Tales Of Love Episode 4 – 5 by Iseoluwa Debbie

Tales Of Love Episode 1 by Iseoluwa Debbie

Tales Of Love Episode 4

Written by Iseoluwa Debbie

‘All I have ever done is love you. I tried to make things work. I stopped my multimillion naira business just to have time for you! I did everything you wanted to please you, make you happy, make you stay, make you change! I suggested we go to a counsellor. You refused. When I was sick, you tried to rape me! Gosh! Thank God for Tope you would have broken me. You tried to make me break my friendship with her after taking away every one from me. Thank God I didn’t. Somehow I realized you feared her. She was the only one who could stop you.

Now, all of a sudden, you went to make things work? Incredible!’ Sade broke down in tears. She hated being a weakling but she couldn’t hold back any more. She didn’t realize how broken she was until tonight. ‘I’m a changed man, Sade.’ Mark said softly. ‘Oh, but you keep saying that. You said that after cheating on me before we got married. You said that again three years ago. Remember? But you never changed.’ ‘They were all lies then. Believe me. Its the truth I say now.’ Mark didn’t know what to say. All he wanted was the forgiveness of Sade. And maybe he’s asking for too much. He prayed that God should restore his marriage. ‘So, what’s your proof cos I don’t trust you anymore?’ She said. Mark was sad.He was a fool to have done this to Sade. A big one. ‘I met Christ. He changed me.’ Sade shook her head and laughed hysterically. ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. Do you think we are joking here?’ ‘I’m serious, Folasade. Please just listen to me. Remember the last day I left home? I died. I went to hell.’ Sade looked at Mark as he spoke on. She would willingly worship any God that was able to change Mark.

She listened to him. She began to realize her mistakes too. She should have prayed for him not curse him. She should have allowed Jesus into the boat of her marriage. ‘I want to meet Jesus too.’ She told him as he was talking. Mark was shocked. He would never have thought that she would be this receptive. They went on their knees. Together, they prayed wept and blessed each other and their marriage. That night a new era began. They talked late into the night and slept of in each other’s arms at the early hours of the morning.

Tales Of Love Episode 5

‘I won again.’ Tope did a victory dance. She and Wale had been playing a game since she took her son back to bed. Wale laughed and looked at her. He would gladly lose again just to see that happiness and smile on her face. There was sudden power outage. ‘No! Why would they take the light now?’ Tope exclaimed. She put on the rechargeable lamp and sat. They were silent for awhile, each lost in their own thoughts. ‘Tell me about your husband.’ Wale said suddenly asked. Tope was silent. She had somehow been expecting this question but was not really prepared to answer. ‘I’m not married.’ She said. Wale was surprised. But you’re in a relationship?’ ‘No.’ She said. ‘Oh. That’s… Well….’ Wale didn’t know what to say. ‘I assumed you had a husband considering that you have a son.’ ‘He left. Wale’s father left because I didn’t want an abortion.’ She paused. ‘I was raped by my ex fiancé.

Some group of men had broken into my brother’s house. They all wore mask. They were hired assassins sent to kill a friend of my brother who was staying with him at that time. One of them raped me. I put up a fight and tore the mask. It was my ex fiancé. By then, the deed had been done. I didn’t tell anyone. About a month later, I discovered that I was pregnant. He said he wasn’t ready to father a child, therefore, I should chose between him and the baby. I choose the baby. He didn’t deserve to die.

‘ She said, looking straight ahead. All of a sudden she felt like talking. Somehow, Wale had made her feel secure. She had let her guards down but she didn’t care. ‘Wow’ Wale muttered. Why are men so stupid? He thought. ‘Wait. I remembered something. Sade told me you said you had a big matter to attend to. How come you’re here tonight? She asked in curiosity. He smiled. This woman was a smart ass. Then he frowned. ‘I had a date with my girlfriend. Ex girlfriend. We broke up.’ ‘Aw. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.’ ‘It’s okay. I actually want to talk about it. Nike wasn’t in love with me. She felt trapped.

She knew I loved her but all it did, according to her, was make her feel guilty. She said I deserve someone better. She said she was giving me freedom and peace.’ He chuckled. ‘Ironically, all I feel is pain and emptiness. Tope looked at the man before her. He was carrying a heavy load of hurt and pain. She stood up and went to sit beside him. She squeezed his hand gently. ‘You’re going to be okay.’ ‘Do you think it’s okay for a man to cry?’ He asked, his voice breaking. ‘Go on. No one is judging.’ She hugged him as he silently cried on her shoulders. He never would have thought he would feel this hurt and broken. Hard guy like him crying like a baby.

Who cares! It made him feel better. He pulled away slightly and looked at her. She looked like an angel. Their heartbeats quickened. Tope realized she had never felt like this for any guy since her ex fiancé. Their noses were touching as their breath fanned each other’s faces. Better not to complicate things. She thought. ‘Good night.’ She whispered and ran to the guest room. As soon as she closed the door, she leaned on it. She clutched her chest trying to catch her breath. She mentally berated herself for dropping her guard. Wale sat still as he thought about what he had almost done. ‘Man! You messed up!’ He hit the sofa with his fist. Yet, deep down, he didn’t regret his actions. In fact, it felt right.

Tales Of Love Episode 4
Written by Iseoluwa Debbie

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