REUBEN Episode 10 – Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

REUBEN Episode 1 - Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

REUBEN Episode 10 – Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

… “Guy, I’m out of here. Are you coming?” I queried.

“Momyyy!” The girl called again at the top of her voice and then, Melvin hurried to me and grabbed my hands.

“Where do we go from here? Sparrow let’s run from here” He said turning and looking back, and then looked at me. His hands were already shivering, and he stood there pacing like one who had just finished a race.

“Let’s disappear out of here” I said but I didn’t even know how to do so yet cos the native doctor forgot to mention the disappearing and the reappearing part. But a few seconds after I mentioned it, we both disappeared and appeared after a few minutes in a hotel room.

“Where am I?” Melvin quizzed looking around.

“Where’s this place ” I asked rushing to the already opened window. I peeped outside the window but the whole place didn’t look familiar to me.

“Wait o, I hope this thing hasn’t brought us to where we will finally meet our end?” Melvin questioned.

“Nah, I don’t think so” I said.

“This place looks like a hotel or something ” I said.

“A hotel? What has it brought us to a hotel to do? Are you thinking what I’m thinking at all?” Asked Melvin who was already so fr!ghtened.

“Guy calm down now. Stop acting like a baby in this game.”

“I’m not acting like a baby. I just don’t want those stories that touch the heart.”

“Let’s go outside and check where we even are ” I said and we then stepped out only to see a signpost of the hotel outside the compound, and beneath the write ups, we saw Port Harcourt, Rivers State. That was how we found ourselves in Port Harcourt, and we settled.

I still had some money in my account. We got guπs, and began to terr0rise the city. We even walked into some banks severally with bags, and no one noticed our presence. We would fill up our bags with money, and then leave successfully. We began to live our dream life, drove expensive cars, traveled wherever we wanted, ate whatever we wanted to eat, and made l0ve to all kinds of women.

One Friday night, Melvin and I went to a nearby club. We were sitting side by side and I was having the second wrap of he-mp in my mouth when I saw Stone from afar, sitting with some gang members. A lady was sitting on his lap, and they were both sharing a cup of beer. I giggled as soon as I saw him making merry with the particular lady. I raised my head, and then puffed out the smoke in my mouth into the air. I tapped Melvin who was busy humming the song being played by the D.J. He bent over with one of his ears almost in my mouth.

“See your boss, Stone” I said with a smile, puffing out another sm0ke.

“Where?!” He exclaimed all of a sudden, and then I pointed at him.

I stood up all of a sudden, and then whispered to Melvin.

“I am coming”

“To where?” Melvin asked twisting a hand in the air but I ignored him.

I walked in slow motion to where Stone and his men were seated. I brought out some mints of Naira notes and began to spray the girl who was still sitting on Stone’s legs. She squatted immediately and then began to pick up the money. Stone’s jaw dropped in awe as soon as he saw me. He got up immediately, and all his men stood up too.

“Sparrow! You again?” He quizzed.

I held the he-mp in my mouth in between two fingers, took it out, and then puffed the smoke directly in his face. I carried the cup of beer he was sharing with the lady, and I emptied the content in my throat. His men swiftly brought out their guπs and had them raised in the air.

“Calm down boys, stay calm” He said with a hand rubbing his chest downwards.

“The little Sparrow, is now a big fish” I said with a grin.

“You trait0r. What the hel! are you doing here? You connived the other day with that D.J in Lagos who then put off the lights so you could escape” He said and then took a step forward and stood right before me.

“If it may interest you, we k!lled him” He said and then giggled.

“You did what?” I asked dragging out a p!st0l I had kept behind me in my trousers, and I pointed it at him. While his men too pointed their’s at me immediately.

“Go ahead, sh00t me you ingrate” He said but I only let out a smile.

“Nah, I’m not an ingrate, and I’m not going to sh00t cos, I remember what you once did for me in the past. I’m just here to warn you to let me be, in case you’ll see me anywhere henceforth, that’s if you value your life. I know it still hurts you that you couldn’t k!ll me the other time. If you still have it in mind to do so, kindly erase such thoughts from your head cos I’m no longer the little boy that you used to know.” I said and then put the pist0l back behind me. I locked stares with him and then turned back to walk to where I was sitting with Melvin when I suddenly heard a gunsh0t.

As soon as I turned back, I heard another gunsh0t, and then I saw Stone falling directly on his back. The other people around who came to party started falling on each other, struggling to use the exit door at once. I didn’t know who sh0t the guπ at first, but it was Melvin who sh0t Stone in return, and the gang members started to fire at Melvin and me. And when they saw that it had no effect on us, they took to their heels dragging Stone’s body on the floor with them. Melvin was going to sh00t, but I raised a hand in the air so he could stop whatever plan he had in mind and he paused.

Melvin and I rushed out of the club after they had left. It was already dark but the bulbs by the entrance of the club were shining so bright that one could drop a pin and still pick it up. We ran past the security guards who lay flat with faces on the ground, ran to where we parked, and were driving off when this man came from no where and stood before our car. He was carrying a polythene bag and a walking stick in one hand, while the other hand was carrying a small bowl. I hooted and hooted, he still didn’t move an inch.

“Guy h!t him and pass before this club People call the police on us” Said Melvin.

“No nah, he could be bl!nd or something” I said with a smile.

I rushed down, and approached him in an attempt to cross him over to the other side when he turned his face swiftly, and looked at me.

“Dad” I called…

To be continued.

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