MY UNGRATEFUL HUSBAND Episode 1 – Princess Joseph

MY UNGRATEFUL HUSBAND Episode 1 - Princess Joseph

MY UNGRATEFUL HUSBAND Episode 1 – Princess Joseph

This is not Dave

This can’t be Dave

This is not the man I married

This is not the man I married

What came over him

I am submissive

Loyal and most of all faithful to him and I love him very much

I count him first in everything I do and I love and cherish him a lot more than my 2 kids

Even before my father in-law took my kids to Switzerland for vacation, Dave and I haven’t been living like this

I only noticed some fishy characters on him

Like passwording his phone, answering calls secretly and so on

I trust my husband so much and I can take an oath on his behalf that he can never ever cheat on me

I trust him with my life and the way he keeps assuring him that anything under the skirt aside from his wife own is a no for him

I proudly tell other women to their face that my husband is not sleeping around like other men and they laugh at me saying one day, I will see that all men are actually the same

Dave character is what keeps marvelling me

He wasn’t like this before so why is he acting this way

He is beginning to order me around and tell me to my face that he is ashamed to introduce me to people

He said my father is poor and his father is a well known rich man that owns up to 5 different companies in 5 different state and his friends will laugh at him if he introduce me Samantha his wife to his friends as a daughter of a palm wine tapper

But Dave, you aren’t like this before?

Maybe friends are beginning to mislead you

There is no problem about that

Since you are ashamed to introduce me to people, no problem, all I want is just for you to start up a business for me

So I can cater for myself

You no longer take care of me

You no longer care about what I put on

The last time you bought me wears was last year april and the hair I make is not like that of a rich man’s wife

Please start up a business for me

I pleaded and he eyed me from head to toe


You are talking trash!

I, Dave should start up a business for you

So that you will have the Chance to cheat on me right? Dave said and I felt so disappointed

How can you think of such a thing Dave?

What made you believe that I can cheat on you?

What made you think so Dave ?

I am shocked and at the same time disappointed in you

I am disappointed that you don’t trust me!

You don’t trust me Dave?

That’s so bad Dave

You don’t trust me? I said as tears flowed my cheeks uncontrollably

Shedding of crocodile tears

Gone are the days when you deceive me with your crocodile tears


I am bigger than that okay

So save your tears for another day

Dave said and left me standing confusedly

What have come over my husband?

He is not like this before

What is wrong with him?

Why is he behaving strangely?

Is there things I am not doing right?

But he have never complained of anything

I prepare fresh food and juice for him everyday

I look so unkept because of stress

He gave refused to get me a help

And he refuse to let me venture into business

He refused to let me work too

I studied accounting in school

I am supposed to be working in a bank now and he earning some cool cash but this man I married wouldn’t let me

I thought he was being caring but since he is bold enough to tell me to my face that he isn’t proud of me because of my background, it shows he never loved me

He was only pretending

He just proved to me that he is a player and I will try my possible best to set up a business for myself

I soliloquizes and laid back on my bed

I heard Dave screaming my name from downstairs and I rushed down

You called me? I asked in a confused state

You are very stupid for asking me such question!

What the hell is wrong with you?

Your husband came back from work tiredly and you couldn’t serve him his dinner

You only welcomed me with the trash you vomited in the room

Don’t let such repeat itself again to avoid me laying my hands on you

Stop behaving like a child so you won’t be treated like one. He said in a harsh tune and I felt so sad

Dave I can’t believe you are the one talking to me like this

I am your wife and I think I still deserve some respect from you

I am also a human being like you

Please stop talking to me in that manner

I said and went to the kitchen, dished out his food and his freshly made juice and drop it in the dinning

He tasted the food and spit it out

What is this?

What is this you just placed before me?

Oh now I have finally seen that you are no longer ready to be a wife

You are suppose to be grateful to me for making you my wife

Do you know what it means for a son of a very rich and well known man to marry the daughter of a palm wine tapper?

You are supposed to kneel down every morning to worship me Like your God because I am your god

Yes I am your god

I provide everything you need

There is all kind of food stuffs in the kitchen

So tell me what is too hard for you to prepare a delicious meal for your husband

Next time you prepare this kind of food for me, I will pour it on you body like this

He said and poured the jollof rice on my body

He took the juice and also pour it on my body and walked upstairs

I stood there transfixed as uncontrollable tears flow down my cheeks

I cleaned up myself and cleaned up the mess and went upstairs thinking of the kind of person Dave have turned out to be


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