I went and fixed lashes by Favour Nwabueze | Funny Short Story

I went and fixed lashes

I went and fixed lashes.

I don’t know who sent me.

This morning I entered keke to go to work. On my way it was as if the lashes were fanning me and it was fun??. As the journey progressed and the keke man started speeding, the story changed.

It started doing me like someone was struggling over my eyeballs with me??.I tried to control it but I couldn’t. I closed my eyes and it got worse?. I opened it and my eyeballs were rolling uncontrollably. ?

And to think that one bird kept making noise close to my house yesterday. Hiaaann. Village people have come to drag my eyes with me…

The keke man did not know what I was going through so he kept on increasing his speed. ☺️☺️

It became unbearable. My inner man told me I was going to go blind anytime from then.

The woman beside me broke into a mischievous laugh. I didn’t even have her time. A person whose house is on fire doesn’t pursue rats. I used my hands and covered my face but it couldn’t stop the lashes from dragging my eyes.

Then I tapped the keke man to stop. I got down and the woman was still laughing. I paid him. They drove off. I face one corner, detached the lashes and threw them inside the bush.

I cannot use my hard earned money to buy what will kill me.

I entered another keke and went to work.

My eyes are still shaking but I’m still seeing ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

How do you people survive with these lashes abeg???


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