BURGUNDY Episode 3 – 4 By Amah’s Heart

BURGUNDY Episode 1 By Amah's Heart

BURGUNDY Episode 3 By Amah’s Heart

That Saturday Ireti came but did not waste time. She said she was attending a party and just wanted to stop by and know my place but she will return back the following weekend and we will spend time together.
Within the week we get to talk more and I was loving the way she made me feel.
On the following weekend, Ireti was coming to spend time with me. I couldn’t just keep calm. My heart was over filled with joy.
My house was in a perfect order. I must impress her in everything. Since I wasn’t a good cook, I decided to order Chinese and other African food from a big restaurant. And they delivered it all in time. I also ordered some continental dish.
I don’t know the type of wine she will like to take but I made sure there were varieties of things. If she doesn’t want one she will want the other.

BURGUNDY Episode 3

I set it up on the dining and turned up my power air freshener to freshen up my whole apartment. The air condition was cooling so well. Everywhere smells and feels nice. With the way I was acting anyone who sees me will think I’m expecting somebody that has a key to long life and prosperity, nobody will understand is all for my woman crush. My own pretty Ireti was coming to visit me and to spend time with me. I do not want to disappoint in any way. I want to prove how much of a gentle man I was.
I checked the time and knew she will soon arrive. I called her to know where exactly she had gotten to and she said she was very close.
After sometime she called asking me if is okay to park her car outside my gate or can she drive into the big compound.
I rushed out of my door to the gate and told the gate man not to bother opening the gate for my guest, I want to be her personal gate man today.
Musa that have been guarding our gate for years stood at a distance and watch me as if something has gotten into my head.
I ignored him and opened the gate for Ireti. I told her not to park outside she should drive in and park right beside my own car

BURGUNDY Episode 3

BURGUNDY Episode 4 By Amah’s Heart

Ireti left that evening, she saw my mood and knew I wasn’t happy with the way she messed up the whole house.

My house had never been so unkempt, so scattered and dirty.

Even my friends knows me for that. I don’t like an unkempt place. It was so shocking that Ireti could turn the whole house upside down within an hour of me been away.

She picked up her shoe from where I kept them and left. All I did was to walk her down to her car and bid her goodbye.

I removed the curtains, the white bed spread that was stained with food oil, took it all to the washing machine and changed them up with a new ones. I did all the laundry because I don’t have a house help. I never find it necessary to have one. But at a time like this, I started wishing for a help.

I scrubbed and cleaned until my house was back in order.

I called Ireti that night to know if she had gotten home safely, I did not want it to appear like I was unkind to my guest, not just my guest the woman that I have always had a crush on until she prove to me how much of a mess she can make within a twinkle of an eye.

I called her but she didn’t pick up.

I decided not to call again and slept off.

Two days later, I try calling her but she still did not respond. I began to feel guilty .

Maybe I was too harsh or I overeacted.

I sent her a message apologizing and she quickly replied, telling me how i treated her like a ghost just because of the little mess she made in my house.

Ireti said she was actually testing me to know how much of a patient man I was, if I was what I claimed to be but in her assessment I wasn’t any where close to been a husband material.

That “husband material” she mentioned got me and i started laughing at myself.

How can she even be testing me by scattering up my whole house, even to the extent of getting into my wardrobe and bringing out my burgundy shoe?

I can’t be patient with such ill attitude of hers or did she want me to thank her for creating such a big mess in my house?

I apologize

Burgundy Episode 3

To Be Continued..
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