My Careless Mother Final Episode 10 written by Unknown

My Careless Mother written by Unknown

My Careless Mother Final Episode 10 written by Unknown

Dad became sick again so much that he was stinking. Taking care of him was really a big sacrifice. We had no money to give him good care. The church tried their best but couldn’t solve all our problems. I became a regular member in God’s People Church where I gave my life to Christ. I don’t miss their hour of visitation that usually take place every Friday.

Dad’s health deteriorated so badly. Deliverance was conducted on me and the spirit husband left. But the pastor said my deliverance and that of my family will only be complete if my dad confesses all his atrocities. (For anyone who must have sexually molested anyone, please go and look for him or her and confess, apologies and be delivered for the curse to be broken over you/generation).

After my deliverance the spirit husband came into my dream to molest me like the other times but I resisted. He attempted raping me but we fought dirty and he sustained a big injury on his head and lost so much of blood. His men who used to be with him during other visits didn’t come with him this time. He laid down helpless and that was his last visit.

Pastor Rotkam began to visit dad to persuade him to confess his sins and be free but dad was adamant for months until he became blind and his heart was failing.

On the 16th December my dad asked me to invite Pastor Rotkam and our pastor. I pleaded with Pastor Rotkam to please come and see my dad. He was reluctant because he seems to have lost hope on my dad and resolved that he will let my dad die in his sins since he refused to confess his sins. He finally agreed and a meeting date was agreed upon.

“I am making this confession not because I want God to heal me, but so that my family can be free from what I caused them as a result of my atrocities. Pastor, please, I want more mothers to be invited to listen to my confession, my dad requested. Our pastor called the women leader of our church and within thirty minutes the room was filled to capacity.

First I want to plead for mercy from my beloved daughter, Adenike and her sisters for all I did to them. All that happened was caused by my wife. She placed her career above her family and left the care of the children to me. She was never available for us so I took over her role as a mother. I was my children’s father and mother.

My wife starved me of sex all through our thirty years of marriage. Sometimes we could stay for eight months without meeting each other as husband and wife. She said I have evil spirit and she doesn’t want me to infect her with my evil spirit.

I found comfort in my children, the comfort I never find in my wife. They became my wife I never had and were so close to me. I threatened my wife with getting sexual satisfaction elsewhere if she will not give me and she gave me the go ahead and that was the beginning of evil in my family.

I have slept with all my daughters. I have aborted their pregnancies times severally except for Grace. I molested my daughters for over two decades and my wife was not aware. I did a charm on them to stop them from telling anyone about what I was doing to them. I know I may not live because the day I confesses, I will die, according to the juju man.

I alsooooo………,” dad could not complete that statement when he was attacked with hiccup and gave up the ghost.

The women in the room could not hold back their tears. It was a festival of tears. It was a festival of tears. Everyone in the room wept bitterly not because my dad passed on but for the emotional confession.

God forgave us but every member of the family was left with a scar. Faith lost her womb, I was tested HIV positive, mum went into comma and became paralyzed partially, Christy dropped out of school and Grace died.

Look at what the sin of one man caused my family. Mothers who are reading my story should remember that they will face God one day to give account of their role as mothers. Fathers, no matter how much you love your female children, know when to set the boundary. Ladies and children who are going through what I and my sisters went through, should speak up and be. free. I may be HIV positive but I am free and happy especialy with the hope of eternal life in Christ Jesus.

OpraDre My Careless Mother My Careless Mother My Careless Mother My Careless Mother My Careless Mother My Careless Mother My Careless Mother My Careless Mother

Thank you for reading.

The END!

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Sophia Andrew
Sophia Andrew
2 months ago

I cant balme the mother totally on this, if the father wanted sexual satisfaction, we have women everywhere, Must it be ur kids. He takes 60 percent of the blame the wife 40 percent, how can a father even have sex with his own biological daughters Hmmmmm it is well

2 months ago

I blame the mother70% she was wrong by choosing her own work than her family

Chidera Ruleth
Chidera Ruleth
6 days ago

This is so emotional