ANGELINA Episode 11 By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

ANGELINA Episode 1 By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

ANGELINA Episode 11 By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

Nickel. Oh my goodness, I know my eyes are not deceiving me. This is the same guy I met a year ago, who tried to run me over by his car. He apologize and gave me some money and his number as well. And even with that,I could never get in touch with him again. He stood there in his handsomeness, he wore a white T-shirt and black jeans with black sleepers. He had combed his soft black hair backwards and his face shined like the sun as he was holding some papers and handling them to someone he was laughing with.
Lady Nash who was in the car had no idea why I still stood outside and has still not entered the car yet. She slowly gets out of the car and walked beside me and turned her face to where I was also looking when she layed her eyes on Nickel too.
” Hey!..Angelina, what are you looking at? ”. She asked,pulling my head from the direction.
” Eh?…oh,sorry Lady Nash, what were you saying? ”. I stammered.
” What was I saying? You didn’t even hear what I was saying? What are you looking at right now? ”.

” I..I..I was just..well,that guy,you know he looks kind of familiar. Like I know him from somewhere ”.
” Which of them? The fair one or the dark one? ”. She asked.
” The fair one ”. I replied and Lady Nash’s facial expression turned gloomy.
” Oh,that one….come in,let’s go ”. She said and we both entered the car. ” His name is Nickel Brandon.
” Oh okay ”.
” There are some notes you should take Angelina. Be careful around men. Remember the rules ”.
” Of course. I do remember the rules,but I just want to know what’s with him that you are frowning your face. Is there any problem? ”.
” His name is Nickel Brandon. Son of the most richest and famous true man of…I mean,his father is a pastor. A Bishop. A very powerful bishop for that matter. Pastor Brandon is loved by everyone in the city. Rumours has it that,the man loosed his wife when she was giving birth to Nickel,and ever since,the man has being the shadow of his son. He doesn’t even let his feet touch a stone ” Lady Nash said.
” Oh..alright. Interesting story ”. I said while I fix my seatbelt.
” So better be careful as you’re going to leave here. Just concentrate on your mission on earth now. And when the time comes to punish your uncle, we all help you through it ”.
” Well,if you think that there’s a pastor who will be on my neck in this neighborhood, why find a house here for me then? ”. I asked frowning.
” The estate is full. There are no houses anywhere around,except here. All the houses are bought and occupied. And also,the Ladies have tried all we can,to eliminate that pastor, because the moment he starts a certain prayer session, our powers go down. We suffer,wherever we are ”. She said and started driving.
” Not me. I won’t allow anybody, trample on my freedom. Now that,Queen Marina has given me happiness freedom for the first time in a long time,I won’t allow another son of a bitch,make me unhappy ever again! ”. I said in full capacity.
Around the city,Aunty Gina who has had Angelina’s pictures on her phone,went around with some helpers,searching for Angelina everywhere. They searched for her in the slams,around every corner but everyone showed no idea for her. Gina was more than worried now. She wanted to find Angelina first before taking the case to court. It was very heartbreaking the fact that she was suffering all those while and she was in abroad,having no idea of her friend’s death.
She had vowed to find Angelina and make her the daughter she never had then take her to abroad with her. She decided to take the case to the radio and TV stations.
Two days later,Angelina and her baby Katherine, moved into their new home. It was very exciting as they brought men along to arrange all their things. Angelina stood outside, carrying Katherine in her arms. She was now Miss Angelina Jordan aka..Lady Sona. The merciless sea princess.
After arranging all the things,Angelina entered the house with Katherine and layed her on the master’s bedroom bed. In a little while, she went to the kitchen with a cookbook and made some food for herself. She had brought all sought of drinks and wine from the mall and the fridge had cooled it. She got one out and drunk to her satisfaction. After that,she bath Katherine and breastfed her. She dressed her up like a doll and put her to sleep.
(Next Day=Angelina’s Mansion).
I woke up in my own grand bedroom and took a bath. I dressed up elegantly and cooked some food. I also planned to take a house help, to take care of the household chores and also take care of Katherine, whenever am out on an assignment. I got out from the kitchen and arranged the food on the dinning table and heard someone press the door bell.
I wondered who it was since I wasn’t expecting anyone. They only thing I was to do was to rest the whole day AFR all I went through. I elegantly walked to the door and opened. And standing in front of me was a man of maybe 60 years old judging from his look. He wore a spectacle and house sleepers.

” Good morning young lady ”.
” Good morning… May I help you with anything sir? ”.
” I am also living in the estate, the white mansion at the top is one,and am here to welcome you to the neighbourhood ”. He said. ” I heard people talking about a new person moving onto the last building in the estate, which is yours. You’re welcome ”.
” Oh…thank you sir. Anything else? ”.
” I am Mr Brandon, and am the owner of this estate. What’s your name? ”. He asked and stretched his hands for a handshake ”.
I was suddenly taken aback when I finally realised he was the Mr Brandon. I looked at his stretched hands and also shook it well.
” My name is Angelina. Angelina Jordan. Thanks for this warm welcome sir ”.
” Well,feel free in the neighborhood, you’re now one of us so,you’re welcome again ”.
When he left my hands,he turned to go and he turned to look at me again and laughed while shaking his head. I didn’t know why he did that but I really didn’t care. I went back into the room and finished my breakfast. When I finished, I heard the horns of cars outside my compound. I opened the door and saw four different and expensive recent cars.
Lady Nash also drove her car into the compound and she got out together with the men who were also driving the new cars.
” Wow…what is going on? ”. I asked.
” How are you,and how was your night? ”. She asked.
” It was great. And why all this men? ”. I asked.
” This are your cars now Angelina ”. She replied.
I thought I was dreaming.
” My what?! ”.
” Ye girl. Your cars. And you can buy more and more with the money you would be making very soon ”.

” All this expensive four cars are mine. Oh my goodness Lady Nash! Thanks you! ”.
” Don’t thank me! It’s your achievement after being one of us now ”.
The men left and Lady Nash also I entered my hall and I served her with her favourite wine.
” So..what is this assignment you’ve been talking about Lady Nash? ”. I asked and relaxed in my couch.
” Hm,Angelina… You are a Lady now. You should be bold on what am about to tell you ”. She said.
” You’re beginning to get me worried Lady Nash, just go straight to the point now ”.
” You,you will start going out to hunt for young girls to sleep with. Your anaconda will come out,and suck the blood out of her body,and in return,it will vomit money into your bed for you,then it’ll later enter back into your stomach ”.
” What?!!! My goodness!!! Lady Nash, are you saying that….”.
” Yes,you are going to practice lesbianism. You’ve already gotten yourself in the cult Angelina, there’s no turning back. I am also doing the same thing,that’s why my money never finishes ”
” But do you know what this means at all? The girl I do this with,would be killed by the snake! ”.
” No she won’t die my dear. She won’t die at that moment. It’ll take three days,so you won’t have any problem ”. She said and sipped her wine then stood up. ” I have to take my leave now. I have my last assignment for this week tonight. Tomorrow is the seventh day of this week,if I get a girl for tonight,then my one gallon would be full. I’ll see you tomorrow, take care ”. She said and leave.

I was extremely worried about this revelation upon how to keep my money. All I wanted was revenge on uncle Tom, and now,this is what it had led me. But still,all this wouldn’t have happened, if not for my aunt and uncle. I will so much destroy this people even if it’s the last thing I do on earth.
Then as this thoughts were running through my head,I heard a knock on the door and I walked to open the door.
And it was Nickel, standing and smiling at me…
To be continued…

ANGELINA Episode 11

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