Behind The Mask Episode 16 by Jones Kwesi Tagbor

Behind The Mask Episode 1 by Jones Kwesi Tagbor

Behind The Mask Episode 16

© Jones Kwesi Tagbor

John cheats on Enyonam.

Women’s leader: My dear what is the problem?

Miranda: Pastor is refusing to accept my pregnancy after he slept with me countless times.

Pastor: Jesus Christ!! Lady what did you just say? Was that what you brought to me for discussing?

The lady became aggressive which called the attention of everybody including the pastor’s wife.

Osofomaame: I said it but you denied. Now defend yourself here. This is the Miranda girl who reported you to me. You think you can always hide in the dark and do evil? I cease to be your wife from this very moment. Take her home and make her your wife.

Pastor stood with mouth opened and eyes looking into the clouds. “No! I command an instant justice here in the name of Jesus!!! ” pastor said loud with tears in his eyes.

Behind The Mask Episode 16

Touch not the anointed. As soon as the Pastor commanded instant justice, Miranda stopped the noise and fell to the floor. She became paralyzed and found it difficult to talk. The Pastor asked some members that were around to take her into the chapel where the Pastor called on his prayer team to pray for her. The scene was not easy. The spirit in her threatened the Pastor but eventually, the church and Pastor became victorious. The marine spirit that possessed Miranda left leaving the real Miranda. Before leaving, She confessed that she was sent to bring the Pastor down because he was stopping them from progressing. After the spirit left and with continuous prayers, she regained some strength which enabled her to talk. She was interviewed by one of the elders and that was where she denied all the allegations she made against Pastor.

Osofomaame felt very bad within herself because she felt she could have done better by knowing that Miranda was acting under some influence.

Osofomaame knelt before the church and asked for forgiveness. Pastor asked her to stand up because he found no fault with her.

Pastor: You did what any other woman will do when she should notice that her husband is cheating. You being a pastor’s wife doesn’t prevent you from being jealous. After all, jealousy is one part of relationship or marriage that makes it interesting. Jealousy in a relationship simply means you care and wouldn’t love to lose your partner. The place where it becomes a problem is when it becomes overly done. Too much of everything is said to be bad hence too much of jealousy becomes a disorder which is normally termed as paranoia. That is characterized by excessive suspicion and delusion. The only problem I see is that most pastor’s wives don’t pray as expected. One thing I want to advise is that, because the devil finds it difficult approaching the Pastor, they pass through his wife who is less prayerful to get to the Pastor. As an osofomaame what must you do when faced with such a challenge? Yes you need to query your husband but most importantly, you need to pray for him. Don’t easily get influenced by what you hear against Pastor because some are mere plots to get Pastor down. Well I agree God did not call the two of us into ministry so someone will ask why should you blame osofomaame if she is not prayerful? The man and the woman shall leave their parent’s house and become one flesh which translates into I and my father are one. So anything that affects osofomaame, affects Pastor and the carry over effect will go to the church. I thank God for revealing the truth to the church but I will add again that we should be careful not to be used as a vessel of the devil.

Behind The Mask Episode 16

Pastor went to hold osofomaame’s hand and said “you remain to be my lovely wife.” They hugged each other passionately to the admiration of everybody around.

That was a clear indication of failure on the part of the mariners.

Interestingly, before the doctors could start the operation process on Enyonam, they decided to check again to be sure the system was ready for the operation. All they noticed was that there was nothing in the stomach neither in the womb. “This is miraculous. The fibroid has disappeared by itself”, said the surgeon. Everyone became surprised when they heard this. The doctor came out to give me a handshake. “Your God has answered your prayer. God as healed your wife without we carrying out our procedure. Our last investigation before the surgery indicated that there was no sign of fibroid”. Doctor are you very sure of this? I asked. “Yes my brother. Let’s thank God for everything. ” he said. I went on my knees, raised my two hands and sang songs of praise. I went to see Enyonam in the ward and I could see she was gaining strength. Xorsenyo came to visit us and also thanked God for the miracle. After Enyonam was discharged the following day, I advised she go and stay with her parents for some few days So that she could be cared for better since I wouldn’t be in the house continually due to work. Initially she didn’t want to agree but with more influence, she agreed. She suggested we get someone to be managing her shop because she wouldn’t like to close the place for long. She suggested one young beautiful lady who was also a member of the choir. I didn’t protest against that because I knew that lady was descent. Little did I know that she was initiated into Enyonam’s camp so she was just coming to continue from where Enyonam stopped.

Quickly, arrangements were made and this lady commenced work. Enyonam left to stay with her parents to fully recover before coming back. Jessica was to report to me everyday after the day’s work.

Behind The Mask Episode 16

After a week, Xorsenyo resumed work and gradually we were getting close again. He was equally preparing to get married to Golder. People were surprised to see the two of us getting close again after the near imprisonment case. Xorsenyo told them not to be surprised because everything that happens, happen for good and in everything we should give thanks to God.

I got home one evening when Jessica came to present her daily duty report to me. She actually did good sales that day. “Would you like if I prepare some food for you before I leave? I can see you’ve been buying outside of late”, Jessica suggested. “Oh my dear don’t worry about that. I’m Okay with that. Your madam will return soon.” I said to her. “Oh sir don’t think you will be disturbing me if you ask me to cook for you. I just feel like helping madam Enyonam in her absence.” she added. “Jessica since you insist you can go into the kitchen and prepare anything. I want to take my bath so will be with you after I’m done”. I agreed to her and went to take my bath.

I could feel a very nice aroma from the kitchen when I came out from the bath. I came to sit in the hall when she came to tell me that she has finished with the food. I walked with her to the kitchen and and tasted the stew she prepared. “Wow! this stew is very nice”. I nearly said this tasted better than your madam’s. I praised her. “Thank you sir. Just go and relax let me serve you”. Jessica served me rice with the stew. After eating the food, I became very aroused. I started admiring Jessica sexually.

Me: Jessica but why are you not eating?

Jessica: I’ve eaten mine in the kitchen so that’s yours. Just feel free and eat.

Me: Your food tastes very delicious. Come and sit beside me.

Behind The Mask Episode 16

Jessica smiled and rolled her eyes seductively and came to sit beside me. “I hope you enjoyed the food”. Jessica asked. “Oh Yea! I love it but left with one thing to make everything complete. I said. “Mr. John and what must that be? ” she asked as my hands were already around her waist. “The thing is located in the bedroom”, I said. She smiled and turned to look into my face. “I am here for you. Use me for whatever you want. ” Jessica said as she stood up and sat on the center table before me. She started removing the buttons on her dress.

Jessica positioned a digital camera in a hidden place in the room which was recording everything that was going on.

The kisses commenced. We kissed each other as if our lips were a life support machine which without it one may die. My phone started ringing but because I was in a high mood, I ignored it. It ranged again for another three times but I didn’t bother to check the caller. But I won’t lie to you, Jessica has a very soft and smooth skin which was very addictive to let go of. After that call, another one came. This time around, I checked and it was Xorsenyo. I only muted the phone and placed it back. My arousal got to it’s peak so I carried Jessica which I was sending her to the bedroom to finish the mission. I placed her on the bed, removed everything of hers and the next question she asked was where was my condom. I told her I was as pure as the snow so she shouldn’t worry about that. She agreed with me. Immediately I was ready to climb the human horse, there was this heavy knock on my door. The knock was very heavy and it continued. “Ah! who the hell is that trying to pull down my house? Please It’s late go and come tomorrow. Jessica was on the bed waiting for a kickoff of the game while I went to get the door. One could clearly see that I was in the middle of something because of the protruding nature of my towel.

Behind The Mask Episode 16

I opened the door and guess who?

…to be continued


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4 years ago

John is never a believer, he need to be preach to, in other to have an encounter with the Lord Jesus. He is just Church goer, making bench worm/hot n yet to discover Christ.

Victoria Adeyemo
Victoria Adeyemo
4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Sincerely speaking, cos m still wondering how he will eat without praying