘Guy, we didn’t agree to do this’

‘I told you I won’t sleep with you.It’s Oral sex*

‘We didn’t agree to do that also’

‘We said no sex’

‘Doesn’t mean I’ll let you do this. It’s my body’

‘Your secret is at risk o’

‘Just shut up and do whatever you want to do’ I said removing my clothes

About an hour later.I heard footsteps.The door opened and it was Abike. My heart beat rate increased. She ran out immediately. She’s Peter’s girlfriend. I knew  for sure she would hate me for this.

*Why did I start this? I don’t want to do this anymore*


*The next morning*

My dad called me and kept saying

‘Abigail, don’t tell anyone. If you do, no one will believe you’

I kept nodding.

‘if you tell anyone, I will kill you’

‘you have no power over death’ I told him

He pushed me, I hit my head on the wall.

He held my cheek with his sharp fingers and I couldn’t talk.

‘you have no right to talk to me any how’ he said to me

I hissed when I was free then I ran away.

Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged Caged

Chapter 5

*Later that day*

My step-father made me angry so I went to tutorial late.

When I got there, I saw a paper in my favourite spot, the back seat . I opened it without enthusiasm. It was a note from Abike

‘Dear ex-best friend

We can’t be friends anymore

You even allow my boyfriend to touch you

What a best friend you were

My mum warned me not to go around with cheap girls

I can’t be friends with someone with a messed up life

But if you apologise…I’ll think about accepting you’

*What you get for having someone with brain like that of a kid as a best friend*

I kept the paper in my bag. Peter came to sit beside me.

‘The teacher is watching’ I told him

It was the same teacher that taught biology yesterday

‘he won’t see us’ he said

‘I’ll make it an hour today. Please not here’ I told him

He grinned and said ok

I sighed.


*After Tutorials*

We were asked to wait because there was an announcement

‘Abigail, Peter and Tomisin.Please come out’ the owner of the tutorial said

Tomisin is my friend.We hardly talk because he keeps to himself . He’s very smart. His life is book. I’m sure I don’t read as much as he does.

And Peter is also smart.I wonder why he is such a jerk.

The tutorial is strictly for students offering science subjects.

*weird but dope*

I was scared.I kept wondering why he called us out

‘Yeah.This three performed excellently on the previous pencil and paper test UTME prepation.Peter scored 272.Tomisin scored 289 and Abigail had 291.

‘Just two marks’ I heard Tomisin say then he smiled at me

He has this choleric kinda attitude..

‘Peter would be given one month tutorial scholarship and Tomisin one month tutorial scholarship and free cbt practice for a month’ he said and people applauded.

I wasn’t in the mood to but I had to.I don’t want people thinking I’m proud

‘Abigail. Well, the teachers said she’s a very bright student. One teacher added that she doesn’t have a phone.So I got her an android’ he said and I screamed

I always wanted a phone but my parents didn’t get it for me because they couldn’t afford it.

‘Thank you sir’ I said smiling

That was the first real smile I had on my face since the rape incident.

‘That’s not all. She has free cbt practice till she writes utme and free tutorials for two months’ he said

This man has done a lot . I kept thinking. How would I pay tutorial fee for the next month.My mother complains that it is expensive or I get a job.

‘For all of you.Keep trying . You’ll get there.I believe in you . There’s an end of the year party for the tutorial. You can invite your friends. I promise you’ll enjoy it’

‘All work and no fun makes jack a dull boy’ someone shouted

I was really excited. The smile lasted on my face

I followed him to his office. He gave me the phone and #2000 naira to get airtime for subscription.

The Android wasn’t Samsung S6 or Infinix hot6 pro .I loved it.

Half_Bread_is _better_than_none

*Christmas miracle*


I was about to leave then my mentor asked me to see him.

His name is Diamond aka Kryptonite. He teacher Chemistry and Biology. I prefer his Biology class . He is a 400level medicine and surgery student in the college of medicine of the University of Lagos. 

We went to one of the classes. We leaned on the window frame looking at the cars that passed.

‘Abigail, is there anything wrong’ he spoke up finally

‘No sir’ I lied

‘I noticed you hardly concentrate in class. You don’t ask and answer questions like before’

‘Well, there’s nothing to ask or answer’ I replied wishing he’d ask me to go

‘I know you can’t tell good lies. Don’t become a bad girl o.You know you left school early.Make this your first and last utme’ he said

‘Yes sir’ I replied happily because he didn’t talk about yesterday’s issue

‘Abigail’ he called

‘Yes sir’ I replied

‘Never mind’ he said after some moments of silence

‘I like the frame of your glasses’ I said touching it

‘Really?.Thanks’ he said

“your hair too” I added and he gave me a slight smile revealing the dimple on his left cheek.

His hair was curly and it was dark brown.More like burnt umber

We talked about things.He even followed me home but I told him to go home when we got to the entrance.

‘Bye’ he said

‘Diamond, bye’


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13 days ago

This is so very unfortunate 😩😩

Derin Leu
12 days ago

This story moves me
Thank you so much Opradre♥️🤗