Empire High School Episode 29 by Ademide


“To The Fight In The Hallway”

Authores’s POV

Angela was so embarased. Her initial plans was to expose Kate’s secret in the hallway filled with students. She didn’t expect Kate to talk back at her. Angela was surprised about Students comments towards her. And she had to walk away with her girls in shame. Plans Failed!

“I can’t believe Kate could act back like she did” Lizzy said calmly

“Angella you should have stayed back and disgrace her too. I’m sure those same students would be interested in knowing Kate’s real identity” Caro said in anger

“At this point no more holding back. I swear am going to expose her!” Angella clenched her fists

“What are we waiting for?”

Caroline brought out her phone

“Wait..Don’t post it today” Angella stopped her

“Why?” Caro asked

“Monday morning is the best day” Ella said

“Don’t post those pictures, think of what might happen if Mr Joel finds out you are the poster” Lizzy warned

And they both hissed

“Let’s make an anonymous post. No one will find out we made the broadcast” Angella said

“How will you do it? Do you have two accounts?” Lizzy folded her arms

“See Ella ignore this babe” Caro said with a huge frown.

The bell jangled..Fellowship Time!.

“Caro come to my house tomorrow so we can work on our plans” Angella said

“Well I won’t be around tomorrow” Lizzy said

“You’re not needed in the plan and if you like go and tell Kate about our plans” Caro eyed her

“You dare not tell anyone about it!” Angella said sternly before walking away with Caroline.

Lizzy thought of telling Kate about Angella’s plans but she waved it off. It was none of her business. And Kate would never give her a chance to say a word even if she tries to inform her.

“I’m the last person Kate would ever want to talk to -“

She concluded with a shrug


Monday Morning

Angella and Caro worked on their plans on Saturday. Angella registered a new sim, opened a new whatsapp account and sent a broadcast to the school groups (Jet Club, Press Club and other platforms) while Caroline made a post on Empire High School Facebook page with another name. They didn’t include their names and they thought no one would ever trace it to them.

Caroline knew Angella would be the main suspect because she was always against Kate. Everyone would point their fingers at Angella Benson. They would never know that she was the Brain behind the whole plans.

Angella was happy. Everyone was talking bad about Katherine. Now she has succeeded in destroying Katherine Adebowale.

“We should pop champagne after school” Caro said happily

“Have you seen Katherine?” Ella asked

“Yeah, she is in school but I think she is hiding right now” Caro said

And they laughed

“She didn’t even come to class” Caro said

“Would you show your face if you were in Kate’s shoe?”

Lizzy said in a low tone

“I’m not a lesbian”

Caroline snapped at Lizzy angrily.

“To be honest, you girls didn’t do well” Lizzy said

“Hey..Hey Miss do well you can go and be with Kate if you want -” Caro said

Suddenly ready to fight Lizzy

“Why are you acting like a saint?”

She pushed Lizzy’s shoulder

“Be careful Caroline” Lizzy warned

“What can you do? Huh? Come and fight me” Caro said

Lizzy turned to look at Angella.

“I hope what you’ve done won’t get you into trouble. Trust me, I won’t say a word to anyone but I want you to know that what you did is bad” she walked away

Guilt washed over Lizzy for not building up the courage to tell the principal or Kate about their plans on friday. Now she couldn’t spill the truth because she didn’t want to feel like a traitor. Lizzy prayed someone would find out the whole truth and expose them soon.



“To the day Jeffrey suggested the plan”

“What’s your plan?” Emeka asked

Jeffrey cleared his throat and began to say.

“Since Caroline likes you then I suggest we use her to find out if Angella is the anonymous poster” Jeffrey said

“I don’t understand” He said

“I’ll make it simple..You have to act like you love Caroline to get what you need -” Jeffrey explained

“Oh! Boy! You get sense too much! But are you sure its going to work out?” Emeka said

“It depends on you” Jones said

“Yes act very well like you can even start by hugging her tomorrow” Temi said

“That one will take time. I don’t like to long things” Emeka said

“Please come up with the best plan to get her to tell you the truth” Jeffrey said

“No problem Bro” Emeka said

Jones raised his hands

“We have to stop those junior students from saying nonsense about Kate too” He said

“You have any idea of how we can stop them?” Jeffrey asked

“Let’s start seizing phones” Temi blurted

They all exchanged glances

“Since Mr Joel already warned us to stop bringing our phones to school, so we can seize their phones. And we won’t give it to back to them until we are such they will stop saying bad things about Kate” Temi explained

“We have to lead by example” Jeffrey said

“That’s not a problem for me. I don’t bring my phone to school always” Elena said

“We can stop bringing our phones from tomorrow”

Jones said

“I agree to the notion and any student that true to prove stubborn -“

“We will flog them!” Jones cuts in

“And I think.. I’ll start using my cane as from tomorrow” Elena said

“I think..Or as prefects we must start using our canes and authority” Jones corrected

He was the Social prefect of EHS, Temi was the Labour Prefect while Emeka was the assistant Social prefect.

“I appreciate everyone of you for trying to help me” Kate thanked them

“What are friends for?”

Temi and Elena hugged her. And she had to crouch down to their sizes to hug them respectively.

“I’m sure we’ll find the culprit and the whole truth soon” Jones Said

“Tomorrow will be a great day!”

Emeka yawned loudly

“Bushman” Jones frowned at him

“Who wants a ride in my car?” Emeka asked

“please drive us to the junction we’ll take a taxi home” Elena said

“Why take a taxi when I can drive everyone to their respective home” Emeka said as they made their way to the garage.

“Won’t that be stressful for you?” Elena said

“And you’ll get home late” Temi added

“I don’t have anything doing at home” Emeka Answered

“Okay..Drive us home”Temi said

“I’ll drive Kate home”Jeffrey said

“No problem” Elena said

Jeffrey and kate motioned towards his bike.

“See you tomorrow” Temi said

They waved at Kate before Jeffrey started the bike and zoomed off.

“I think those two are dating” Jones scratched his right ear.

“How is it your business?” Temi said

“I’m..I’m..Just saying -” Jones said

“Amebo” she said

“Please don’t start love fight in my car” Emeka said

They laughed


“I’m sleeping at Aunty Joke’s place today” Jeffrey said when they pulled up in front of Kate’s home.

“Is your dad home with your stepmom?” Kate asked giving him the spare helmet.

“Yes and I already sent a text to them. I told them I won’t be coming home” he explained

“Okay..” She said

“Do you want me to come and pick you up tomorrow?” He asked

“I’ll send you a text” she replied in a low tone

He nodded slowly

“Kate” He grabbed her wrist when she was almost leaving. Her gaze dropped on his hand on her.

“I’m sorry” he muttered

“Sorry? For?” She raised a brow.

“About what happened at school..the pictures and news. I feel like I should have done something to stop it before it got to this”

And he was determined to find out Angella’s plans but he didn’t expect it to be like this.

Kate knew he was blaming himself again. It wasn’t his fault. Its no ones fault. And she didn’t Like the sad look on his face. She leaned in and touched his face.

“Is there something I can do to get a smile?” she mumbled with a half smile on her face. He reached for her Hand and squeezed it gently, brushing strands of hair from her face.

“I should be the one saying that” he said

“I’ll be fine” she said

Jeffrey sighed

“No, I want you to be fine” He said

She bit her lower lip trying to blink back tears. Jeffrey felt her tremble for a second.

“You want to tell me something” he asked

She nodded

“I’m..I’m” she swallowed hard

“I’m scared” she said finally

“Mr Joel called my dad and now he’s back home. I don’t know if he’s going to give me a chance to explain things to him” She said

He leaned in and hugged her.

“What if he decides to send me to another school? What do I do if he hates me completedly now?”

He shushed her

“Don’t worry too much. Everything will be fine” He said

She held him tightly

“I’m sure he’s going to listen to you this time around” he said

“I hope so” She whispered

He pulled away from her and looked into her eyes. She snifled

“Don’t think too much okay?” He said.

She nodded

“Thanks for not believing the news” she said

“Kate, i won’t be against you even if the whole world is against you” He placed a kiss on her forehead. His words and move sparked emotions of happiness and endearment in her. She became free of worry. Jeffrey hands came flying to her face and he poked her cheeks.

“Be happy Love” he breathed out

And she felt the rush of colors entering her cheeks.

“Like..That” he kissed her cheeks.

“Extend my greetings to your mom” he added

And she smiled smile at him

“Good night” she said before before walking to the gate. She knocked and she was greeted by the gateman. She looked back at Jeffrey for the last time and he waved before driving off.

She inhaled deeply before walking into the sitting room. The gateman had Informed her that her dad was back home.

“Kate what took you so long?!” Her mom asked

“I’m sorry mom I had to wait for the other students to leave” Kate explained

“Your dad is back” She said

Kate shook her head

“Did you talk to him?” She breathed out heavily, her heart pounding hard again her chest.

Second ago she was happy and now she was afraid of her father. Mrs Adebowale could see the fear in her eyes. She stepped closer and held her hands.

“Yes, I explained everything to him” she replied

“I’m..Scared” Kate whimpered

“He -”

Mr Adebowale cleared his throat, interrupting his wife’s statement. Making Kate freeze in place.

“You’re back” he said making his way to his favourite couch.

“Go..Good evening sir” ah greeted him

“You’re late Katherine” he pointed to the wall clock. The time was 7:05pm.

“I..I..I’m sorry.. Dad” she said unsteadily

He stared intensely at her. Katherine avoided his gaze as she stared at the ground.

“Mr Joel told me about the pictures someone leaked on the school page” he said

She nodded slowly without looking at him. Kate fiddled with her fingers. Her head bent.

“Your mom explained everything that happened at Linda Girls College” he paused

Kate closed her eyes hoping to hear him yell at her but seconds passed and he didn’t yell or scream at her for being a bad girl or an irresponsible child. Instead she heard him say.

“I apologize for not taking my time to listen to you and also get to the truth of the matter” he said

And her heart broke, tears pooled into her eyes. She glanced up at him.

“Come here” he tapped the couch softly.

She exchanged glances with her mom. And she gave her a short nod. Tears burned down her cheeks as she slowly made her way to him.

“I’m sorry” she apologized.

“No, I should be the one apologizing for not hearing the side of your story” he said

she settled down beside him.

“I should have trusted you but I didn’t” he hugged her

Kate sobbed

“What have I done to my baby?” He said

“It wasn’t my fault..Cynthia and Tola set me up” she stuttered

“I know the truth now” he said

Mrs Adebowale watched them.

“Thank God you decided to listen to us” she said

“I spoke to Mr Joel and he promised to find the person who made such post” he said to Kate.

She drew back and wiped her tears.

“Thanks dad” she said

“Please make up for your harsh treatment towards my daughter” Mrs Adebowale said with a smile

“I’ll make it up to her” he said wiping Kate’s face.

“As a matter of fact, I already called principal Joy too and she said that she will look into the matter again. If Cynthia is guilt then she won’t go Scot free”

“She was involved..So she’s guilty”

Mrs Adebowale said

“Of course! And I have this feeling she’s involved in this issue too” He said

“My friends and I will find out soon. We’re working on it” Kate said

“I can imagine how those little rats would have gossiped about my daughter” Mrs Adebowale said with a frown.

“Actually, my close friends didn’t believe the news so I told them the truth” she said

“You have close friends at school?” He asked

“They are my classmate and they are determined to help me find the poster too” she said

“That’s thoughtful of them” her mom said

“Hmm i think we need to meet her good friends” He said joking

And they laughed.




So Cynthia will get purnished alone cause Tola her bouncer is out of school.


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