Episode 40.

I crossed to the other part of the street to go meet him
I was excited and couldn’t hide it from him.

I saw an envelope in his hand and my smile widened even more.
I began to calculate what I was going to buy and fix up in the house
I wondered why he chose to drive down when he could have transferred the money to me.

His eyes kept traveling from me to John, who was at the other side of the road.

“I couldn’t do the transfer to you last night, so i decided to bring it over instead..”he finally said

“Thanks..so much. You shouldn’t have come all the way down. But I appreciate you coming..”

I said exposing my teeth. I was just too happy and couldn’t hide my joy of seeing him and also the envelope.

He was not concentrating as he hand the cash envelope to me.
It feels far heavier than expected.
Which means Phil added alot of more cash to it.
“..Thank you..” I said again.
He looked at me without a word.

“Do you want to come inside and see my apartment..? I asked but he didn’t reply back

His eyes kept traveling back and forth.
From John then back at me.

He had lots of questions in his eyes which I wish he could ask but he didn’t.
I waited, hoping he will say something but when he didn’t, I decided to slowly turn to leave to avoid him asking me again what I was waiting for since he has given me the cash envelope.
Just like he did yesterday in his car.

He will probably asked me to go since that’s all he drove down to do.
John looked at me and curved a smile, I smile back because I was happy and just couldn’t hide it.
Phil driving down to personally give me such a huge envelope, the act alone was really giving me so much joy.

I was continuesly thanking him as I turned to leave.
“Is that your new boyfriend?

He finally asked as I was about walking away from him.

“He’s just my neighbor, his name is John..”

“Ooh, your neighbor? I don’t believe you neither do I trust you..”

I raised an eyebrow not knowing what to reply back.

“…yes, I don’t believe you April. Louise was once upon a time your cousin too but it turned out that he was your lover..”

I heeped a silent sigh before saying
“John is a brother to my neighbor, and we just met yesterday…”

“You met him only yesterday? Wait..did you say that you just met him yesterday and you two are already an item? Laughing and Chic chatting on the busy street like a newly wedded couple…”

I didn’t reply him. I wonder why he’s so agitated and worked up seeing John with me.
He acts like he does not care about me at same time he shows he cares in a violent way.

“Phil, I really do not want to fight. Please, let’s not spoil today’s good mood with another argument or start brooding over the past. Please…”
I said pleadingly to him.

“You’re in a good mood because of John or because of me? Don’t bother answering that…is not important. You’re a big liar and I’m afraid that it has eaten deeply into you…”

He paused and continue

“… you told me initially that he was your neighbor. And you also said he is a brother to your neighbor? Woah, the lies kept flying and making me wonder if you’re a deep enemy with “truth” and afraid to relate with it..”

“Alright..” I replied and was ready to leave.

“Alright? Is that all you can say for yourself? You’re a cheap liar and I won’t be surprised if you’re already sleeping with your so called neighbor, just like you did with Louise..”

He was yelling at me ângrily and I’m sure even John and other passerby can hear him.

I felt embarrassed but I promised myself that no matter how angry I get I’m not letting go of that huge envelope in my hand.

I shakes my head and turned to walk away while holding tightly to my envelope.

“It used to be Louise, your brother and sex partner and now is John your neighbor whom you just met yesterday but it appears he had been warming your bed before now..”

I angrily turned, this time around I couldn’t take the insult anymore.
I threw what was in my hand at him and didn’t even realized it was the envelope I intend to keep no matter how angry I get.

“You don’t want me again yet you care so much about every detail of my life. The bitterness in your heart smells out badly Phil, I pray you heal soon..”

John crossed over to our side and face an angry Phil.

“Hey, that’s not how to speak to a lady. I don’t care to know who you are, If you don’t know how to treat a Lady then you need to go learn it..” John said but Phil was not having it.
He became more furious and said.

“Wow April, your good neighbor is here. He came to your defense and to rescue you like a hero. I hope his case doesn’t end up like Louise whom you can no longer face because of fear and shame..”

“For your information Phil, I’m not scared of Louise neither am I ashamed of anything. He’s my past and I don’t like visiting there. And you’re also my past and I don’t need someone like you in my future. Get hold of yourself and stop the hate so that you can move on..” I retorted back

I started walking away and he couldn’t stand the sight of John following me like a guard.

“Woah, your good neighbor is looking at your behind, clearly waiting to devour you. I wonder when you will ever get tired of using men or them using you because you aren’t wise. Neighbor my foot…”

I ignored him and walked away as my leg could carry me.
He stopped talking as I left him but I never turned to look back.
I walked into the gate and straight to my apartment.
John followed me, tears was glittering in my eyes.
I blinked severally to prevent it from running down.
John followed me in, trying to calm me down.

I needed someone to talk to, my emotion was not stable and I didn’t want to be left alone.
I briefly told John that it was all my fault, I narrated a little of what brought about the hatred from Phil. I didn’t go into much detail

“Is still not enough reason for all the insult and embarrassment he melted out to you. I’m sorry that he turned your sweet smiling face to a sad one. I will be here until you feel Okay..”

I told John that I was alright and he can leave.

The whole painful thing in all this is the fact that I loosed such a huge envelope that would have sort out alot of things for me, especially now that I don’t have a job.
Just when John was about to leave, there was a knock on the door.

I went to the door and it was Phil.

“You left this..”
He stretch the envelope towards me, I saw guilt written all over him.

I wanted to tell him to take his money and leave but I can’t pretend like I don’t need the money.
I stare at the envelope before collecting it.

“I’m sorry about what I angrily said out ther…” He paused as John appeared on the door way and stood beside me.

Everywhere fell silent again.

I was holding onto the envelope and not ready to let go whatever may come.
The silent continued and so was my fist on the cash.

(Do not take credit or Plagiarize AMAH’S HEART stories)

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