Money Over Love 2 Episode 7 by Jones Kwesi Tagbor

Money Over Love Episode 1

Money Over Love 2 Episode 7

Looking at what my friend was wearing, Vero suspected something going on but I told her that there was nothing going on between us but Vero wouldn’t believe me. She picked quarrel with her at the shop. Without even asking further questions, she dropped her bag and faced Esther my childhood friend.

Vero: Look, sister, I won’t sit down for you to break my home. Do you know where we started from? It will be better for you to send yourself out of this place before I descend on you.

Esther stood up from where she was sitting and positioned herself well with her hands on her waist.

Vero: Just look at what you are wearing, you are not even ashamed of yourself. How can you call this just a visit? You are the very people guys will infest deadly diseases with. You are lucky I’m in a good mood.

Esther: Madam I respect you enough that’s why I just decide to keep quiet but if you want to force my other side out this afternoon, I will show you the profound one. How can you just come here and start insulting me? Who do you think you are? Who should even claim ownership of Agbanavor? You or I? Look, don’t try me.

Vero: I will try you. If you are a lady like me open that your dirty mouth again and see who is who here.

Me: Sweetheart please it shouldn’t get to that point. Esther, please leave.

Vero: Makafui, but how could you? Have I not given you enough?

Me: Vero be careful with what you say. Have you caught me doing something with her? I won’t take this disgrace from you again.

Vero: You call this disgrace right? Okay I’ve heard you. And you what are you still doing there?

Esther: Makafui I will be waiting for you home. Pass by when you close I will give the best today.

Me: Hey! Esther don’t come and give me any trouble. Have we agreed to anything like that? And where from that one too? Esther tell my wife what you just said is not true.

Vero: “Oyiwa”! I said it. Go and see her after that come to me in the house.

Vero took her bag and went to meet the bank’s car driver for them to go. ” Esther what have you just caused? How do you want me to explain this to my wife? ” I asked.

“She thinks she can just insult me Esther, don’t worry invite me to your house let me come and talk sense into her”, said Esther. Without allowing her finish her sentence, I held her lips to stop talking. “Look that is my wife for Christ sake so don’t just talk against her like that. I love her and wouldn’t want to lose her. Don’t come to this boutique again”, I cautioned her. She then left in shame.

I became very worried within myself because I don’t know how I will be able to convince Vero that nothing of that sort was going on between Esther and I. The devil wouldn’t let you to be free at any time so I will appeal to all believers not to stop praying because until the evil one gets you, it will never leave you. After work, I locked the boutique and went home. When Vero returned from work, she never said anything about what went on. She came to prepare food and ate hers at the kitchen. She didn’t serve me as she used to do. When I asked where my food was, she just looked into my face and went into the room to sleep. She didn’t say a word and seriously speaking, I was getting more worried because how could I explain myself for her to understand? Hmm. I went into the kitchen, served myself and also ate at the kitchen. I watched Television for few minutes and went to join her in bed. I lied down facing the ceiling for solutions to this problem.

I was actually restless that night. I couldn’t sleep. At dawn, I tapped her to wake up so that we talk. She said there was nothing to discuss and I was just coming to disturb her sleep. She didn’t wake up to listen to what I had to say so I also decided to say what I had to say because I knew she could hear. I first started by apologizing for what happened the previous day. I went on to explain to her that what Esther said was just out of place. “Makafui why are you disturbing my sleep? I’m not ready for any talk this morning”, she said, took her cloth and went to sleep on the couch outside. From all indications, my apology was not accepted.

In the morning, she didn’t prepare breakfast but left for work and without our usual goodbye kisses. This single life in marriage continued for almost a week. I decided to wait for her temper to calm down well before we talk about the issue. When I close from the boutique, I usually buy either fast food or fruits and that serves as supper. One morning, I wanted to toast some bread for breakfast before going to the boutique. In the process, I ended up burning the egg. She came to the kitchen and saw what I was doing. She smiled and just open the fridge to take her cornflakes.

As she turned to go, I quickly held her from behind. “Vero so for how long are we going to remain like this?” She turned to me and said, “until you notice the pain you’ve caused me. What don’t I do for you in this house? All you can do is to go sleeping with that slut. Let me go. I’m getting late for work.” I knelt before her and said “my dear, all what you are thinking of is not true. Esther is just from my village. She came to buy clothes and just decided to visit. What she said the other time was just to tease you. So please forgive me and let’s come back to normal. I’m tired of this bachelor life”. “Look at how innocent you are looking. Please stand up. I’ve heard you but before everything can come to its normal state, you need to go for HIV test or anytime you want to have sex with me, you need to get your condoms ready”, she said. She prepared another toasted bread for me that morning before leaving for work.

A week later, Vero’s father called her and asked her to come home with immediate effect. I made up my mind to go with her. When we got there, we saw Precious in the house with a swollen face. When asked, her mother said her husband beat her because of her inability to give birth. “Oh no how come”?, I asked. “Hey! My friend I didn’t invite you to be asking questions. By the way who even invited you here” Vero’s father asked. “In-law I’m sorry. I told Vero I will leave her behind but she shouldn’t keep too long. Precious was beaten by her husband not because of her unproductivity but because he heard of the life she was living on Campus with her lecturers.

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Enny pat
Enny pat
2 years ago

Precious u Neva see anything yet…this is just d beginning