Tales Of Love Episode 2 – 3 by Iseoluwa Debbie

Tales Of Love Episode 1 by Iseoluwa Debbie

Tales Of Love Episode 2

Written by Iseoluwa Debbie

Tope rang the door bell with her left hand, while holding Wale in her right. She backed a back bag containing all they would need for the night. Sade opened the door. ‘You came just in time.’ She said. ‘Come in.’ She carried Wale. ‘My boy. How are you?’ ‘Aunty Sade! How are you? Mummy didn’t allow me to come to your house yesterday. She’s not my friend but you are my friend.’ Sade laughed. Tope shook her head. Sometimes, she wondered if her son’s sharpness was a blessing or a curse. ‘But you know how to eat my food abi. Oni’sokuso’ Tope said. ‘I’m not Oni’sokuso. Stop insulting me o. I will not play with you again.’ Wale said with child-like indignation. ‘Wale! You have come. Come and see my new toys.’ Femi, Sade’s son, ran out of his room, very happy to see Wale. Wale wriggled out of Sade’s arms, eager to go and play with Femi and his toys. ‘I need you to help me do my make over, ore mi.’

Sade said. ‘You didn’t tell me you needed my make over services too.’ ‘Ojebi. Shey you didn’t know that as my friend, you ought to have volunteered, not me asking. You don’t even know customer service.’ ‘Ehen, me I don’t know customer service abi? Go and do your make over yourself then.’ ‘Shakara e ti po ju. Oya Jo ore mi. I’m running late.’ ‘Sha sit down. Where is your make-up box? Abi is it my teeth I will use?’ Sade shook her head. ‘Better thank God that I’m late.I would have dealt with you. Sade went into her closet to bring out a gigantic make-up box. Tope laughed. She tool a deep breath. Thank God for her friend or life’s struggle would have brought her down. Thirty minutes and five missed calls later, Sade was ready to go. ‘You look like a queen.’ Tope complimented her. ‘Really? Thank you. I’m twenty minutes late already. I don’t want Mark to have the impression that j don’t want to work things out.’

Tales Of Love Episode

‘Stop over thinking. Just go. He will be too stunned seeing you this beautiful to even remember how late you are.’ ‘Bye Tope. Wish me luck.’ ‘Don’t you worry.’ Sade said her goodbyes to the three humans in her house and left in her car. Hopefully, there won’t be traffic on the way, she thought. True to her thoughts, there was no traffic and she got to the restaurant about fifteen minutes later. She took a deep breath and tried to calm her heart from beating so fast. ‘Its either now or never.’ She said and entered the restaurant. She looked around but didn’t see Mark anywhere. Was she in the wrong restaurant? She certainly was not. A waiter approached her. ‘Excuse me ma’am. Are you Mrs Sade Williams?’ ‘Yes, I am.’ She said ‘Come with me please. I was sent to fetch you.’ She followed him to a room. She realized Mark had made private reservations. The waiter opened the door and ushered her in. The room was beautiful. Mark was sitting on a sofa. He jumped up as soon as he saw the waiter. He hadn’t seen Sade yet. ‘Is she here?’ ‘Hello, Mark.’ Sade said.

Mark was speechless. He could have sworn that this beauty right in front of him wasn’t Sade. Yet, she was. The waiter took the cue and left the room with a mischievous smile on his lips. Sade blushed at the way Mark gazed intently at her. She sat down and put on the facade of being the boss lady. Mark recovered himself. ‘You’re breathtakingly beautiful, my Jewel.’ He said and smiled. Sade’s heart lurched at that smile. ‘How are you Mark? This one that you’re calling me pet names. Hmm.’ She chuckled. Wale smiled then looked at her with all seriousness. ‘It’s not a pet name.

It’s the fact. Only it took me so long to realize you are my Jewel.’ He’s changed, Sade thought. ‘I thought you weren’t going to come. I was scared that you had given up on me.’ Mark said ‘Well, I’m here and I’m hungry.’ They ordered dinner and began to eat in silence. Mark fiddled with his spoon, not really eating. He couldn’t hold back any longer. ‘I’m sorry, Folasade. I’m sorry. For everything.

‘ She dropped her fork and look at the man she married five years ago. The same man she’s still in love with as much as she had been when they just met. Tears filled her eyes. It took all her will power not to cry

Tales Of Love Episode 1 by Iseoluwa Debbie

Wale and Femi had gone to bed and Tope was watching a sci-fi movie when the door bell suddenly rang. ‘Who could that be? Sade is certainly not coming home tonight.’ She said to herself. For a fleeting moment, she imagined thieves coming to raid. Scared, she jumped from her chair. ‘God forbid! Nothing of that sort will happen.

‘ She heard the door bell ring again. Quickly she went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and ran to the door. Swinging it open, she was ready to attack whoever it was. Thank God the person was quick to duck. ‘What is wrong with you woman!’ He shouted. Only then did she recognize the voice from Sade’s calls. ‘You must be Wale.’ She realized how crazy she must have looked. Quickly, she lowered the knife. ‘Yes. And you are?’ Wale said from his crouched position, still shielding his face.

‘I’m Tope, Sade’s friend. I’m sorry I scared you.’ ‘You certainty did give me a fright.’ He looked at her and went in. Tope locked the door and slapped her forehead. ‘Now that fine guy will think I’m mad.’ She muttered. Wale went inside to change his clothes, all the way thinking why women were called weaker vessels. ‘That woman is certainly no weakling. She would have killed me.’ He said to himself. He admired her strength though. It reminded him of Nike, his ex-girlfriend. ‘Better not think of her now.’ He muttered, shaking the thoughts out of his head. After changing into a T-shirt and shorts, he came downstairs. He wanted to get something to eat. Tope had already prepared a dish and set it on the dining table. She hoped that Sade’s brother will come downstairs so she can offer her little peace offering. She didn’t want him to start thinking the worst about her when they have only just met. She sighed in relief when she heard footsteps on the stairs. Wale came down.

Tales Of Love Episode

‘Hi…’ Wale couldn’t remember her name. ‘Tope. I’m Tope. I made you dinner. Consider it a peace offering.’ Wale smiled and looked at the woman in front of him. She was of average height, fair, and has this natural charm and aura around her. Her eyes held such fire that Nike didn’t have. Stop comparing them. He told himself. ‘Thanks.’ Wale said and sat on a dining chair. He opened the food. The inviting aroma wafted into his nose. It was his favourite: wheat and assorted vegetable soup. He wasted no time, immediately starting to eat. He closed his eyes as he savoured the food. ‘It’s delicious. You’re a good cook.’ He has this reverence for anyone who knows how to cook his favourite dish well. And right now, he looked at her with such reverence. She became twice attractive in his eyes. Tope’s son came to the dining room. ‘Mummy, I want to go to toilet.’ Wale turned back shocked at the voice he had had. ‘Wale did you bed wet?’ Tope asked her son. Wale, Sade’s brother and Wale, Tope’s son, answered at the same time. ‘No.’ They chorused. Wale, Sade’s brother, looked at both of them in confusion.

‘Oh! your son’s name is wale too.’ He realized. ‘I’d thought you were asking me if I bed wet. I was surprised at such an absurd question.’ Tope’s son started moving from one leg to another. ‘Mummy the wee wee want to come out o.’ Tope took her son to the toilet while commending him on not bed wetting and promised to get his favourite biscuit for him. They came back to the dining room. Meanwhile, Wale had just finished his meal. ‘Come here boy.’ He said to Tope’s son. Wale ran to him.’My name is Wale. What’s your name?’ He asked. ‘My name is Wale too.’ Tope’s son looked at him in confusion.

‘How can you be bearing my name?’ Tope watched as Wale and her son began to talk. She could tell that her son liked Wale. Her son doesn’t really flow with strangers. He always keep to himself and says little other than necessary greetings. She packed the plates to the kitchen and went to wash them ..

Tales Of Love Episode 2
Written by Iseoluwa Debbie

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