ESCAPE FROM CEMETERY Final Episode 10 Written by Unknown

ESCAPE FROM CEMETERY⚰☠ Episode 1 - Written by Unknown

Episode 10

I started tapping my feet on the floor like someone trying to retrieve money from a debtor,I gnashed my teeth when I realized that I just locked the door to freedom. The cemetery that I was trying to escape from now seems like the safest place to hide.

I knelt down and started looking for the key on the w-t ground I dropped it earlier. I dragged my palm on the floor like an addicted drug user, I didn’t stop searching vigorously until I found the key.

I stood up immediately, located the padlock and ignited the key into it then I turned it to unlock it. The key didn’t work at first, I thought it’s normal, like trying to open a lock the first time and even the second time may prove abortive, I tried the third, fourth and fifth time, but still, it didn’t work.

As I was turning the padlock, I was pulling it back maybe it will unlock. After trying effortlessly for five minutes I knelt down on the floor to enjoy the cry of my life.

I continued crying loudly like bush baby that lost his mat. I stopped after crying emotionally for 3 minutes, then I wiped my tears.

When I looked up, brethren, you won’t believe what I saw. I found myself outside the gate again. Outside the cemetery, I turned my back and saw the cemetery firmly locked the way I locked it earlier.

Then I turned back to behold the car, the houses, and the street I saw earlier. It was as if I’ve never seen anything like that before. Even the people walking hastily to their place of work looked strange to me. Guinness book of record won’t doubt it that I’m the happiest man on earth that moment. I mean, I just escape from a deadly legendary cemetery.

What makes me more happier was the bike carefully parked in front of where I sat, and the money I came for was placed on it. I broke down to shed another round of tears, but this time tear of joy.

I sprang up and mount on the bike. I place the bag pack firmly on my back and zoomed off.

I boned my face throughout my journey back home. I didn’t smile for a seconds. I almost hit a police controlling the traffic. The nigga tried to stop me.

Everyone were just looking at me, they don’t know what I experienced last 12 hours. While they were sleeping happily in their house, I was running aimlessly in the cemetery. Well, I can’t blame them because they are not responsible for what happened to me.

I got home around 8 in the morning. I saw Quadri on his way to work. I didn’t even bothered to greet him or call him. I just looked at him like a strange stranger.

My behaviour startled him, I was about to enter my apartment when he stopped me. ” Bro, what happened, you didn’t even appreciate me for what I did yesterday” he said in annoyance.

” Thank God you arrived on time, I need my bike to…” I didn’t even let him finished before I threw the key at him. He continued asking questions, but I didn’t give him one answer. He left in annoyance after seeing my behaviour and rode off on his bike.

I entered my house and locked the door immediately. I didn’t even off my dirty shoes, I just dropped the heavy bag on the floor and slumped on the bed to have a nice sleep. I slept off 5 minutes after.

I woke up around 2 in the afternoon. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and have a bath. I spent over 1 hour to refresh my body.

I prepared a hot soft yam and fried egg. I ate as if I’ve not eaten in thousand years. The taste of the food I’ve been eating for years now tasted so strange and delicious.

Since I’m a millionaire now, I didn’t even bother to go to work nor inform my boss about my absence.

I relaxed for three hours after eating. I read some news papers and finally fell asleep some minutes after 9PM.

I really had a nice sleep accompanied with a nice dream. I dream of how I gave Quardri 3,000 naira out of a million Naira. In my dream, I used the money to buy a big house and I also start a big business in my dream. I was living life to the fullest.

I was woken up by a pain on my shoulder, it was as if I slept on a bare floor. With my eyes still closed, I made a long yawn and stretched my body to shake off the drowsiness. Then I turned my body to stand up from the bed.

I was stopped by the ignition I saw on the front of the bed or the grave “In loving memory of Pa Micheal”.

That was the moment I discovered that I have been hallucinating. The bike I mounted on, the policeman I saw, even Quadri were all hallucination. I’m still in the cemetery.

Episode 11
I yawned happily and stretched my arms joyfully. In my dream, I have planned everything I will do with that money. My joy knew no bound. The thought of owning a million Naira filled my heart and soul.

My plan that morning was to get up from bed, take my bath, brush my teeth and dash off to the bank to withdraw my recent salary. As the latest millionaire in town, I need to go for some shopping, but I don’t want to touch the million yet.

I was still enjoying my sleep when a pain on my shoulder woke me up. I was about to bounce of from the concrete bed when I saw the ignition, “In loving memory of Pa Micheal”.

I held my chest with my hands and move two steps to the back. I w¡dened my eyes and re read what I read earlier maybe it will change, but “In loving memory of Pa Micheal” was still written boldly on the gravel.

My expression suddenly became lifeless, dull and boring, all the joy have been experiencing since disappeared. A sad reality overshadowed my expression.

I sat down beside the grave silently and bow my head. I don’t think running is an option because I’ve been running since and yet there is nothing to show for it.

I just placed my head conveniently on the grave and wept silently as if I’m mourning the person in,side the grave.

It was that moment that I discovered how much I can sleep. In that horrific situation, I doze off while crying on “Pa Michael”s grave.

I was still enjoying my sleep when a tap on my shoulder woke me up. I jerked up instantly like a wounded chicken and gaze around to see the person that tapped me.

But I didn’t see anyone, all I could I see was just darkness, then I heard a coarse voice emitting from the darkness.

” If you want to be saved, follow this firefly beside you, our leader need want to see you”. And according to what he said, the fly started to fly to one direction. I was able to see it clearly because of the light on her bottom.

The firefly stopped after flying for 17 mins, then I heard shrink voice from an unknown source speaking. ” Welcome to our midst……. bla bla” he was just blaring nonsense for 5 mins before ending it with a stupid dry cough and laughter. I’m not really scared as I was earlier because I’ve seen things scarier than only voice, so a voice cannot startled me.

I just hissed and turned to go back because everything he talked didn’t correlate with my freedom, they rather wanted me to live with them.

I haven’t made a 90 degree turn when a heavy slap landed on my face. The people I didn’t see earlier now became visible. The man was 7 feet tall, bigger than bouncer.

I think I really annoyed them because he didn’t waste time before pointing his sharp spear to my heart. He stabbed my chest in a second.

The spear was about to penetrate into my heart when I was woken up by the ray of light that bestowed on my face. I opened my eyes to see the shining light of a bright and precious morning. That “morning” may not be precious to others, but to me it is a gift.

It added 50% to my 3% chance of escaping. With the light, I can navigate my way out of the cemetery easily.

I thanked Pa Michael’s grave for protecting till daybreak and stood up to find my way out of the cemetery.

I haven’t taken ten steps before I felt a spiritual breeze on my face. My vision started becoming dimmer and dimmer till I couldn’t see anything again. Then I realized I’ve been blinded.

What came to my mind was the story of the first escapades that lost some part of their body, mine was no different because they’ve taken my sight. There’s no way I’m escaping from this cemetery.

My 53% of escaping turned to 0.0% immediately, then I opened my eyes to face reality. Oops, I’ve forgotten, there’s no eyes again.

Episode 12 – finale

Of course, I lost my sighting sense immediately I felt the breeze on my face, the only active sense left to navigate my way out of the cemetery is my hearing and touching ability. I prayed and cried silently in my heart. I’ve lost the energy to even talk.

I knelt down on the ground and started tracing the way with my palm. I do this to avoid hitting my leg on something.

I haven’t walked far before I heard some people banging the gate forcefully. With a loud thud, the gate opened and I heard some feet coming towards me.

“Yeah, officer this is him, this is the man I heard scre-ming all this while” I heard a feminine voice speaking. ” While going to the morning prayer this morning” she continued ” I heard his scre-m twice, I first ignored him, but while coming back again, through the transparent gate, I saw this man sitting on the grave, so I couldn’t approach him, that’s why I called you” she explained to the police.

I was really happy that the gate is the kind that look like burglary metal, people can see through it easily, but I was sad that she didn’t call the police during the midnight to arrest me, I would have happily go to prison.

But I realised at that moment that they were able to come to my aid because I’ve lost my sight, I’ve lost a part of my body. According to the testimony of people that came to the cemetery earlier, they lost some part of their body before escaping from that cemetery.

They first ordered me to stand up and I did, it was when they told me to come to them that they realised that there’s no more sight to see them.

One of them came to me and held my hand. They helped out of the cemetery and push me in,side their van. They were about to take off when I remembered my friends motorcycle.

” Officer please wait” I tried to stop them, ” I parked a motorcycle at the bark of the cemetery, can you please help me take it, the key is there” , “Okay” one husky voice replied me.

The officer got down and I heard is feet running to the back of the cemetery, we waited for five minutes before I heard his approaching his feet.

“Young man, there’s no motorcycle there and please don’t waste our time” the man informed me.
The news left me flabbergasted, no bike, no money. I came here to steal a money but the bike I borrowed was stolen in return. The thought of how to refund Quadri filled my mind but no as much as the thought of what to do to my sight less eyes.

They took me to their station for interrogation, they spent one hour asking for how I got to the cemetery and what I went there to do, and I spent one hour lying to them.

They bought and embraced all my lies but put my freedom on one condition, I can’t leave the station unless someone come to bail me. Of course, I cannot go home alone, with a blind eye.

I cannot let any of my family members know about my situation, so I don’t have choice than to call my friend Quadri to come and bail me out.

I begged one of the police officer to help me dial his number, thank God I know his number offhand. He dialed his number and gave it to me, I cooked up a story for him and he arrived at the station 30 mins later.

He was directed to where I was immediately he arrived, I was expecting him to ask for his bike but he didn’t. We talked for some minutes before he bailed me out.

Throughout the time we were discussing he didn’t notice that I’ve been blinded. He was about to go out when I beckoned to him to come. He was surprised when I held his shoulder and started walking slowly behind him. I’m sure that there are thousands of questions he want to ask, but I told him that I will explain everything when we get home.

My expectation was to hear him stop a bike, but I was surprised when he told me to mount on the bike. Which bike, my heart started beating faster.

“Which bike” I asked out of curiosity, “my bike nah, the one you borrowed” he clarified. I fainted right on the s₱0t.

Till today, I’m still wondering if I’m still in or out of the cemetery, even when my eye opened, I continued doubting if I’m really out of the cemetery.


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Cynthia Orokumo
Cynthia Orokumo
1 year ago

I read every episode with so much curiosity, it is captivating

Chinwendu marvelous
Chinwendu marvelous
3 months ago

Thank your God
It ended well though money the root of evil

1 month ago

You got me laughing hard