Money Over Love Episode 6

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Money Over Love Episode 6

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“I will like to see you around 10pm in my room this evening. Don’t let anyone see you when coming. She said and went out. ” bur..bur.. but I hope there is no problem? ” I said with a choked voice as she walked out. She turned and gave me some serious look and continued with her move.
Confused as I was, I didn’t know what exactly was happening. I sat back and saw the phone ringing again. It was Vero. “Sis Vero sorry I was a bit busy when you first called. Please can you repeat what you said earlier? Because am sure I didn’t get you well.” I said when I picked up. “Makafui you heard me right. My menses is supposed to come but it hasn’t come. Am afraid I’m pregnant.” She said.
“Sis Vero are you very sure of what you are saying? Or you just want to scare me?” I asked. “Why should I tell you such a lie?” She asked back. I could sense the earth vibrating under my foot. Under fan and an airy environment, sweat started gushing out of my skin as if I was working at a bakery. “Sis Vero I think you should check first at the hospital so that we know what to do before it gets out of hand.” I said to her sounding very caring.
“So what happens if I check and it’s true that I’m pregnant?’ She asked. “I don’t even know what next but please you go and check first. She said okay and hanged up. I was really really in a state of cacophony at that very moment. Junior came around to my place and said her mother has sent for me. I followed him to attend to the call.
“Makafui, I want you to learn driving so that you can be driving me. Of late am facing some challenges with my sight.” She said. “No problem ma.” I responded. “Is everything  okay with you? You don’t look very fine. ” I’m ok ma, everything is fine.” I replied. “I saw Precious coming over to your place this morning and I want to believe she didn’t say anything that made you to have a bad mood because I know she can easily do that.” She tried in her own way to let me tell her what my worry was but I stood firm not to mess up.
Precious came into the room. “Mum so what is wrong with sis Vero?” She asked as soon as she entered. “Have you heard something bad about her somewhere?” Mum asked. “Makafui didn’t you tell mum what sister said? Or you were lying to me?” Madam started looking into my face. “What happened to my daughter?” Mum asked. “She said she was not very fine and was going to the hospital for treatment.” I said.
“But why didn’t she tell me about it and was telling you instead?” She asked and took her phone to call her. Precious was eager to hear what her sister got to say. “Hello Vero, why should you fall sick and instead of calling me, you rather called Makafui?”she asked. ” oh it is not anything serious that’s why I didn’t border to tell you. I just tried checking on him and ended up telling him I was not fine.” Vero was able to convince her mum that there was no cause for alarm. That at least calmed my nerves a bit. I went back to my duty post and started thinking about how  the good things about to come my way will turn around should Vero get pregnant. Quickly I remembered some herbs I know of which was presumed to be mostly used for abortion back in the village. I just heard it is being used but I’ve not seen anyone try it.
“Should I sit back and see me become a member of dads network marketing business and mum’s chief driver just go away like that?” I asked myself. Suddenly Vero’s highly expected call came in. I was very much afraid to answer it so I looked at it to ring to an end. “God I pray this lady doesn’t get pregnant because if she does, the probability of me staying in this house will be very low. Even her mum and dad will say I’ve disappointed them because they really believed in me.” I prayed. I went deep into my subconscious mind doing some permutations and mutations to see if my matrices could be congruent.
Daddy was ready to leave for a program so I went to open the gate for him. Students were on vacation so Junior was equally home. He came around to my place when Vero called again. Junior at the time was teaching me the name of some items in English. I wish you know how this guy was deceiving me when it got to difficult words.  I excused him and went into the inner room to receive the call.
Vero: Makafui it has happened oo. The doctor said I’m two weeks pregnant.
I remained speechless for almost five minutes after she vomited those poisonous words from her mouth.
Vero: are you there?
Me: yes…..yes am there. Hmm so Sis Vero what are we going to do now?”
Vero: Get yourself ready to marry me. That’s the only option available. And you need to do that fast.
Me: hmm but you should have protected yourself from getting pregnant at the first place. You know what you are saying is not as easy as you say it. Do you know what it takes to pay for your bride price? How do we even tell your parents?
Vero: stop asking me questions and plan how to inform my parents. Why didn’t you also protect yourself. But Makafui am happy I’m pregnant for you.
Me: Vero I want us to terminate the pregnancy.
Vero: look you should be joking. Are you expecting me dead or what? I am not doing abortion.
From my view point, I won’t advice abortion to any lady reading about my story. If the pregnancy does not have any medical health complications which will affect you, try and maintain it. Because on moral grounds, it’s an act of murder. It is also a very big risk doing it without the help of a medical practitioner because there is a fifty percent chance of you coming out safe and fifty percent chance of joining the unborn baby to your early grave. It equally has psychosocial implications which if not handled with care can lead the individual into severe mental health conditions. Who knows, that child would one day solve the problems of this world. Who knows you were aborting the person to save your family from its current situation? Why kill an innocent child? I know someone who had ever practiced this dreadful act is feeling guilty of what she has done. The men who fueled it are not out from my critique. But I understand, probably you didn’t weigh the consequences, you saw it as normal or as a means to prevent disappointments . So far as you are feeling sorry for what you have done, I won’t say you are condemned. God sent his son Jesus Christ to earth for people like you and I. Accept Him as your Lord and Saviour and I can assure you that He has forgiven you. Go and sin no more.
I wish I was aware of some of these things like I wouldn’t even have mentioned it to Vero. In my own way, I planned on influencing her to abort it. We ended the call and I went out to meet Junior. Precious was with him when I came out. I feared she heard what I was saying on the phone.
Me: oh Precious you are here. Hope all is well.
Precious: yes am fine. Mommy said she is about to go to town so you should clean her Vectra for her.
Me: OK.
I went out and completed the work. Mommy came out and said she may come a bit late so I should take good care of the house. Meaning it will be left with Precious, Junior and I. After she left, we all moved to the hall to watch TV. Precious went to change into a very hot dress as if she was going to the beach.
Junior: sister are you going to the beach?
Precious: shut up. Everything you want to ask. Am not going to any beach.
I only sat down looking at them doing their own thing. We went to the dinning hall and took the supper mum prepared before leaving. I made sure Junior took his bath. Precious began doing all she could to draw my attention to her but because of the heavy load on my head, it was rather a mixed feeling. Soon she asked Junior to go and sleep but Junior too doesn’t want to.
Junior said said he was afraid of being in the room alone. He do sleep in the same room with mum. In no time, he fell asleep on the sofa. Precious knowing her brother was asleep, came to stand in front of me. I remained seated so she pushed me backward and slept on me. Immediately, I remembered how it happened between myself and her sister. I pushed her away for her not to give me another trouble.
It wasn’t even any hard push but this girl threw herself onto the floor and screamed as if I did something so strange. Her sound woke Junior up so he asked his sister what the problem was. Precious said I wanted to rape her. She went back into her room, changed into another dress and started insulting me. I tried telling Junior what his sister was saying was not true when daddy returned and was at the gate. I ran to open the door for him. Precious was still shouting and insulting me to the extent that her father heard her voice.
“Why is your sister shouting like that?” Daddy asked. “She fell down and said I was the cause which is not true dad.” I responded. He didn’t say anything and went to meet her crying. “Sweetheart what is it” daddy asked her. “Daddy Makafui was forcing to rape me when I was asleep in the sofa. The next thing I realized was a heavy slap on my face from her father. “How dare you? Oh so this is what you want to start with?” He asked.
With a serious surprise, I told daddy that what she said was not true. He said I shouldn’t worry so he will deal with me later. Not knowing, mommy traveled to see Vero because one thing about them was that, they love their children and care for them very much. She went to see what exactly was her problem and why she was hiding it. Lo and behold, she was able to figure out the changes in her daughter and suggested to her that she was pregnant. Vero denied it. Her mother made her to follow her back home so that the following day, they see the doctor.
What awaits Makafui? Let’s go to the next episode to find out more.


  1. It’s really getting interesting, it’s a lesson to learn on how to overcome the temptation of the flesh….but where is episode 7


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