Nathaniel Bassey – “Awamaridi” ft. Tomi Favored, Tope Alabi

Nathaniel Bassey – “Awamaridi” ft. Tomi Favored, Tope Alabi

Download – “Awamaridi”

There are no limits to where good music can take you to. This is exactly how Nathaniel Bassey feels as he drops his highly anticipated gospel project which he tagged “Jesus, The Resurrection And The Life” Album. The project surfaces online and off the newly release album comes this 1oth track titled “Awamaridi” which features singer female singer “Tomi Favoured” and gospel veteran “Tope Alabi“.

“Awamaridi” has Tomi and Nathaniel Bassey singing praises to the Most High in a mid tempo quotation that will minister into you and Tope Alabi wrapping it up by praising God in her dialect that will surely move your spirit.

Awamaridi Lyrics;

Hu Hu Hu, hu hu hu
Ye…. Hu

Verse 1 (Tomi Favoured)
You are the Beginning and Ending, Alpha and Omega
You seated in the circle of the earth
You are the God who made the universe, out of void and emptiness
You spoke the word and it fell into place

You’re deeper than my mind can grasp and what my eyes can see
Eternity won’t be enough to tell of You
As long as I got breathe in me, and through the great beyond
I’ll declare the greatness of Your Name

Awamaridi, Awamaridi, ooh… oh
You are a mystery, reveal to me Your own
So I’ve come to worship You
I’ve come to worship You

Verse 2 (Nathaniel Bassey)
The heavens after heavens cannot contain Your majesty
And yet You made my heart Your dwelling place
I find it hard to understand, the reason for this kind of love
For mortal men who sometimes doesn’t care

Tomi Favoured & Nathaniel Bassey

You took the journey to the cross, and never looking back
You die the sinners death so I can live again
If this is not the greatest love, I wonder what is
It can only take a God who is like You…, Jesus

Awamaridi, Awamaridi, ooh…
You are a mystery, reveal to me Your own

Awamaridi, Awamaridi, ooh… eh…
Awamaridi, Awamaridi, ooh… eh…
So I’ve come to worship You

(Trumpet Sound)
I’ve come to worship You
‘Cause I live to worship You
I live to worship You

Awamaridi, Awamaridi, Awamaridi Oh
You are a mystery, reveal to me Your own

(Speaking in Tongues)

Verse 3 (Tope Alabi)
Awa ao ma ridi e
Awa ma ridi ooo
Ai le tu wo
Ai tu di
Imole laarin okuku birimu, birimu

Ai leridi, Awamaridi ni oo
Oruko re naa nu
O san ara ooo
O ru omi okun
Oro ta so di ara to n bawa gbe
Apata to ga ju wa lo ti ako ri o

Ti ise re n han ooo
Talo fe tu, atu di, a le ba, akan ko
Awamaridi ooo

Ibere ti ao ridi e
Aarin to lo lai lopin ooo
Opin teni keni kole mo

Awamaridi ooo, Awamaridi ooo, Awamaridi ooo
Oluwa ni o
Olorun ni o
Ore ni o
Alagbawi eda
Olugbeja omo orukan

Omomomo to mopanri aye, mopanri orun
Olowo to laaye ja
Awamaridi ooo

Eru re n bani yan ooo
Ife re ma po lori aye
Aya re ja niyan ooo
Awamaridi ooo

Talo fe wa o
Talo fe tu o na
Ko se tu, ko se di
Boba wa idi re, ko seni to le mo eee
O ma ti poju o
O ma ti poju lo
Ologo ton dan
Awamaridi iba ooo

Iba Iba oooo
Iba ooo

Listen and Download Nathaniel Bassey – Awamaridi Below;

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