Tarasha 2 Chapter 1 Part 4 – Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Tarasha Season 2 : The Return For Revenge - PROLOGUE -

Tarasha 2 Chapter 1 Part 4 – Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Bullets followed from every direction of the hall but the officer’s body was the recipient as Tarasha used his body to shield hers. She took out the pistols from his body and threw a backflip, cocking the guns as she did.


**7 minutes ago**

Aisha’s head was laid on Cole’s chest warmly, she closed her eyes as she enjoyed the fragrance and warmth of his body and his arms wrapped around her. He touched her forehead and stared at her face, they had never been this close.

Their magic moment was ended abruptly as the head of their wristwatches moved at the same time and their alarms sounded. The separation between them was sharp and instant. Cole quickly moved to the driver’s side of the truck and fastened his seatbelt, he adjusted his rear view mirror before starting the engine. Then he collected a black piece of clothing Aisha was handing to him, both of them put on the face  at the same time. He took another quick look at Aisha, she had also fastened her seatbelt and was about to begin to setting up guns for the both of them.



‘Where did that sound come from?’ Dakolo paused to ask Clem who he was conversing with on his way back to the visitor’s hall. They were in the prison yard, some prisoners on uniforms were clearing grasses while some were filling a pit with sand, there were several warders around supervising them.

‘From…’ Clem was pointing to the direction of the visitor’s lounge of the prison when a louder noise distracted them, there was a explosion several metres away before the reception, sounds of gunshots followed. ‘It must be from the gate.’


She landed on the table behind, standing on her left foot alone, at the same time taking out the two closer guys as she released bullets from the two guns. As she shot them, flashback of her brother lying in his own pool of blood ran through her mind, she began to see the face of the Inspector General Rikau on every officer’s face.

She placed her second feet on the table and sent in bullets to the bodies of the officers still trying to aim at her correctly. In less than fifteen seconds and with just six bullets, she had taken down the six officers in the visiting hall with her. She climbed down the table and proceeded forward, still pointing her guns towards the main entrance and keeping an eye towards the other entrance which was from the prison cells.

‘Let’s go,’ she said to Henry with a note of command. Two prison warders appeared from the exit into the cells and received two shots into the chests instantly.

Henry got up from under the table soberly, tears formed in his eyes as he saw the dead bodies of officers scattered all around the visiting hall. He was now seeing the Samantha side of Omotara, just few minutes ago, she had promised him to not shed the blood of innocent people but now she was killing mercilessly.

‘Let’s go,’ she reiterated to him as he was still being sluggish. This time the note in her command sounded more dangerous. The look in her eyes also told him she wasn’t pleading with him or would consider his say in the matter. He hastened his steps and followed closely her behind to the entrance.

She signaled for him to stop and peeped to see outside of the hall; the whole prison yard was in disarray, the prisoners working in the compound had fled and some were still fleeing at the sounds of the gunshots from the visiting hall and the loud explosion from the main entrance of the facility. ‘Let’s go,’ she motioned him to continue following behind while she led the way.

Half walking and jogging sidewards, Tarasha gunned down any warder or officer who sprang out of the buildings around and tried to aim at them, the only ones left to live were the ones who were running out without noticing them and the prisoners who were running for safety.


About eight police officers positioned themselves straight at the front of the reception building of the maximum prison facility, all of them got on their left knees and aimed their guns at the approaching vehicle.

‘Stop right now before, the count of three…’ The ninth police officer shouted into the megaphone. ‘1…2…3,’ he shouted but the driver of the truck seemed not to be moved.


‘What’s happening? Where did that explosion come from?’ Dakolo asked aloud on getting back into the open office. The whole place was in disorderliness. some officers were running in and out, trying to get their guns and bullets.

‘It looks like we’re under terrorists attack,’ an officer who was making a call paused to answer him. ‘More reinforcement needed, purpose of attack undefined yet…’ he continued with his call after answering Dakolo.


‘I repeat, surrender yourself now or we…’ He couldn’t complete his statement as the officers pushed the triggers in panic when a grenade ball was launched from the truck towards them. The speaker dropped the megaphone and fled  for his life, the shooting officers also fled before the ball landed but none of them could escape the effect which followed.

Cole had halted the vehicle before Aisha launched the ball and waited for the explosion. The bullets from the officers hit the front glass but could not pierce through because of the bullet proof quality. Other parts were also bullet proofed, that was a result of the parts of the truck they had worked on the day before.

He adjusted the rearview mirror again before he started to reverse the vehicle.


‘Terrorists attack, what the hell could be…’ Dakolo could not finish his statement as another explosion rocked the place that moment, causing a vibration which sent them all to the floor.


Henry kept following closely, without asking questions, even though it looked like she was leading him into fire. Another explosion had sounded and it was at the reception building where Omotara was leading him towards. The effect of the vibration was not felt much from where they were running, but Henry still almost fell while running.

It seemed Omotara had everything well timed, Henry had watched as she received another signal through her wristwatch, she then halted with him and hid behind a wall until next explosion went off. Then they began to run towards the place that went up in flames.

They got to an open office by the left and Omotara stood at the entrance, she threw in a small material which look like a cigarette lighter in and covered her nose with an handkerchief before entering. She asked Henry to wait at the door. Henry could see Agent Dakolo amongst the officers sprawling on the floor who were just trying to recover from the vibration that swept them off their feets, they began to cough as the gas from the object Tarasha threw in spreaded.

Tarasha proceeded straight to a table and picked the bag which she had come with, she took out a perfume like bottle from it and dropped it on the floor shattering the bottle into pieces. A blue smoke was being emitted from the spot which the bottle was dropped as Tarasha walked back out of the office, that was the second gas she released into the place.

‘Well aimed,’ Henry heard Tarasha say into the wristwatch as they got closer to the exploded place. Amidst the thick dark smoke and flames, Henry could see the lights and hear the sounds of a heavy truck driving.

Henry stopped to look back at the open office which they just left, he could see that Dakolo and some of the men were up and still coughing but they also seemed to be struggling with standing and seeing as they all were rubbing their eyes vigorously. He needed no prophet to tell him it was the effect of the gases Omotara had dropped.

‘Henry!’ He heard her call him name angrily, he turned to her, she was already several metres ahead of him but she had taken another direction opposite to their previous movement.

‘Tara!’ Henry shouted back her name but in fear, his eyes widened. An officer was standing several metres behind her and was about to pull the trigger.

She turned back without panicking and sent a bullet into the officer’s chest, as if she Wa aware of the officer behind. The gun fell from the officer’s hand and he dropped to the floor lifeless.

‘Now, let’s go,’ she said to him and continued in her direction.

She led him through one of the farms that the prisoners were previously working on. They continued walking until they got to a well.

‘Go in,’ she said to him. Henry gave a quick look, wondering what she meant by telling him to get into a well. ‘Or would you follow after me?’ she asked.

Henry’s mind was a little bit calmer at the revelation that she was also entering into the well with him. He stepped in and began to make use of the supports provided by the sides to proceed downwards. Tarasha took a look around the place again before entering into the well with him, she had just entered into it fully when she stepped up again with her head above the well level, she fired two quick shots at a tree and began to descend with Henry. She switched on her torch and placed it in her mouth to provide light.

A body fell to the ground lifeless from behind the tree she shot at, an officer had been hiding himself and watching them from there.

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