Dora And The Water god! – Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

Dora And The Water god! - Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

Dora And The Water god! – Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

Episode One.

I went blind the day my stepmother dipped her two fingers into my eyes, and my melodious voice made a river god fall in love with me.

My mother died when I was 12, leaving me with my father, and a year later, I also lost my father.

My father married my mother and his wife just a few months apart and I have a step sister who was 2 months older than me.

I was maltreated by my stepmother and her children, and I was the only one doing things around the house without anyone’s help.

By Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites.

One of the things I loved doing most was going to the river to fetch water cos there at the river, I composed songs with my situation at that moment and I sang them with joy but most times, with pain.

I got so used to the river that I sometimes sneaked out just to go to the river and sing cos each time my stepmother caught me singing around the house, it was always double punishment.

After singing, I would sneak back to the house to complete my chores.

I was be@ten to a stupor one day for not cleaning my stepmother’s room cos I was busy with chores, and I needed to put how I was feeling into a song so I sneaked out of the house when I was cooking, thinking that I would be back early but I got delayed by this handsome hunter whom I met by the river. He enjoyed my songs so much that he made a fire and roasted his catch for us to eat right there.

When I remembered I had something on fire, it was already so late but I sprinted back to the house and when I got to the kitchen, the food in the pot was missing but the burnt part was still there in the pot.

With both hands on my head, I started to cry. My stepmother noticed I was around and came out of the house holding a cane. She dipped two fingers into my eyes and then flogged me without mercy. And after she was done flogging me, I could no longer see anything.

I became blind and was no longer allowed to do anything, I wasn’t even given food.

All I did was sit beside the house, soaked in my tears during the day, and at night, I would find my way back into the house to sleep.

My neighbor’s little son used to come each day to give me food without my stepmothers notice.

One day I had to beg him to take me to the river and when he did, I asked him to return home and come back later to take me home.

I could feel the serenity, so I managed to sit by the river and I started pouring out my heart in a song.

All of a sudden, I heard something so mighty come out of the river and I paused immediately.

I was so fr!ghtened that I began to shiver.

“Who is it?” I asked in a trembling tone.

And then, something pierced through my eyeballs and all of a sudden, I could see. I saw this shiny image standing in the river, still dancing…

To be continued.

Do not copy without giving credit to the writer.

©️Blessing-Enejo Abrahams Elleywrites

OpraDre Dora And The Water god Dora And The Water god Dora And The Water god Dora And The Water god Dora And The Water god Dora And The Water god

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