Julliette’s laugh suddenly interrupted Anna.
“What is it.?” Anna asked.
“Seems like this writer Olivia is a pretty strong headed girl” Julliette snorted.
“No kidding and nothing good ever happens to people like her” Anna added.
“just continue and let’s see where this is going to”. Julliette said and Anna nodded before turning back to the book.

“Despite doubting the stories the three girls had written down in the book, of course I was a curious person and I wanted to see and know what the school mystery is, of course our principal was Mrs Rosemary Henderson and our school founder was miss isablla Jenkintown but nobody talks about any mystery about the school, so that’s why I had a hundred percent doubt about the story the three girls had written, and the most unbelievable story every is Patricia, I mean a lady biting into her neck? She can do better than write a children’s vampire book.
The more my doubts grew the more my curiosity, I wanted to know more about this school, to write down right here in this book that Genevieve smith, Nora Albert and Patricia Roderick stories about the school are completely false. The garden had no grave despite how Deep I have looked and students were allowed in there, no missing students or little boy in the mirror.

Weeks passed after finding this book and my research was just a total waste of time because I was literally looking for “something” that didn’t exist, or I haven’t looked deeper ‘ cause that’s what I thought at that moment. So being a curious freak, another week passed and I decided to challenge myself up on this research of mine and decided to go to the garden at 3am.

So that night I didn’t sleep, I decided to read a novel I picked from the library so it would keep me awake, each time I would glance at my table clock.
Finally it was 3am and I closed my book and slowly crept out of my bed careful not to wake my roommates.
As I walked out of my room and to the hallway, I slowly made my way out of the school building and to the garden, the night was really dark and quiet, so I made sure not to make any sound until I got to the garden…

As usual the garden was pretty normal, it was dark but the moon light was almost helpful, after walking around for minutes, I felt like I was also wasting my time and I decided to leave. As I made my way out of the garden, I suddenly fell into the ground, at that moment I was really confused, I asked myself what in the world did I fall into, the place was really deep and I manage to scratch my hand on something and didn’t know what it was. Standing up I realized I was standing on something strong and clanky.
Realising I was in some sort of a well, I didn’t know what to do, how to get out I could literally see nothing but the moon above my head. If I’m to yell I would get caught by the nuns and also be punished. I had gotten myself I’m trouble and I didn’t like it, I decided to get punished than stay in the well overnight, so I decided to yell, maybe anyone can hear me, I thought.

I yelled a loud hello and my voice echoed loudly eating the silent night.
I sighed and was about to scream again when a silhouette of a girl suddenly towered the top of the well.
“No one can actually hear you, you know” the girl had said to me and I wondered who she was, how she came here and how fast my hello traveled that she woke up to come find me.
I begged her to help me out of the well and she agreed telling me to hold on.

Soon the girl brought a rope and threw it down the well telling me to climb up.
I manage to get out of the well and I thanked the girl who brought me out, she told me it was no problem and gave a shrug.

She agreed to show me my way out of the garden so I don’t get lost or trapped again, and she said she happens to know every nook and cranny of the garden. She took me to the entrance of the garden and I thanked her, I was about leaving when I paused and turned back to her, I asked her why wasn’t she coming with me, I mean I clearly thought she was a student of this school. She assured me she would get back to the dorms after I leave. I let her do her stuff and just went back to the dorm…
I mean nothing unusual happened and it went like that for weeks until I decided to go out to the garden by three in the morning again. This time I took a small flashlight with me.
As I got to the garden, I was careful enough not to fall in anything again, I spotted the well I fell in the other day thanks to my flashlight and I slowly start to move back when I bumped into someone…
“You again.” the person had said, when I turned I realised it was the same girl from the other night. I asked her what was she doing here and she just said she couldn’t sleep and was walking around I asked if she comes here every time and she said she does. She asked me for my name and I replied, I asked for hers but her reply was ‘just me her”.

I was surprised why she told me to call her,’ her.
We both walked around not saying anything, until she asked me what was I doing here the last time and tonight and I told her I was trying to look for things that didn’t exist. She asked me things like what and I told her about me finding out the schools mysteries and It was pretty foolish of me but I did. I told her about me reading the ludociel and clementine history and she let’s out a laugh asking me if I believed any of the stories, I said no and she asked why was I trying to find anything if I didn’t believe, I mean I was just halfway curious and I told her that, she laughed again saying I should definitely believe the story and when I asked her why, she paused and turned to me.
“Because this school really has some mysteries and stuffs that needs to be settled” I asked why she said that, I asked if she has witnessed anything strange about the school and she nodded. And her words were.

“Because you have been honest with me, I’ll come out clean to you, I am a mystery too, I’m just trying to runaway but I’m trapped and will get caught if I ever turn left or right, he’s vicious and will never let anything slip out if his little finger, he used to be so much better than this, but now he’s nothing but a monster and the so called God worshippers ruined him all and left me in this state, if I haven’t saved you from the well that night, you could have become a new me, so Olivia destroy that curiosity of yours and try to graduate peacefully, curiosity never leads to anything good, and don’t ever think of coming back here, your scent is really taking up the whole place”.
I was so confused when she released all that, what was she talking about, she made my curiosity ten times higher than usual.

“Aren’t you a student of this school, what are you talking about?” I had ask.
“I am not a student of this school, do not mind my teenage state, I did a lot of bad things to teenage girls that’s why I’m like this” she had replied.
I was so confused at that moment and she persuaded me to leave so badly.

“Try to graduate quietly, we’re all trying to stop him, just leave and don’t come back drop your curiosity”.
Her words made me froze at that moment and I decided to leave that night. She had escorted me out of the garden and just as I was about to leave I Turned to her and made myself promise her that I would never come back and will drop my curiosity if only she tells me her name. She had gave a slight grin at that moment as her name escaped her lips “Clementine” and immediately it like she vanished, cause I didn’t see her there anymore, I head back to the dorm that night but I couldn’t sleep. I was actually talking to the long gone clementine and trying to arrange everything in my head caused me a strange headache that night before I finally fell asleep.

As clementine said, I dropped my curiosity and buried everything I had tried to find out, this is my last day in school, and yes I am graduating peacefully, because I dropped my curiosity, but now I do believe this school has a lot more than we don’t know, and according to the stories written in this book by the girls and according to my calculations and also not believing I met clementine, I think clementine is afraid of ludociel. But I do hope that someday someone finds out what’s actually going on In the school, I’m grateful for backing out and not getting into anything hectic, but I do hope someone finds the school mysteries”.
Anna closed the book and gave a sigh.
“Thankfully Olivia’s story isn’t creepy” she said.
“Yes but it says so much” Julliette said sitting up. “This is clearly saying that ludociel isn’t a good person and according to what I understand, ludociel is keeping clementine hostage or something” Julliette said.
“wait she said ludociel isn’t like this, he said the so called God worshippers made him like, so there’s actually more to ludociel that we don’t know” Anna shrugged.

“And there’s also so much more to clementine, the garden, the well, the missing girls, if we can just put all this together, it will make so much sense” Julliette groaned and they both heard the bell which indicated dinner time.
The girls gathered around the dinner table and after Jane said a short prayer they all start to eat. The table was so quiet today and immediately after dinner everyone went back to their dorms.
Ava gave Anna and julliette a visit that night and both girls shared what they had read to Ava, leaving Ava with mixed with calculations as she Head back to her room…
Julliette and Anna decided to read the last chapter the next day and went to sleep early that night.

“Happy birthday!” Julliette’s voice startled Anna making her jerk up awake.
“What the h…
Anna rubbed her eyes.
“It’s your birthday” Julliette said getting down from the bed.
Anna looked at julliette to see her dressed in her uniform.
“You’re already dressed, why didn’t you wake me up?” Anna asked coming Down from the bed.
“It’s still early, class won’t be starting until an hour from now” Juliette said.
“Then why did you wake up so early?” Anna asked
“Because its your birthday” Julliette smiled.
“Why are you making it such a big deal.” Anna rolled her eyes.

“Because it is big Deal, go shower already” Juliette persuaded throwing Anna her towel.
“What is wrong with you” Anna groaned. “A lot is wrong with me, just go and let’s head to the cathedral quickly” Julliette said and Anna rolled her eyes before walking out of the room. Well at least someone’s hyped about her birthday.

Anna made it to the bathroom stall ready to take off her clothes when she heard a knock of the dwarf door. Thinking it was Juilette, she opened the door and was shocked when she saw Victoria.
“Victoria.. What are you doing here?” Anna asked.
“Oh cut with the Victoria, you know it is I, Ludociel” Victoria rolled her eyes.
Anna move back a bit.
“What do you want?” Anna asked.
Victoria smiled. “Nothing much”.
Julliette becoming impatient has been waiting for Anna for about forty minutes decided to go to the bathroom herself. And just as she opened the door she bumped into Ava.

“Anna” she called.
“It’s Ava” Ava corrected.
“What? Then where is Anna?” Julliette huffed walking to the bathroom with Ava behind her..
“What’s wrong?” Ava asked following julliette.
“Strangely your sister has been taking her bath for about forty minutes.” Julliette complained.
“And how is that strange?” Ava asked.
“Because she spents just fifteen to twenty minutes” julliettte expound.
“such a detective” Ava mocked.

“We count our time because we always wake up so late” Juliette scoffed.
Both girls got to the bathroom and stopped on their tracks when they both spot Anna’s body lying on the floor.
T. B. C

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