HER LAST WISH Episode 4 by Azeemah Salami

HER LAST WISH Episode 1 by Azeemah Salami

HER LAST WISH Episode 4 by Azeemah Salami

“Are you sure you are fine with it Daniel?” Mr Keyes asked.
“Of course dad,I’m cool with it. Anything for Anne” Daniel said.
“I’m so sorry we’re making you move from your school to Anne’s school” Mrs Keyes said solemnly.
“C’mon Mum, Anne is my sister, i should be able to sacrifice anything for her” Daniel said.
“I know it’ll be hard leaving your friends behind, you can choose not to,we can make Anne move to your school instead” Mr Keyes said.

“No, Anne would not be able to cope in my school,its absolutely fine dad, Mum. I’ll move to Anne’s school instead,I’m gonna miss my friends surely but anything for Anne,besides my friends can always come visit me at home” Daniel said.

“You’ll be fine right?” Mrs Keyes asked.
“Of course,stop being this way Dad, Mum. You’re making it seem like Anne is not my sister”
“I’m sorry Dan,so we should start processing your admission into Anne’s school right?” Mr asked.
“Shoot!” Daniel smiled.

His parents hugged him, taking turns to kiss him on the forehead.

Annette Keyes is asthmatic,her condition grew worse recently when she couldn’t find her inhaler soon enough during her asthma attack.
She was admitted in the hospital and the doctor prognosis stated that if such occurs again,she might not survive it.
It was advised that she has someone around her always, someone to always look out for her.
She was always been looked after at home but they were worried about school, she attends a different school with her brother and then it was decided that her brother should be in the same school as her so they would be rest assured.
Anne is fourteen and of course she can take care of herself but they can’t risk her life,she’s too precious to them to lose.

“She’s in her room right?” Daniel asked.
“Your father and i will be attending the Summers house party in few minutes”
“Okay Mum,say hi to Felia for me” Daniel said before walking to Anne’s room.
“Alright Dan.”


“Sis!” Dan said, walking in on his sis who was focused on her laptop.
She glanced up at him and smiled.
“Bro, what’s up?” She adjusted her glasses, turning away from her laptop to face him.

Anne is a very pretty girl with a gentle look,her face is as calm as her heart.
She has natural brown hair with curly bangs,her eyes were deep black just like her father’s and her smooth fair skin was like her mother’s,her nose and lips were perfect and Anne even looked more matured than her age which always made Dan want to protect her from bad guys, his friends knew better than to try anything silly with his sister.
She deals with everything with this gentleness that melts hearts.
Everyone loves and admire her.
Her meek behavior is so adorable and cute,her smile is so enticing that you’ll end up smiling too without knowing it.
She’s not only kind,she loves lifting people’s spirit, seeing people sad almost tears her apart so she always does her best to make people happy,she goes out of her way to do that.
She puts others first before herself and Daniel always pray her kindness won’t be taken advantage of.

“I’m cool, what are you up to?” He asked, peering into her laptop.
She was watching animation.
“Oh…I see” He said, landing on her bed with a thud.
“Hey,i just made that bed” She complained in her cool tiny voice.
“I know right,I’m gonna make it for you before i leave” He scowled playfully.
She laughed. “C’mon”

“I’ll be resuming your school soon” He said to her and she nodded.
“Are you really fine with it?” She asked and he groaned.
“Why is everyone asking if I’m fine with it! Even you Anne,gosh” He rolled his eyes.
“I’m sorry,i just feel bad for taking you from the school and friends you’ve known for long” Anne said.
“I would leave the school anyway,it’s not like i was gonna stay there forever,besides i would love to experience another high school before i finally graduate” Dan smiled.

“What of Jennie?” Anne asked.
Jennie was Daniel’s girlfriend,they attend the same high school.
“We broke up” Dan sighed.
“Huh? Why?” Anne looked startled.
She knows how much Dan loves Jennie.
“It wasn’t working out” Daniel lied..
Jennie had broken up with him because he’ll be moving to Anne’s school,but he can’t tell Anne that or she’ll feel responsible for the break up and she might cry for causing it.

“I’m sorry about that D.” She got up from the one-seater couch to comfort him.
“It’s fine,I’m totally cool with it” He smiled.
He wasn’t cool with it and Anne knows,he was hurting inside,he so much liked Jennie but she had insisted she can’t continue the relationship if he’s away in another school.
She can’t deal with not seeing him for days.

“Besides,you once told me there are pretty girls in your school” Daniel grinned, trying to stop himself from thinking about Jen.
“A lot of them, ah..you just made me remember the African girl i told you about..i wonder who’s gonna sit with her in the cafeteria now that I’m absent from school” Anne said sadly, sitting beside Dan.
Anne was just discharged from the hospital yesterday.
“Is she that shunned?” Dan asked pitifully and Anne nodded.
“Mostly by her classmates, no one wants to sit with her in the cafeteria and she’s always looking gloomy so i make sure i sit with her everytime but now… she’ll be lonely” Anne sighed.

“Just because she’s African?” Dan asked and Anne nodded.
“What’s wrong with being an African?” Dan wondered aloud.
“I think they just have this special hatred for her”
“Poor girl” Dan shook his head sadly.
He so much hate bullies.

“We’re off to the Summers house party kids,
Do you both want anything?” Their parents asked through the door.
“Do you?” Dan asked Anne who shook her head.
“You?” She asked him.
“We don’t want anything” Dan said.
“Just be back early enough” Anne said.

The sound of their parents footsteps disappeared slowly before they finally heard the front door close.
They are gone.

“Let’s go swim” Dan said excitedly.
“No” Anne said.
“Why? Are you not feeling well enough?” He asked.
“I don’t feel like” She said.
“Oh..you’ll just sit by the pool and watch me then” He said.
“Get your laptop,so you won’t get bored,not like the animation isn’t more boring though” Dan rolled his eyes and Anne casted him a look.

He laughed.


“Hey” She heard a voice that sent shivers down her spine,she gazed up immediately to see Dylan waving at her with a smile.

“God” She muttered, almost breathless.
“Hi” She said,her voice in a whisper.
Her palms turned sweaty as she maintained eye contact with Dylan,her chest was rising and falling.
He was still smiling at her, making her almost go crazy.
She blinked and was glad it wasn’t one of her silly imaginations.
Dylan had indeed said hi to her!

He was about to say something when a teacher walked in and Layla felt like jumping on the teacher’s back to strangle him.
“Good morning class” The teacher smiled.
“Good morning asshole” Layla muttered under her breath and Dylan suddenly bursted into laughter.
Layla and others looked at him in surprise.
“I heard that” He whispered to her,still laughing but not as loud as earlier.
“Really?” Layla asked and he nodded.

‘Oh..my..God, i made him laugh? Should i start saying more of the word asshole?’
She felt so excited that she prayed if this was a dream,she should never wake up.
Dylan has finally noticed her! After years.

“Hey! Dylan stop that laughter of yours”
“I’m sorry Mr Blaine” Dylan smiled.

The class started,the students went silent as the teacher started teaching.
Layla suddenly caught Chloe glaring at her.
Well..that’s not new.
She glared back at Chloe before concentrating on the teacher,her stomach still bubbling with excitement.


Layla wondered where the girl was as she ate at the cafeteria.
Although there were three girls sitting with her,she wasn’t been avoided anymore but she was really worried about the nice girl who always sat with her,she was the only person who did not avoid her when others did.
The girl doesn’t really say anything to her,she only sit with her to eat and then leave once lunch break is over.
Layla did not even know her name until recently.

She really hopes the girl is fine,she wasn’t in school yesterday and even today.

She sighed as she continued munching her burger.
The girls chattered at the table as they ate.
They look like they would want Layla to chat with them but she doesn’t want to.
She’s not willing to talk or make friends with any of her classmates,they are all hyprocrites except Dylan though.

She smiled as she sighted him in a far away table, chatting and laughing with his friends.
Damn..he takes her breath away every single time.

“Let’s finish up fast so we can join in the truth or dare” One of the girls said.
“Yes! I sure don’t want to miss that” Another girl said.
“Dylan will be joining also right?” The third girl asked.
“Of course, or no one would play”

Layla rushed her burger, she’s gonna be joining in today’s game,she has always watched but has never participated because of how badly she was treated then.
Chloe would have never allowed her participate but today,she’s not missing out.
Besides..Dylan would be participating.


“What the hell is this? What are you doing in our midst? We’re about playing a game, would you fucking excuse us?” Chloe barked at Layla.
Layla has never stand so close to them when they are about to play the game,she was always on her seat, watching like a beggar.
They were now in the class,most of the students gathered to play the game but Chloe left out the people she claimed were ugly.

“I’ll be joining in today’s game for the first time” Layla smiled, taking a seat.
“You’re not allowed to join! Get up!” Chloe shouted,horrified.
Everyone watched earnestly.
“Chloe, this is a general game,i don’t think you have the right to choose who would participate in it or not” Layla said.
“You’re just a black witch that always want to ruin everything! I don’t want you in this game! You disgust me!”
“Then quit the game,go sit and watch” Layla said.
“You must be sick! Are you fucking kidding me? Get up, you’re not participating in this game!” Chloe insisted firmly.

“Oh,you feel it’s okay to drive people out of a game just because they don’t oppose you. Well,i am telling you right now Chloe that you don’t have the right to drive me out of this game! I’m going nowhere,if you’re so uncomfortable with having me around you,then you should leave instead. I’m done being the one to leave everytime!” Layla said unflinchingly to Chloe’s face.
Some students cleared their throat, whispering into one another’s ear.
Dylan was on his phone, biting his lower lip.
Chloe glared at Layla in silence,she was feeling so angry that she felt like hitting her.

“I insist,you’re not gonna participate in this game” Chloe seethe.
“It seems you really took my threat of pulling your hair off your scalp as a joke? Dare me Chloe” Layla said and Chloe’s breath quickened in fear.
“Are you guys really gonna allow her participate!” Chloe yelled and no one said a word.
“Wow” She smiled,a smile filled with fury.
“Let’s start, before a teacher comes in” one of the students said.
Chloe sat down reluctantly.

She was fuming but felt better when a plan crossed her mind.
Whether Layla chooses truth or dare, Chloe is gonna make sure she makes Layla choose a guy who must kiss her or she’s gonna pay a fine!
She’s pretty sure no guy would want to kiss a black witch!
She couldn’t wait to see how embarrassed Layla is gonna be plus she’s gonna make her pay the fine if the guy refuses.
Layla must pay for partaking in the game and even embarrassing her.

Chloe whispered her plan to her friends in case the bottle faces Layla and any of them.

They started the game,the bottle was rolled.
Questions were asked and people were dared.
It was real fun and Layla was happy to be participating.
Chloe waited patiently and hopefully, Layla must pay!

Luckily for Chloe,the bottle pointed to Layla and her on the sixth roll.
She couldn’t be more excited.

“So, Layla..truth or dare?” Chloe asked mockingly.
“Dare” blurted out of Layla’s mouth,she hadn’t even expected the bottle to point to her,she felt nervous,this was her first time.
If only she had known the ways of the game,she would have chosen ‘truth’ .
“Cool” Chloe smiled and everyone knew she was up to something.
“I hope you know you’re going to pay a fine if you refuse to do what you’re dared to?” Chloe said and it was then Layla suspected she might be in trouble.

“Go ahead” Layla said, trying to hide her nervousness.
“I dare you…” Chloe paused with a taunting grin.
“Would you please stop joking around” Dylan said.
Chloe rolled her eyes at him before turning back to Layla.
“I dare you to pick a guy and kiss him on the lips” Chloe said and Layla blinked.
“What..” She was saying.
“There’s no much time left please,hurry” Chloe interrupted her.
“What if i don’t want to do it?” Layla asked.
“You would pay a fine of fifty dollars..right away” Chloe said.
“Huh..” Layla said,she was left with just six dollars and she can’t even raise the fifty dollars by tomorrow, except she breaks her piggy bank.

“Get up,get up” Chloe chuckled.
“You have just two minutes to complete your dare or you would pay your fine,I’m sure you saw how everyone else was fast with theirs” Miranda,one of Chloe’s friend said.

Layla rose to her feet and there was a tensed silence.
The only guy on her mind right now is Dylan,well..he has always been the only guy on her mind.
He has been nice to her recently but would he want to kiss her?
He might have been nice to her because he wants to be just friends.
What if he refuses to allow her kiss him.

She didn’t regret to have participated in this game,she only regretted to have fallen into Chloe’s trap.

“Your two minut..” Chloe was saying.
“Dylan” Layla blurted with her eyes tightly closed.
There was a sigh from everyone.
‘Even guys who are not as cute as Dylan would never kiss her,she must really have high expectations’ Chloe laughed inwardly…
Everyone watched with keen interest.
Layla opened her eyes slowly and this wave of sadness hit her when she saw Dylan was yet to get up.
He only stared at her.
Why’s she hurt?
She shouldn’t be surprised, no one would want to kiss her.

She was about to offer to pay the fine tomorrow when Dylan slowly got to his feet.
Her heart started beating crazily as he approached her.
Everyone watched expectantly, waiting for the drama that’s about to unfold.
‘No, he can’t possibly want to go kiss her. Not Dylan,he might be going to his seat because he can’t stand her” Chloe chuckled to herself but got the shock of her life when Dylan pulled Layla close and placed a kiss on her lips.

Everyone gasped.

Layla felt like she was in a fantasy.
She felt like it was her imagination but clearly it wasn’t.
Dylan was kissing her..
Dylan,her longtime crush she had always dreamt of was kissing her and she was too shaken to kiss him back.
She felt like crying..this was so hard to believe.
She couldn’t move in his arms,she felt like butter..
She was enchanted by his charm and the feel of his lips on hers almost made her melt.

Knowing this might be the only chance she’ll get to kiss him,she kissed him back eagerly and Chloe watched in horror.

Layla knew Chloe had wanted to embarrass her but sometimes, people unfairness to us leads to our own good.

Thanks Chloe.


Thanks for reading💜

I know some people are already rooting for Dan😂
Well..Let’s see how it goes.

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Hahahahaha, too bad Chloe just too bad. Well dan is coming g waiting eagerly for his arrival

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Yes o am rooting for Dan o, how did you know