MY UNGRATEFUL HUSBAND Episode 2 – Princess Joseph

MY UNGRATEFUL HUSBAND Episode 1 - Princess Joseph

MY UNGRATEFUL HUSBAND Episode 2 – Princess Joseph

I went upstairs and knelt down before Dave to apologize to him for cooking trash for him like he said and then all his statement flashed back my memory

What is this?

What is this you just placed before me?

Oh now I have finally seen that you are no longer ready to be a wife

You are suppose to be grateful to me for making you my wife

Do you know what it means for a son of a very rich and well known man to marry the daughter of a palm wine tapper?

You are supposed to kneel down every morning to worship me Like your God because I am your god

Yes I am your god

I provide everything you need

There is all kind of food stuffs in the kitchen

So tell me what is too hard for you to prepare a delicious meal for your husband

Next time you prepare this kind of food for me, I will pour it on you body like this

I got angry and stood up angrily

He was surprised and looked at me confusedly

What is the meaning of that?

Are you insane?

Should I call a psychologist?

Cos what you displayed here right now is no different from a mad woman

What was that?

You came and knelt before me then you stood up abruptly

Is it that you are too big to apologize to me or what? Dave said angrily

I stood staring at him furiously

Dave, I owe you no apology

Yes you heard me right

I owe you no apology

All what you said to me in the sitting room pierce in my heart like an arrow

You stabbed me with your words Dave

If there should be anyone to apologize, then that person should be you

No reasonable man will say such words to his wife

If truly you love me, then you wouldn’t say those words to me

I spent a lot time cooking that jollof rice for you with varieties of vegetables and the thanks you could say to me is pouring the food on me

You are lucky you didn’t marry a wicked wife

If not, that food would have been the last food you will taste in this house

I said and attempted to leave when Dave drew me back and gave me two dirty slaps

Dave! You slapped me? I asked holding my cheek

And I will do more than that if you try talk to me in that manner again

You forgot I an your husband

And every Sunday you leave the house in the name of going to church

Tell me what they preach to you in the church

Haven’t you heard of the word in the bible that says “women submit to your husband?

Haven’t you heard of that? He asked pointing his second finger at me

And the same bible also said ” men love your wife” do you love me?

Do you love me with this attitude of yours?

So because the bible said we should be submissive to our husband, that is why you are taking advantage of it by treating me like a maid right?

Dave, the next time you lay your hands on me, I swear by my grand father’s grave that you will forever regret the day you married me as a wife

I can say that you are trying to take my love for you for advantage

I don’t blame those women that says they love their kids more than their husband

Now I am beginning to see reason with them

But the next time you lay your hands on me, you will regret it

I am not threatening you Dave

Its a guarantee!

I said and walked out holding my cheeks

I went to my kids room lay there on the bed crying uncontrollably

I continued thinking of my life and not so long, the door opened and Dave walked in tying the towel round his waist and his manhood was standing

I got angry at his sight

He only remember he has a wife when he is horny but this night, I will never give it to him

I concluded and stood up from the bed

I need you right now Samantha

I really do need you please

He said walking towards me

Don’t you dare touch me Dave

Oh, you only remember you have a wife when you are horny right?

This night, I am not in the mood

I said trying to walk away and he held me back

You ain’t going anywhere Samantha!

Don’t tell me you want to deny me of my right

Don’t tell me you want to deny me sex

Samantha I need you right now or else, I will go get it elsewhere

He said and I smiles

Are you threatening me with that?

I use to tryst you before Dave but not anymore

Swear with your life that you haven’t done it outside our home before


I said and tried to leave and Dave drew me back and falsed me to the bed

I tried not to let him sleep with me but he overpowered me and raped me

He finished with me, took his towel and hissed

Bullshit to you too!.

You are here denying me sex with this your wide smelling pussy

I will never ever sleep with you again in this house

He said and left

Oh no!

Did Dave just called my pussy a wide and smelling one?

This is serious!

I said and walked to the room angrily

Dave, Dave you called my pussy a wide and smelling pussy?

Dave how could you?

This same pussy is the same pussy that gave birth to your two grown up children

My pussy isn’t smelling Dave

I am a very neat woman to the core

And you have the gut to tell me that my pussy is wide Dave

You didn’t even think about my feelings

Dave, I won’t blame you

But blame myself for marrying a 2min man like you.

I said and he was shocked

I laughed at him and left him there


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