JODA Episode 9 by Amah’s Heart

JODA Episode 4 by Amah's Heart

JODA Episode 9 by Amah’s Heart

I double tap at the door, the house was quiet, maybe there’s nobody at home, I tapped again for the last time no responds, as I was about to turn and start going the door swings open, Kuria was looking all fresh, he smells of alo vera soap, he was on Jean shot and a Lakers singlet,
He looks surprise to see me, I smiled and he smiled back
“What are you doing here Joda… Mmmh.. I’m surprise to see you, hope everything is alright.. Are you okay… How’s your husband… Do you came with your friend Binta… bad.. Please forgive my manners… Come inside…
I wanted to decline the invitation to go in because of what happened the last time but the invitation was tempting and I stepped into his warm house…I really love his place.. Before he could even offer me a seat I have already Sat down, he sat in another chair

” I was just getting off from the bathroom when I heard a knock, I quickly rush up and dress before coming to the door, my teenage boy that stays with me has gone to school,

“A teenage boy… I thought you stay alone here?

” no…Jude is the little boy that has being staying with me for almost six years,there are two of them, Jude and Mera, Mera is a girl she’s fifteen now, i also took her from the Street, she was just 9 years then and Jude was so little, looking malnourished when I picked him from the street, homeless little beggar, they don’t have parents so I have being taking Care of them since then till date and they are turning out fine.. If school is on holiday that’s only when you will see them, Mera is in girls boarding school and will soon be done with high school, Jude is just thirteen, they are doing good…and I feel so proud when I check their results, you will get to meet them someday…so what can I offer you… What of your friend Binta, the last time I asked her of you she said you are happily living the live you have always wanted and she’s no More important… She sound so worried about you whenever I ask of you… She comes around with her Man, James sometimes… I love having and hosting them, Binta is a nice person and she cares about you More than you can imagine… And me too Joda, So what can I offer you please, I have different types of smoothy, and fruit juice, so what or do you want to serve yourself…

“Aaah…I’m fine Kuria, thanks, I thought I could find Binta here…i will be on My way thank you For your time..I will call her on phone…

In stead of standing up and go Sat there as if my buttocks is super glued to the chair, he sat there looking at me before saying

” Joda, Mumm.. I…I..please come around sometime, I’m still your friend, forgive me for what happen the last time, it will never happen again, and I respect ladies a lot both married and single and I’m really sorry My feelings exploded, I couldn’t get hold of it, unlike me but I promise it won’t happen again, don’t be scared of me, if you are not comfortable coming alone then come with somebody, Binta or anybody, even your husband… Please..

“Yeah, me too.. I’m also sorry for hitting you…but is all in the past now, I will be going now… My husband will be expecting me back… Please I will give you a call on when to start the interior deco, I haven’t forgotten but I’m yet to speak with my hubby about it..

We were quite for sometime as we look at each other shyly, the temperature in the cold room was turning hot again, I started wondering what is it with this Kuria that makes my heart beat so fast despite I’m married to Denis the only man I love but Kuria confuses my feelings, I don’t know how to define what exactly I feel for Kuria, it could be just be a mere attraction, deep down i knew there’s more to it, i quickly stood up and went straight to the door, as I said within myself, ” devil not today ” you can’t tempt me with Kuria again, I’m a married Woman…
he walked behind me as I open the door, I saw Binta coming down from James car, they both came to Kuria’s place and was shock to see me there, before they could say anything I quickly started talking before they will assume the worst of me or Kuria,
Binta looked at me and didn’t smile back as i smile to her, instead she held my hand like a child and drag me in side Kuria’s house, leaving the men outside, as we were out of sight she asked me to start talking why I’m looking for her after I almost fought her because of Denis, she said it with a mean face, she asked if anyone hurts me and I told her about the sleeping dose and Denis constant threat over property and the rest, she swung into action and said I should install a CCTV camera in the house, all over the house and I should do it when there’s nobody in the House, so that we can catch the culprit, I took the advice, because I need all the advise I can get now, she said first thing first, let’s handle the issue with the sleeping dose in My juice, she told me not to take the drink when I’m served, rather I should find away to throw it off in to My toilet and make them believe I drank it, then I should just pretend to be asleep as usual and see what happens next.

I took Binta’s advice this time be cause she began to sound right to me, i know I can always count on her, normally I plan to start taking My juice and food by myself, I can’t trust anybody again in that house except my Denis, but Binta was right when she ask me to pretend to be asleep, acting as if the drink I took was having effects on me,

as evening approached I told my girls to get my drink to my room as usual, i said it in the presence of Denis and Vanessa who were sitting close by, i went back to My room and waited, after sometime Vanessa came with the tray containing the juice, so i was served the drink by Vanessa who was filled with mischievous smile, I smiled back to her while also saying My thanks, she sat with me and we talked for sometime before she left,
she urged me to take My cold drink before it gets hot and I told her I will like it hot today, she said okay before finally leaving my room, when I was sure she was gone I quickly Rush to My toilet and pour the drink before flushing it off, I returned back to bed, and Vanessa later came again and ask if I need More I said I was fine with the one I have taken already, she flashed a smile before leaving with the tray and cup,
I later lay down and pretend to be asleep, she came and wave her hand to my face, to make sure I was deeply as sleep, this looks like a normal practice for her, she whispered to somebody who was close by, “she has passed out”, and the voice that replies her “very good” was Denis, I was shock and become more troubled, what can Denis be planning with Vanessa that they have to drug me to achieve, oh my God…
I silently lay there like dead log…the next unbelievable thing happen which almost makes me to break out of the pretense but I stayed put Binta has warned me never to stand up no matter what I see or hear and i did exactly that,
but I so much wish I was already dead, I wish I can Even boast out crying as they went about their plan unknown to them I was fully awake.

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Enny Pat
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