MY BABY HUSBAND Episode 2 – Ayo Omolayo

MY BABY HUSBAND Episode 1 - Ayo Omolayo

MY BABY HUSBAND Episode 2 – Ayo Omolayo

A month after Mrs Thompson and I bonded very well in mentorship, she invited me over for a little heart to heart discussion.

She asked about my spiritual life and the progress i was experiencing.

I gave her all the answers she needed, until she got to a spot I never wanted her to get to.

As a Christian, I knew lying was completely wrong. Worst of it would be lying to a woman of God, my mentor. So I forced myself into replying her.

“Tell me about your relationship life? She asked.

I didn’t know where to start, so I gave her a stare of confusion.

“I mean, tell me if you’re in a relationship or if you’ve been in one before, how it went?” She clarified me.

Of course, I knew that was where she was heading. But the thing was, I wasn’t ready to allow my mentor into my relationship life. It could be the end of it. How did I know?

I don’t know how, but I know! I know what I know. Something kept telling me the day I related my relationship life with my mentor would be the end of it. So I decided to hide it.

So here I was, stuck between telling the truth or a lie. I decided to tell the truth and see what I would face for choosing to do so.

“Mum! I’m in love with a guy!” I began.

I looked at her facial expressions to know if I was permitted to go ahead. She nodded her head and my confidence was stirred up.

“His name is Christopher Nwachukwu. He’s a multi millionaire and owns one of the best fabric producing companies in Nigeria.

We met in a conference I attended 2 years ago and we just couldn’t be separated since then.

Two weeks after we got to know each other, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted. So we started dating since then.

Our relationship has lasted for two years”.

My mentor said nothing for a while, which fuelled my tension.

When she finally broke the silence, she hit the nail on the head.

“Is he born again?” She asked.

“Ma!” I called her attention, even though I heard what she said.

“You said the relationship started two years  ago. If my calculations are correct, you gave your life to Christ three months ago. So is he also born again like you?” She asked.

I exhaled, and lowered my head. I knew what was coming and didn’t know how to handle it.

When I first gave my life to Christ, due to my financial class, I was almost ashamed of letting my friends know who I am. I knew how they would make mockery of me. I was this kind of person that cannot condone insults.

I react fast to any form of disrespect thrown in my face. So giving my friends an opportunity to persecute me was something I wouldn’t willingly opt for.

So I still attended our normal weekend parties, just to make them feel I still belonged. I forced myself into dancing those crazy immoral songs, what some of you would call worldly songs, just to quench their suspicions.

And soon, I found myself lying to hide my identity. Ashamed of the man who was not ashamed of a mentally retarded lady. Cured me of my mental health and broke the  chains that held me bound.

I was living in depression for days, until I had the dream that changed my life. That was when Mrs Juliet took over my every now and then.

When she found out I still attended night parties, she stopped me immediately. She also stopped me from taking part in gossips and idle chattering with my friends.

Soon I was spotted out. Yes, the light I was covering with a blanket had prevailed. The light of Jesus in me I had kept under my office table was drawing attention underneath my table.

I could not hide anymore. My friends started asking questions.

Why have I been missing parties?

Why have I been keeping to myself?

Why have I been acting weird lately?

I didn’t give them an answer. My strategy was to promise them I would change, which of course  would never happen.

Not too long, I was spotted driving into a church, that was all the information they needed.

The next day, hmmmm, na God help me ooooo. Remain small make I regret why I gave my life to Christ. I kept reminding myself about my former life and thanked Jesus in my heart. That was what kept me from breaking down in tears and crying in front of my friends.

Before I gave my life to Christ, I usually retired for the night once it is 9pm. I had a personal bodyguard whose duty was to ensure I never missed that appointment.

He would take me to a special room in my estate and lock me up in chains. The room was sound proofed. Because once it was 9pm, I would become insane and violent.

My strength was out of this world. It took the effort of 20 bodyguards to hold me down. In my insane state, I would scream so much that my voice was like that of a man. Tear into pieces anything insight, whether man or property.

Like I said earlier, I hid this from my younger sister. My friends took me to a herbalist who tried to help but he couldn’t. He said the forces that held me were too powerful to engage in a combat with.

He was the one who helped me and my friends detect the time the seizures happen and when it stopped. He told us that it always started by 9pm and ended by 12am.

So he gave us the idea of locking me up in chains once it is 9pm. That was how life treated me, until I met Jesus, the problem solver.

So if he could do something that huge for me, I would be ungrateful to deny him before my friends. This was what I held on to in my heart while the mockeries rained down on me.

They tried to talk me out of my new found faith, but I had always been an adamant girl right from childhood. I guess God placed everything we have in us for a good purpose. I never knew my being adamant and stubborn would be of any use to God. Well here it  was, my stubbornness served God’s purpose.

I just couldn’t betray God. I’m this sort of person who knows how to repay someone’s good deed. I don’t love living with the guilt of treating someone who helped you in the past  badly. It could throw me into depression if I was not careful, which was something I hated so much.

“Christy!” My mentor called me out of my drifting thoughts.

“You are now a new creation. Old things are passed away. Yes, it’s all in the past and so is Mr Nwachukwu!”

My heart almost stopped beating for a few seconds. I looked at her and saw how straight her face was.

“Am I understood?” She asked.

“Yes ma, but!”

“What’s the but about it? What does darkness has to do with light? What are you looking for in the devil’s shoprite? You are a Christian, Christiana. And as a Christian, you cannot have a relationship with someone who is not a Christian, period!”

Silence followed for a brief period.

“Mummy! But he’s so nice. I mean I…….. I love him so much!”

“That was the old you! You are now a new man. You must let go of him and focus on your destiny. He’s not a part of your life”.

“But ma! How can I let go? I love him!” I said almost crying.

“You will let go by telling him it’s over between the two you”.

“Ha! Mummy!”

“What’s wrong with this girl? This guy is not born again for crying out loud! Aren’t you hearing what I’ve been saying since morning?”

“Mummy! It’s hard oooo!” I said, my eyes were getting blurry already.

“Chris! I don’t want to hear another word about it. It’s either you let him go, or you let God go! Choose between the two. I bet you won’t make the wrong choice!”

My tears dropped as I knew, I had come to the crossroads I had always avoided.

To be continued……….

Can someone please talk some sense into this girl’s head?

What’s wrong with her?

Luke  14:25 – 27.

And there went great multitudes with him: and he turned, and said unto them.

If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.

Brethren, we all need to understand that following Jesus would cost us everything and we must be willing to give him everything.

Withholding nothing.






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2 months ago

God inspire me as I read this inspiration with wisdom and understanding


God bless you writer