REUBEN Final Episode 11 – Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

REUBEN Final Episode 11 - Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

REUBEN Final Episode 11 – Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

… He stared at me, looking straight into my eyes. He paused for a few seconds and then managed to open his mouth. His face looked so old and he looked so unhealthy, with tattered clothes on.

“Reuben?” He called, and I nodded sporadically with eyes so teary, Melvin opened the car door all of a sudden.

“Guy, what are you doing now? What’s all this? Hop in nah let’s get out of here. Do you want us to get caught?” Melvin quizzed and then slammed the door.

I took Dad by the hand and then ushered him into the car and we sped off. We were still on our way when Melvin turned back and looked at him, he was just there sitting on the edge without leaning his back, and Melvin turned and looked at me.

“Guy, you haven’t said anything to me but shed years. What’s going on? Who’s this?”

I let out a heavy sigh and then I let out a smile.

“The native doctor was right. The man sitting behind is my father” I said.

“It’s a lie” Melvin exclaimed. He looked back again and this time, Dad was already in tears.

“Wow! Thank God you found him” He said and I nodded.

“But, how come he didn’t d!e?”

“I don’t know yet, I haven’t asked him” I said wiping my tears with the back of my hand.

“The only thing I remember is that I found myself later in the hospital, with Alaba our neighbor sitted beside me. She said the day the guπsh0t was heard, she asked you if it came from our flat but you said you heard nothing, and then you left. She still wasn’t convinced, so she came into the house and met me in the p00l of my bl00d. She raised an alarm, people gathered and I was rushed to the hospital, where I woke up after a month.

As soon as I opened my eyes, Alaba was the only person I saw beside me. I asked her about you and she told me that the last time she saw you was the day I was sh0t. I begged her to help look for you, and she did but you were nowhere to be found. My heart shattered into tiny pieces. Even when I healed my heart didn’t heal, and has remained broken since then. At times I would scream so aloud as soon as I remember you, not minding where I am.

Even when I got a letter that I had been dismissed from the Police Force, it didn’t bother me cos all I wanted was you. I started to look for you everywhere in Lagos, trekking everywhere in search of you and every face I came across looked like yours” He said with a giggle, and then snorted.

“I left Lagos on foot, and arrived here in Port Harcourt some two years ago, still on foot”

I matched the break as soon as I heard that, and then I turned and looked at him.

“You trekked from Lagos all the way down to this place?” I questioned while tears made its way down my cheeks, and he nodded.

“I would ask people around if they had seen my son, Reuben. Some would chase me out of their sight mistaking me for a m@d man, while some would dash me money. So I trekked and trekked, and later found myself here. As soon as I arrived in this city, I knew I was going to find you here somehow, so I refused to leave. You see? My instincts never lied. Today is the happiest day of my life” He said and then laughed briefly.

I cried like never before. Melvin too had his head bowed, and was wiping his tears with a handkerchief. I let out a heavy sigh, and then drove home.

I took Dad to my room, took him to the bathroom, bathed him, and gave him clothes to wear. I made him tea and omelette, with bread. He raised the cup, sipped from it and then he looked into the cup.

“I haven’t had something like this for years now” He said with a smile and I smiled back.

“So tell me, how have you been? And what do you now do to acquire such?” He said looking around.

I sighed, and then busted into tears. I narrated everything to him, how I have been and whom I have become. I approached him and then held him in a tight hug.

“I am still waiting for the day I’ll get to meet your mother, that’s if she’s still alive and I pray God grants my wish. I would love to ask her what exactly I did wrong to her. I treated her like a Queen, protected and provided for her. But still, she betrayed me and ended up destr0ying our lives”

“I… I know… Where she is” I said stuttering.

He dropped the cup of tea all of a sudden on a table beside him.

“What?!” He exclaimed with eyes popped open.

“You do?” He queried.

“Yes, but she didn’t know I was the one” I said.

“Take me to her, please” He begged but I told him to be patient cos I didn’t want to go back there yet for the fact that a neighbor’s daughter saw my face and that of Melvin the day I k!lled the man but Dad kept pleading and pleading each day and I finally agreed after two weeks.

Melvin went with us. We drove to Enugu, and into Melvin’s former area. I asked a little boy who was passing by about the whereabouts of the landlady of the house over there and he told me she was at her restaurant. We drove to the restaurant, and we went in. I was ready for whatever was going to happen. I even had negative feelings before leaving the house so I gave my ATM card to Dad and also told him the pin, just in case.

“Madam! Madam!!” One of the servers who knew Melvin and I beckoned on Mom at the top of her voice.

She rushed out of the kitchen and then startled as soon as she saw us.

“Jesus! Melvin, what are you doing here?” She quizzed and then paused.

“Kola, is this not Kola? I thought you were de@d” she exclaimed rubbing her eyes.

“What am I seeing?” She quizzed again.

“I just want to ask you why you destr0yed I and Reuben’s life this way. What was my offense?” Dad asked, and then she went on her knees.

“Please, forgive me. Where’s Reuben, my son? You people should forgive me please, it was the dev!l” She said, already in tears.

“Well, here he is. Ask him for forgiveness yourself but as for me, I’m never going to forgive you ” Dad said.

She raised her hand and pointed it at me, with mouth agape.

“Sparrow, is Reuben?” She questioned, and her hand began to trem ble. And all of a sudden, Stone stormed in with his men.

“See who we have here” Stone said, puffing out a thick smoke. His other hand was tied to his neck with a white cloth, he had survived the guπshot. See, I didn’t die. The bul!et hit here” He said raising his jacket, revealing his bandaged bre@st.

He brought out a pist0l from his back pocket, and then pointed it before my head. I looked at Melvin who was already on his knees with hands in the air.

“Please sir, let him go. Let my son go” Mom begged in tears.

“It’s too late to cry” I said to her.

“Oh, the harl0t of a mother!” He said and busted into laughter, and his men chorused laughing.

“Is this a family reunion or something?” He quizzed with a grin.

“Please, let him go. Take me instead” Dad said and Stone paused, and looked at him.

“Who is he?” He questioned looking at me.

“My father” I said, with head bowed.

“What? You lied to me that your father was de@d?” Stone thundered.

“No please…” Dad said but Stone shut him up.

We then heard the sound of cars parking outside the restaurant.

“Boss, Police!” One of Stone’s men exclaimed all of a sudden, while most of them ran out through the back door.

Stone turned and looked back swiftly, and then looked at me with a finger already on the tr!gger. As soon as he pulled it, Mom pushed me aside all of a sudden, and the bu!let met her on her forehead. She fell lifeless on the ground, and Stone took to his heels following the back door.

Well, Stone and his men were arrested, including Melvin and I. I was sentenced to l!fe imprisonment alongside Melvin. I asked Dad to take the 120 million Naira in my account, and do whatever he wants with it but no week passes by without him visiting me in pr!son with good food, and cash.


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©️Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites



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9 months ago

the story is too sweet, I’ve really enjoyed.

can I share it with my friends on Facebook?

9 months ago
Reply to  francis


8 months ago

No matter how press you are, never be caught in a web of negative behavior
Thanks for f story 💪

Kolawole quazim
Kolawole quazim
8 months ago

Awesome and fantastic